Tuesday, 2 February 2021

A busy uneasy start to the second month - Lockdown Stage 18

 2 weeks or more have flown by, even as week 4 of lockdown is now here already and well another month to go and even then its gradual restrictions to be eased, but things have been busier that I expected in some ways and also bad in others. Lets catch up. 


Well, we start to catch up with more of the same, this week was still recovering for the fact that it was the Week to get customers to buy their PS5s as well, since straight after the blogpost of the last stage happened, it was literally time to get ready to be in the shop again for click and collect. Which in this good timing, it was good to well get that out of the way and even so, people call up and still ask and don't realise they could be waiting another few months if they were added in to the waiting list as it is now. But that's life. 

The Duals bits arrived. 

The time is so bad with knowing streets are empty when I get finished from work, it feels so surreal but it is feels alot more freedom too in some ways. 

Empty Streets

Even with the rain and the lights on outside

As things go, it was also memories of how my nights out were in one meme 

Which then it was finally to get the day of the PS5s arrived, which was nice to get them all sold in one  day, Even if the Rain was bloddy terrible and in the end its good to get the vlog finally up to talk about the recent events of the past 2 weeks which was nice. Even with the nasty weather. But its also good that people have nice chicken pies as well. 

The PS5s in Stock

The tiny pot pies 

Then it was nearing the end of the week, with knowing I soon do no have to go back to work, although a customer was wanting a laptop repaired. But it was also good time to chat to someone who does enjoy eating but that and getting bills paid and another screen ordered for a laptop my mum used to have. And from there, it was finally time to deal with and planning to start with the second job to get the taste back of what its like. But we just keep mindlessly work and it was now to make sure I was doing the right thing, but even Finley was living his life as he does. Plus I nearly finished off . 

The pretzels and the chips with chicken in a sauce 

Being a lazy boy

Then it came to another weekend and it was more walks and parents had more garden work to sort out, well I was just keeping Rosie busy while it was done, this was after a lush rustlers but soaked in the  naked noodle. There was Aircraft in the sky in the clear sky even if it was getting freezing cold.

The Ruslters and naked noodle

The Apples fallen from the trees

The Skies clear with the dead trees

The Aircraft in the sky 

But then it was back to Saturday and well the first day to really start caning the second job, a good aim to try to help over 200 people that week and so, the typing was to happen and it was off to a okay start. But its that distraction that people. This was also the time of a message from the past that wanted a favour and well I had this feeling of regret was going to come of it, especially since its been a year since the last attempt to meet up.  Plus it was good to finally have egg bacon pasties again and back to the morning smoothie. 

The smoothie 

The Egg and bacon pasty

But that night it was nice to chat until 5am but my body did pay the price for that. But since its lockdown, time does not show any meaningful purpose. But It was time for another shave and well that means a Live one indeed. But it was to keep some extra content sorted for the channel. 

This then leads to start the second job, getting the devices arranged since Live chats are always harder than others to focus on which slow other things down, but one thing was a order from Menkind for other bits was nice, especially for filming content later on, which in February I hope we will do it soon. 

The £29.99s of stuff

This was also the time that the UK was getting full of snow, like up north and EVEN London was snowing, which was beautiful But Tavi was not as much as expected even if the moors had a lovely amount of the Snow stuff, I did see a little bit of icicles though. 

Icicles on the cliff

The muddy path

Rosie waiting for the ball 

The moors up ahead

Once I got back, I Found out I got paid fro0m Google Adsense since it made enough over the month to get my balance back with being a YouTube partner again. This makes it a nice bonus and well it was also the start of going to the moooooon or attempting it. That's right, I decided to get some investment in Revolut  and well this was just before the Wall Street rigged it, especially how WSB was to buy the dip. 

The last adsense payment 

But this was my turn to be a part of change this year 

Which from that was the time of working on Rave and to make sure it was going as it should be, sure there was the next day which was a family errand of visiting grandparents and even getting bits from Tesco, with the introduction of the lush Daim Cake for £3 along with smoothie mix to indulge on. Plus that hard drive to SSD cloning is the way to go and deleting older files too., 

The tesco haul for me and mum 

As that day went back, it was then time to get things going and work was to happen again, since visits were to happen and customers were nagging me for bits and pieces too, sadly it means taking time out of making money for second job but that is how it goes. It meant a nice chance to finally exercise which makes it worth the while, at the cost of money. Plus it was over 4 years since i had a bike stolen 

The memories of the stolen bike

But this then leads to  I found out what I did on Sunday, I ended up getting a claim back for it especially as i was dealing with one call after another (work related) , turns out the favour I risks how i get paid for the second job so it meant a refund to undo that favour, and turns out some lies were given which even i found out. But I did refund  it since the reply was detailed and it told me a few things as well as the risk of not being able to use the account. To also get an apology from the person that I refunded means more than meets the seems of things. Plus more visits getting booked when i need to focus a whole week of work. 

But that was out of the way and then it was back to getting more things sorted out, since it was then time to get back to trying to cain the second job and boy it was getting exhausting with questions too. Especially with me getting confused between Rugrats in Paris the movie and The Movies (I miss that game). But it was also good that gingerbread was really good for a ham sandwich. Plus using Water only to keep the levels above 55% according to mi fit. 

The Gingerbread ham sandwich 

But we really have to then turn the tide to the weekend, I was getting a bit burned out and it was showing from the replies, but its that money to gain and well soon to be the finding out of bad news. Which after the time telling of Saturday. We got a call from grandads, turns out nan fell over, so it was the parents that decided to kick in and get over there to check in on them, which that means a day to myself, well night and well, it was watching spongebob and also making sure I can finish questions and chat to a few people. Which in the end I crashed out at 5am and well it mean waking up late, but some nice walking at night is important too. 

Blurred at night 

The Moon in the clouds

Finley and Rosie on a walk 

But as then the night was over, I woke up and after walking and feeding the cat, dog and then getting changed, I was off to the grandparents to check on them (parents came back) and we kept an eye on nan and she seemed upbeat and after getting over there, the ambulance was dropping her off, I stayed in the car until they drove off.

Minecraft in the car

Then it was to get some bits done and then enjoy chatting, this was the actual upgrading windows time on his laptop too which made it much more easier for him and well its easy to make use of it. The Roast pork was nice too. 

The Roast for lunch

This was then more chatter and final bits before my mum stayed there and then me and dad drove home, which is fine and that meant it was time to catch-up with walking Rosie and also some questions to finish off. But then it was also heading out to later on and a call arrives, Dad answers then we find out Nan had a mild stroke, which means something was not good at all, from the fall, the oxford vaccine the day before seems to me to be another reason of it all happening, but then he left to visit them to make sure things went okay. Plus i did join another onlyfans and now they add VAT. 

This left me sorting questions out and then it was time to enjoy a omelette, one which was really nice and it was good to watch a Pixar Film *Cough*Soul*Cough) and that was a very deep film and I did feel emotional inside a bit too, plus chatting to a good friend to let out the recent things happening to me this week. But then it was about 2am and then it was time for bed again. 

The Crisps and Special K ketchup 2 egg omelette

And then by luck. 


We start in a more sombre tone with waking up at 9 and dad driving home, but the Mondays were meant to be a day for a customer but they now cancelled which is fair but I know I had other things to catch up with and well it was questions after organising some things out. But chores got in the way of questions and it was then having lunch and dinner as normal while walking Rosie. Which seems like boring and normal. But well I'm getting busy to catch-up with making money to pay things back and also it was even like having to wait 2 hours later for a bath before I could go in there. 

But then it came to Tuesday and actually this was a better day. Like Sure my mum had some things to do with her dad and then in the afternoon he spent some time with us, had a nice Hot bath as well as some nice meals, such as bacon and chips and then even scampi and a different chips too, but work the phones go off again for more customers when I'm busy for like 1 hour, FUCKING DAM IT. Even though the Xbox rep called so tried to get hold of him, but times don't work out. 

And alas things have caught up with me, February is now here and soon time for a new video when i get the time to this week. But since its a new month, a Recap on those goals is needed. 


The 2021 Resolutions: 

  • Stream more - This is actually starting to work, Scott Pilgrim streamed so far but not complete by a long shot  
  • Catch up with the  accounts in work - I'm slowly getting there 
  • Be able to hug someone non work or family related - The lockdown fucked this up so not until next year at this rate 
  • Complete at least 2 games in a story mode  - This could be possible, but not complete yet
  • Do more Day out vlogs  - This is going to be a few months away.
  • Schedule/plan out days more -  I've done this for a couple of days but things are in not controllable at the moment 

And there you have it, another catch-up and another 2 weeks to see what fate brings in for me.