Tuesday, 15 June 2021

The guess of uncertainty and still working - Lockdown stage 26

 Well, its paste the 6 months of the year mark now, so well, its time to  understand that life will not be the same as before, as some have said, but goals and dreams will have to be put on the side for some time being. but saving up for what could happen in the future as well as bills seems to be all the main most of what has been done. 

The Last week of may: 

Well sort of, but it was on the 2 year anniversary of when i had my second holiday and still it hits me how things have changed from there. But in all honesty, it was feeling the same as it always does, work, with some customers demanding more and also the visits were picking up for it too. But it was also the chance to finally get to start to get back to filming more, since well,  sure things are opening up but for me, its feeling too busy to want to go out and explore things and with online work I was getting back to rushing on, it felt right to really take the time to get that done. Especially with the weather being good then suddenly going to a nasty bit of 3 weeks of rain, it was even needing to dry out socks out and even seeing my breath in the cold air, plus it was soon to be taking it easy with the second jab my parents had. 

But it was then appearing to be the Sunday, With the rushing feeling of having to walk rosie in the morning, it could have been a risk to have to look after parents while recovering from potential side effects of the AZ. But this time it did not seem like that was the case, so it ended up starting to work n more online, especially with the weather being the sad way it was too. But this was also the time i started getting to enjoy Mild Salsa from lidl. 

A Sunday evening left overs with added salsa

Now it came to another wet Monday and this was the first time i hitched a life to the first customer with my dad, well okay he did insist of me going with him and it was on the way there, which meant it was  easier for a little bit longer lie-in too. First though I managed to get up after 10am, then got the bike loaded to the van, then it was driving over there. It was a improved and dry for that part, which it was small bit of rain, then it was the cycle to another visit after which was just up the hill and that was seeing a electric Porsche for the first time too. Then it was getting better weather as i cycled back to one more visit with some TV and NHS app bit, which then it was finally time to head back home and more light bits for that dinner. 

The Sausages, hash browns and the mild salasa

But then it was also having a bit of a nice warm bath until 12am. 
But then it was going to be more of a busy week, with screens to get fixed and also some stock in to get, before it turns out to become the important half term week, where kids get to explore and also its been nearly 10 years since I finished education for the rest of my life possibly. There might be a change over time. 

But it was the chance to realise that the boots had some bits and pieces. Which helped to get this kindle screen replaced due to how this works it needs alot of cleaning. But chicken salad on offer at £0.50 is good and that was 2 days of lunch sorted. 

The shopping from Boots 

But then it was to come across as more supplies to order and also getting the laptop down to get things working for online chats to keep some extra money coming in, but it was also that long day of work which means it was a late time home and that meant to be able to eat what I want out of one of those cooking trays. 

The late dinner after getting home late from visits 

But it was to be decided and  it was still work as usual, on both counts of the shop was a little bit quieter minus some orders to get placed and also seeing to book in adverts for the shop like seeing to make sure a 360 indoor photo works. But then it was to have a nice sausage bap too. But this was after going to be up until 3am with working online too. Even one night was voice notes about Resident Evil theories on insta too, since watching the playthrough of that. 

The Bap and Vimto 

The nice omelette for a nice end of day, mum wanted an omelette too 

But then it was time to get that 360 pic sorted as well as have a cookie for lunch. 

The Cookie for lunch 

The 360 of the Shop 

But then i got home after work and it was a lush indian takeout too. Even when finding out the mall when i went to the mii store was locked in via covidiots. 

The indian takeout for tea that night 

But then it lead to the last weekend  in may, and actually it was nice to finally go on a nice walk to well, explore a place i've not been since 2018, across a viaduct near me, turns out it was unlocked for the past month and well, its a nice excuse to go to get a smoothie and then head off for that long 2 hour walk. 
It was hot and also quiet too, Rosie loved the ball in the field and also the path after the other side is clean and the tunnel was still locked. 

The smoothie 

The 360 of the railway line 

Rosie on the path 

The other side of the bridge is up ahead 

The view from the bridge 

The other part the view from the viaduct 

looking back 

The bridge 

its still got some path on it 

The Tunnel to look at it 

Rosie waiting for the ball 

another look 

Then it was time to go home and it was lush to have a bit of a rustlers and pasta and salad, not like heavy but itr was a nice filler, especially due to the long 2 hours that walk did. Rosie did pretty well but not the best for when she needed to go. 

The ruslters with a salad and tuna pasta

But it was then going to be the first day of the half term and it was working as normal for the bank holiday, which it was more just the one visit then to go to the shop to prepare amazon and also to get money bits sorted. But after this, it was time to get some bits from co op and it was nice to get those bits, like its the red hot buffalo sauce and burger sauce too. 

The mini bits of shopping from co op after the shop 

Then it was basically  the time of Half term, so kids might come in more and more, but in the end, the first day was some deliveries for stock which is like cute day packs and even the best of actually getting to finally bring rubbish home, but it was also the stressful time of the fact the card at work got blocked AGAIN. like fucking sake, turns out it was one purchase for a Mercedes's benz e part and then even betfair as well as a charity donation. 


But that means having to wake up and deal with that call to wake me up and then having to deal with it, but luckily bills went out at the end and not trhe beginning of it. 
But afer that it was the case of the usual chores and not as much repairs so online work, since it was going to be saving up for the events of what could happen to someone special to make sure things go smoothly. 



Phones and bands too 

A truck to haul the rubbish home 

But after finishing late, it was soon time to get things planned out, like i looked a hairy mess, on both my face and well even with a hair cut a few weeks back, there was lumps and flakes everywhere and fuck it was getting stressful and i felt overdue to get it dyed and sorted, So i had 2 choices to a new way to dye the hair. 

Blonde + Blue Raspberry

Blonde + Buffalo Sauce . 

Now it was the idea to mix it in the mixture when i did get it prepared but it was that idea of if it will work and when i get the time to do it, Polls were arriving in as well as also some really good crisps from Co op while work was quiet too. Like Korean BBQ and also Katsu curry, the best part of it was £1.70 each or both bags for £2 which is a bargain. Plus some biscuits for lunch as well as those bottle of water, which actually have been such a bargain too. 

The Crisps and the water and belvita soft bakes 

then this is what was for the lunch 

But then it was the key point, getting home without a visit and finally knowing what was going to be for lunch. But it was also the nice taste test and there is a kick with the katsu crisps too. 

The tea with fish, chips, salad and katu curry crisps

Then while working, it was time to get the results sorted and well, at first it seemed like it was a tie, but in the end, both socials was for buffalo sauce. 

The Insta results 

Now, there were some ideas of it not being recommended, not to mess with bleach and got suggest like some blue hair dyes and the other was more a lecture on attention seeking and was wanting my address to send some over to me. but I did decline, since its about using what I have and also I really do need a change thats not going to be spread out to perform it and this seemed an easier bet. Plus it was good with July coming up, since rumours are having the ease of restrictions is going to be near my 12 Twitterversary which .....

It means an experiment on if taste card is good for being a feeder is starting to not make a difference as I hoped but for things opening up, its a great way to get a giveaway going but we will see what that could encounter. 

This as a also wakeup call to get things planned to, since of a new laptop is on the horizon, well sort of. But it was getting a nice bit of drink and Alpen from mum and also the learning of the #nhsdata grab which was son to be handed, in but the weather was getting quite bad so it means I could not hand in the form, but it was handed in a few days later, especially with soon to be the name of the Vaccine being available to me from the Tuesday, but due to the time having to plan about potential risks, so that time will come to pass eventually when the big times are over. But nuts for lunch are nice too 

The form to sign and hand in a few days later 

The nuts and oat bite for lunch

It was also the time for still working until 2am and also the fact that old friends were going live and also the fact there was one that gain a bit of weight since last seeing them in 2018. But thats the past for now, except to keep an eye. But when i got home it was time to finally have a lush Chinese takeout. 

The Chinese takeout 

But then it was another Sunday to relax and get some work done, now I've seen all the Pok√©mon  Netflix and it was making a nice biscuit sub. Since it was more money for plans next week. 

The biscuit sub

But the hair was still flaking and getting worse when I realised it, especially with that was about to face. The flakes were coming up odd on google results. 

 Which was another bit of work and it gets worse when the bike tyre went wrong YET again but it was worse to then Run back in the heat with the bike, it was just under 2 hours to get home from the visit too.. 

The flat tyre to run home with 

That was a painful run I'll be honest here there was so major thigh damage due to the holes in the jeans. But well I got home by 4pm in the end. But in the trick of things, it was nice to get back to work but some issue with a blu-ray not working due to people on amazon not being able to read, but it was the first time of using the consoles for a film too. But people want full refunds anyway.  This did put me off to get things done too. Oh and the form handed in. 

Testing films

While preparing for this possible week at work that could be a bugger,  but it easy nice to have more bits and pieces such as another omelette. 
the another omelette 

This then leads to the project of this week, with this laptop to get mac working on it. But with the screen on its way, it gets a delay, well only 2 days. Plus Loki was actually fantastic too watch too. 

The laptop as i got it for £140

the £80 screen arrived and fitted 

The salad and korean bbq crisps 

The rest of this week was waiting for orders and also some phone calls here and there, but even it was a litle gift from #gener8  which is like a adblock plus but with pugs replacing ads and also getting currently for maybe purchases. But it was good to finally get in the usb drive and sticker. 

The sticker and usb drive 

Then it wass thje good weather and the games were being released and progress on the laptop was coming on. But will it sell is the mind to take. Well Rift apart anyway, 

The games in 

Then it was the time to go to lidl after a home visit and the lidl Asian week was great with some classics and new things to try, even for a review soon.. even with work to do online after 

The £18.58 purchase 

Some of the above used for the tea after 

Then it was the Saturday, waking up late for work , from working until 3am and getting up late after fapping and wanting to plan to make what i saw a reality again if i save up enough and get to spend the time too.  But after a few customers in the morning, it was time to focus on the laptop and the graphics were sorted. So video editing is nearly back on form. 

Itchy scalp 

The laptop mostly up and running 

Then it was getting back form work after some accounts and paying in, to then to have a nice bit of dogwalking after tea which was a bit of a kick, Then to watch more E3 and see what the weekend holds. 
Rosie wanting the ball again 

Then  it was more E3 and work until 1am and then sleeping and crashing out until 10am and then getting up to get a nice smoothie outdoors then go to get the bike finally sorted. The chain was looped up and also the Back tyre was flat from last week. Eventually after an hour or so, it was sorted and a test cycle was done and saved. 

The bike before cleaning and the new tyre 

The bike after it and works fine for now. 

Then it was to catch up for this post and eventually for more lunch before more typing up in the cool and then a dogwalking to Rosie's favourite leat, we ended up having a nice time with a catch-up with one of mums friends and my customer. 

The Burger with the stuffed peppers and tuna salad 

Rosie enjoying the river 

Then it was nearing the end of the day and for a change after tea, it was time to relax for a change, since its the one time to spend with family, so Cruella it was to watch until 11:50. It was a good twist at the end and upscaling via handbrake makes it 9GB up from 300mb odd. 

But Alas it was then the Monday and time is to be worn, work is the usual theme, i sort of woke up late but had to rush to wake up due to finley escaping but it was a hot day and then work was a long one, from one to the shop to then even phone calls to deal with outside. But the Bike was performing very well too. Even with getting to visit a tranquil place which always makes it feel safe, even with a murial of a overdosed student nearby. 

The canal 

The seat at the end of the canal path 

Then it was to go home then relax and get home to have a nice meal then plan to catchup with some questions. But it was soon to be busy with work. 

This was the case with Tuesday, as i woke up from a supplier joked with me just getting up at 9am a lazy bugger, ok I did tell her the shop opens at 10am but its a nice rapport  with most of them. It was also a quietish day, some customers in the morning, more fixing the laptop up which now the function keys work and power does but windows booting from opencore doesn't but that can be fixed via the bios options, so for me its now ready to edit but due to parts arriving for the next few days, it was not going to happen and I really need to shave. Plus getting lunch too is a nice thing of a mini flapjack like thing to be eating as well as the flavoured water from co op which is really nice. 

The flapjack and the water 

Now after getting home from a home visit, well a local agent needed printing help, it was time for a nice meal of something nice anyway but then it was time for a walk but it was this new mind and having to deal with a thought of moving around soon, sure it might not happen but with the plans i've got , moving can make it tricky and its the not the best climate for moving around for a while I will admit. But that and the GP rang about booking dates for the Vaccine, now I've got to fit that around things and the closing of work for at least 2 days to protect myself with any side effects. From E3 arrving out, its going to be hard to work out a date but it seems safer looking between 29th july and 10th august. 

Which going walking with me mum gets to let out some of those thoughts with both her and me, since potential things are to be on the horizon but it can mean something that could fuck up in the future. Lets be clear here and show that also the houses near me stand out so bad across the skyline. 

The sunset across the moors 

and rosie in the distance as well 

Then it was time to head out, the walk was some insights but also that uncertainty was going to appears and could make things just on a lost boat. But if or when the time comes, that will be the case, Also next week will be something important to make maybe a sign of happiness and maybe change my life more than things have already. 

But for now we will see how things Go. E3 has been in its prime, July 19th will become freedom day and a new giveaways is planned for the 12th twitterversary + Vaccine vlog after that.