Friday, 31 December 2021

Another year of pandemic and revelations - 2021 year in review - Part 2

 Well after this, it turns to being the second part of the blogpost, since even typing it up can be some of the chance to really see how it goes. But as the last half of the year is about to prove how scary things are going to be and this is the start of those moments. 


Well here we go, things are to be the build up part which as the summer was coming in, there was releases to be had and this was that chance of some plans for the future, Now Windows 11 was more in a beta stage  but it was better to use for video editing with the laptop mostly in full form even with later on tweaks were needed.  Which also with this becomes the norm with changing reps soon but this one had some good done with him and got some last of the 4gamers and ABP stuff into work, which does its good job, since it was also the last month for the road works to happen on that road which that means more traffic for the summer at least as well. 

More headsets and cheap headphones

The empty Road 

The plants in the dark

But as it was still going through that time of being able to have restrictions for the last 18 days until freedom, things were tense for many, places preparing to open, starbucks being open and paid for those that want it. But boxes were being emptied to see how things go Especially as it was my dad's side was moving out of his past partner's house, since closure is that needed. But that turns into the chance to have one more indian takeout and the stress of getting that vaccine booked FOR AUGUST. 

The Indian Takeout 

This was going to the stress of booking things and trust me those phone calls are going to be the pain of my ass for that future, I mean it has to take multiple phone calls to get this booked and in the end that was never going to happen. 

This was going to be such a stress to dealing of this and 
Also it was the good time that there was some new drawers being changed due to the clearout of room changing from my parents which makes it nicer for the long term and its a bit taller so more room to fit in and this worked with a lighter aspect to the room itself, it also comes useful for the months ahead if i have to edit in my bedroom for some of the all nighters to be had later. But it was a bit to get organised. 

Progress with the wardrobe and the narrower shelf 

The monitor, game shelf and Rosie by the Door 

A Look at the wardrobe

This also gave room for both of the 24" monitors to work side by side which is going to prove vital for the work later on  since RAVE was going to be a big important test to get things worked out for many nights ahead even as work has to switch from online to real only once more. 

The screens and keyboard

But this was that chance to film and well since that chore got in the way, more plans and issues were to come out like a fundraiser using that money for legal fees which makes it one of those awkward parts of it, like we are reeling in the cancel of war from what is said to being in court. Plus on that legal Side, Audacity over 3.0 was now illegal for kids under 13 to use, so the old versions do well for me to get recording done for the phone number with that ear rape too. 

 But this then leads to the start of risk and when it was going to be losing money in work due to mast not being maintained for months behind backs, but this was when cycling to a remote place to then get that  was in itself a haul of it and the rain was NOT looking like it was going to ease off for later on. 


Doing this did not last over 2 weeks and well, even when speaking to a network engineer from the navy that wanted me to get some repair and sold a Series S to him about it, that with the gunnislake mast being nerfed, I pretty much had to refund £200 of equipment which maybe proves to me the masts are not always the best idea and some networks are just too much messing about in the first place. 

This was then time for the Euros to begin with its superspreader event, but that will be for certain maybe the case with jabs being offered, I'll find out more then but it was more arguing about getting the jab of how far i might have to travel, which actually in the year of 22, this might happen but not for the jab but maybe running around exeter now that the dartmoor line opens months later. 

The route I could have taken

With memories of the 3rd date which I had a real cuddle with someone, it was time to hopefully be a chance to do that this year, well that chance was gone this year, Work was going to take over and the jab is also feeling that requirement for that, but it was only weeks away to closing the shop for like 3 days to actually have it, let alone the arguments of why a shop cannot just close without warning, but family do struggle to see that side of things which makes it hard, it takes months for them to understand and even at the last stretch which ya'll maybe read on , that is the case. 

So Loki begins while the footy is on and well, it is one fantastic time and factoring of a show which shows how a multiverse is going to work with the MCU and it was also the fact of how I got into some of those marvel easter egg videos such as screencrush and NewRockstars as well, but they do have some good ideas of killing time while typing up posts and live chats for the second job. 

But then it was the thursday and things of the anxieties of alot of things and this was also time to finally have a chat about the penis, since it was burning heavily in various ways and to be honest, the issues with the phimosis and also with how it goes with being able to touch it properly to clean and this lead to a few calls and facebook messages. Firstly it comes to the fact it was a pouring wet day so it was quiet but it was to be the chance of being to able see what the next steps are and well, some one did call and I broke down a bit, luckily I closed the shop since it was 4pm and to be honest it did not make easy but after listening to her and the suggestion is that she needs to book with a therapist to see what i can uncover and well it was then to try to continue to hold this in and see what the next stages were. But this nurse from  Exeter did help since Ship did not even bother with it and just "do you have any symptoms" but since not it was a case of "we cannot help".

So then it was to have a booking which weeks later will end up cancelled for that date which was in August and  in the meantime some really planned out advice such as table salt in the bath to help clean this without touching, and people did say otherwise and also I still did not get some clarification on this but I did not notice any change when bathing in it. But it has been tried over a peroid of time and it dd not make much difference. 

The Salt in the bath

This was also the burnout talking since It was not much time off being had and soon time off will be given but at a nasty cost. But luckily it was not that case right now since of the chance I could buy lunch but that was only due to having to post almost daily. Since amazon was a case in point and well postage is such a high demand for that service which helps me get the work money in when it needs it the most. I will have to get some of that amazon currency for the most part. but as the weekend approaches, the steam sales were still on and Fall guys was on discount so it was time to get it before Epic do their thing with iit 

The Reduced sausage roll

Fall Guys 

As it was getting to a wet sunday and it was texting while working that night before. But from tesco and cafe nero spent at with then the tensions with racial going higher than ever and also a text to say someone that they might be moving which actually makes some choices hard to make, even if the future tells me that does not happen due to the pandemic and some higher cases to be happening. 

The Toasted sandwich for brunch too./ 

But as the day progressed, it was time to do some work to crunch and this was also good, sure there was a roast and also the USA deals in Lidl meant a nice bit of Rainbow cookie baking kit is good too., 

Mum baked some of the rainbow cookies 

This is when it the fate of we lost and Well,  the  euros final was going to cause some racism and chaos for the superspreader event in weblley as most would fear and those gammons would take to online and real life to hurt the innocent as per say. 


well, it #seems that #footballscominghome

♬ original sound - Mattie LT Marker

As it was getting to the last section before the chance of the vlog for the 22nd Anniversary from being on twitter and also it was getting to plan out for it and I wanted to make sure I could get the hair change for this weekend too, since it is a special time for me . So to celebrate it, it was time to get a giveaway sorted. And it was Tastecard since its a perfect example of the same day as freedom, work was getting in the way to get a vlog done before then but it was the case in point of how things will end up. Well I say that and it ended up having a gift from Gener8 come through. And  that in itself was to be the interesting part of it selling in the end to a customer that was desperate  for one months later. Plus the Mi Store had re-opened back in Wesfield so maybe I'll go back there when upgrading my phone which might be a 2022 thing. 

So it was then to prepare for a 5 day work to then soon to learn it will be sunday  But it was to also time to get some of the cleanup for the shop done, via walking with a hawaiian shirt and also to the point of the way that soon I will have to get things ordered which is when suppliers might mess me around so badly. Then it was finally time to dye my hair.. 

The Meadows on the way home 

The box being carried home

The after 1st stage of dying the hair 

The Hair when walking 

The Selfie before heading off 

but after this it was a surprise which changes my life, maybe for the easier and this was an E-bike which was actually got a lot of potential ad It has made journeys a lot easier for the week in and week out, from those hills to the fact I can go up to 25 mph flat sometimes. But in the end it was to get that reviewed in between the times of getting the video up and the hair dyed vlog and the twitter anniversary as well as the catch up blogpost with most of that past few weeks in . Plus the chance to really prepare for taking time off to have that walking in jab. 

The bike

Now this being the way it is, I had to finally have a nice chill dip in a cold river while walking Rosie too. 

The feet in the water 

Plus it was the case of not being intrested to watch the shows whcih others do love which for me gives me no enjoyment, But Krispy kreme did on that same day.  But then it leads to #freedum day which mask are not even needed bu I still used them. This then leads to a phone to pay for well payphone as well as the start of the work to carry on as normal with a cycle to my regualrs, even with the E-bike as its first time. Plus it was time to soo accounce who won the tastecard. 

But it was then to finally end the day with a bath and the warning of the #freedumbday ahead of me, well luckily for me it was just a quiet day of working and testing that change of a new way to get around. But for now it was those moments of reflection and plan on the  twitterversary giveaway., 

Then it was the long day, from getting home by nearly 7pm, especially in the heat and chatting to customers and paying money is as well, But then it was time to get home and also walk Rosie, which there was a nice deer in the field, well 3 actually. Also getting a WhatsApp from a friend that was potentially moving to Mexico in the next 2 weeks too which was to meet up with then after a jab but later on plans might not go that way. They do No go that way at all, especially with restrcitions of a new variant was to be coming about short minute. 

The cycle ride 

a closer look 

The good thing with this is that it did help with some nice talking in some repects for mum more than myself and this in turns makes it better on the trend. And it was then time to deal with the giveaway. 

This wqas also time to get the editing done while on that anniversary, the sun was out, a parasole was out and the laptop was ready to do more editing.

The prize up for grabs 

The Cat and the editing laptop 

Editing at night in the heatwave 

This then leads to having to deal with the last minutes of having to finally sell something important to me which I was hioping to get cash for but had to exchange that for a laptop then in turn had to exhange tjhat for a EVEN weaker laptop, which leads to  hoping to find out what basis that as it comes to streaming, I only have left the 6 PRo E5100 which will be useful in its long run here. That means its time to part ways at the GTX 1050 from the Steambox . So that means it will go to somewhere new, but it sold at the similar value at when it purchased. So thats a bonus, but GPUs are starting to get better on this. But that doesn't have to be for a fair while yet, even as i type this GTX 1050 ti are


The 1050 in its box from even 5 years ago, still working 

This was leading to more indina takeout and even more stress to deal with, since Dad was REALLY panicking over the fact I've not had my first jab 2 months after the announcment and that can cause that arguement for sure. 

The Indian Takeout

This  makes the stress im facing tense and it was soon to be going to the end of the month and this was going to be the case of a Family birthday, like last time I went out for one it did cause a customer lost forever even now as i type this there has been no change on that. The work was delaying things for the vlog and also close to geting a booking for the jab but I cancelled last minute on that side. Which it was then going to be the case of really spicy food to deal with which that last minute and that can upset th stomach for the most part. Well the hot curry powder coated curly fries was too much, even with mayo to cool it down. 

The very spicy meal 

So in turn that goes to the final weekend, Which while it was hoipefully a postivie, this was the final weekend before the first vaccination. So first off it was the case of paying £50 for a jacket which was on e of those leather ones towards me mum and sister paying for it. So 3 of us paid it and then it was time to go to the first pub since the lockdown 1 began, which this already the strange one, so we go to the Blacksmiths which is a nice pub and well I did go over there for roasts to pickup. 

The view from the car park

The apple mango j20 and the box of Dad's jacket 

The main course 

The orange tart
But then it was the cases of that meal with some discussions about cars, moving and other things, especially as I felt a + 1 in there and this was to be the case to also have more things to help out with and this was maybe, nope i did not get paid back for it. But then it was going to be the final day before the jab. 

The August: 

So here we go. The first week of the vaccination which was the last week off before 2022. Plus the start of the Boners per day.
#So this was going the hard way and even after attempting to get a final bookin in the GP, no change so it was time to finally accept it will be a travel and behind my back or little aksing and she was going to Pick me up. So here begins the vaccination vlog. Just before it was a weekend of ubers an itunes not working as it should be.

Nerves before sleeping the night before


The traffic was ok but still it's one of those things I really do not feel ready for, she told me how it works but it's that 15 minutes of waiting for it to recover, but we took the time and eventually it was nearing 9:10am and we got there, which for me the nerves were starting to really worry. 

Turning in

So then this lead to a nasty anxiety attack. which made me meltdown into pieces and made me questionb things, from even just the slow movment, this was too much and I could not hande what could happen, I was just scared and it took an hour before I had it and to be honest, for what came later, I regret it and maybe this was going to be the issue for the future. 

But eventually I got home and felt like i was going to collapse and even mum came home early to check up on me since this is going to be the chance to take it easy, and I sounded like I was passed out when I had one of my reps call when she knews I would be having the jab. 

So then it was to relax and take it easy over the next day or 2, from soup with watching the Olympics that started aka the road race to even just being able to sit on the sofa and even have lunch during the day, just as it was the days in lockdown. 

Playing ball as we got home with Rosie 

The light lunch for that day 

A selfie in the bath for after 

But I did managed to feel better and have a fry up with my granparents sicne Wednesdsay that mum does have off  and that can help but it was always to be fair thigns were unsure on how things would be, but that took not as much against me, it was later on which things were going to be painful. But walkies aside, Rosie and Fimley were getting on with each other nicely too, since it was that part of making that connection.

The fry up I helped cook which included fried bread and even mushrooms too

The cat and dog near each other when having the hair cut

But later on it the 2nd day after around the 12pm and time to get some chores done after a tortilla chorizo which was nice but later felt a bit odd as it were.  But it was watching the Olympics at the same time, it was diving if i recall.

The Tortilla with the crisps 
Not much else happened but my chest was fine for the most part, editing and also not being intense as thigns were, but soon on the 1st day back to work, it was going to be pain for the stress of it all. Like it does not feel like it was going to be a eay way back to work and well one customr gave me a flapjack for lunch which maye that triggered a chest pain at the end of the day, maybe that caused it and not the vaccine but I dont nornmally get the pain as stabbing as that, i even had to stop running and it was only to westbride cottages and back, afterwars it was to get a mini shop in lidl but the cajun chicken and also the chekcing of the voicemails really did knock me out 2 for 6 of more stress and regret. 

The mix of shopping for £11.08

Then it was a run home in the dry and then to have a nice Chicken curry for tea but there were some extra from the Cajun rice to the even onions from a chicken pasta salad. But it was nice and when checking voicemails, one had to left that just made me feel like.......ugh. 

The chicken curry with the cajun rice and other bits 

This was then to be working on a non stop faction, like work was every day to make up for those 3 days off and that was going to make it hurt, especially with more nervers to happen for an appointment on a Tuesday which eventually it would get cancelled. The chest was still aching on a on and off basis, but it caused me to just debate of  what was to come. But that weekend was not to relax and then it was to work and get food at various times. 

So this was going to be the start of more work and this was the pain of it all, Now this first leads to a visit of a far away proportuion of over 3 visits on one day, which this was going to slice my finger for that part and it was hard to fit a RTX card which the case was just about fitting too. This was using clamps and other optinos to make it work. 

The Back of one hand 

The back of the other hand 

. But this was also the time of incels hitting close to home. This was a shocker and made me realise that i'm only a few years away from being to accpet I'm going to end up an Incel to, like I am already and older than J and I've felt like cracking, sure the red pill is a hard to swallow one but its noe ones fault. I'll end up feeling that its just going to be me, sure as i Tytpe this that realisation is going to be closer but for then, there was a glimmer of hop it could be.e But that incel took it out on the world ands it shows how things get too tough feel surving is ok and help is not going to be given but has to be earned, which entitlement is not to work out and sometimes the future is to cheat some system to finally know what to have happen. 

 This was then to continue with work and that was from various works to even making sure  i could even manage to use deep freeze as a well of am anti sweat gel. Plus this is where the iPad repairs can be caused of more issues from having to babysit this kid. 







and this was the way that appointment that I booked for maybe sorting me out was to be out of the way. I had to actually cancel it due to a last minute. But before that, the weekend was for a tradition of the 1940s weekend which was my first days off since having the jab, which has not happeend for the past 2 years. this was probably the last time we had taken nan out for a day out with the family since of her wheelchair needs were getting about the same but slightly worse with the mental side of things.  But we took the back road to get to the RAF Harrowbeer. the car park was packed on both the aerodrome borders and the grass car park from the tea rooms, we managed to get a disabled car park due to the wheel chair and then we got out and walked around. 

The view from the car

As we walked around I had to push nan sitting in the wheelchair, she giggled and enjoyed herself, I was struggling a little bit to take pics as well, There was alot more military exhibitions than other years, the Aircraft this year was not there but the engine was. It was also announced the flyby was cancelled due to the bad weather which actually was fair, since it was soon to rain later on. 

The camp and the crowds


As we left to pass the classic cars and then get some walkers snacks for £1.50, it was time to drop the granparents back home and we have a nice afternoon tea to complete the day. It was some dogshit in the car from when grandad stepped in some butr once cleanred off, it was nice to enjoy this time. 

The scone

There was a nice amount of food and bakeries needed is making the right things happen. This is how we then go to the next part of a cycle all the way to Princetown, which the e-bike was the help until the battery is out which that was just after Pork hill, which was ok but that hill is steep as hell to get up and this was going to be that case of planning out so much. But this princetown visit was just to checking a network more than any check but we will be back there in the future. 



Cycling on the Road

Then t was time to get the visit sorted of the second one, this was a stressful one due to the issues of the way of Soundcards being bigger ha  its bracket so it made the Palit Bracket a nightmare.  2 hours later, I was on my way to the big one, to Princetown, for this visit which the battery pretty much faded out by the time I got to pork hill, which the views were still good, even with the clouds. 

The cloudy views on the moors

Traffic Lights by the prison 

While that was done, the end of the visit was done and time to head home to then have omlettes to keep me going too. Things were just feeling a bit more on edge and to be fair that was then back to a long day and this was then the day I was supposed to close to have it, I'm glad I emailed but i did mention I would not get time to look at it until January. Maybe even that would not be the case, but I'll ask how that goes. There were some emails to ask since I got told that bath salts help the muscles butr not sure how it helps the penis. But the answer to that was vague and confused me in all honesty. 

The first of the late night meals, 


Things were just going crazy, with more of the visits at night as the evenings were pulling slowly bur surely and even getting to milton coombe and leaving and cycling in the dark which later on gets more and more prevelant in that side of things. 



The Sky getting dimpsy and dark as I cycled past crapstone


 Now this is what happens when you hjave appointments and work take moments on that that you can have some extras that go with the later curries after that long day and maybe thats going to be the time to catch up, this was also the check of the Fireworks champtionship which I skipped it for this year. Which Maybe thats a hindsigh of being safe to not get covid but at the same time, still not seeing anyone outside of work and family was starting to take its toll but what and I would end up just better off from working and using water for lucnh. 



It was soon to be the case of another full working Weekend but this weas from the Slatwall that arrived only a few days before and this was the start of the end of the days off, Since it was coming to be the August Bank Holiday weekend whcich for me, does not actually mean working. But that sunday was to finally get some Slatwall fitted in the shop to finally make it feel it like a shop, especially as it was past the weekend since I had a meeting on this a year ago on which to take. 

The tidying up and the bits to put up

It gets more like a shoip

Now it feels proper

Then it was the first day oopen after another LONG day of visits causing the delay and Even then was to be having to carry on with it and that meant it was to close a bit longer on tuesday and still cause the delays this was happening with customer.

The selfie when its done

This taught me more on  how to saw mdf panel which was toing to be used to make it easier to work with the screen in front of the backwindow and it did screwthere and has made things easier the past few months.

The sawing for the wall

And then it was also a time to go to get a gift in the wednesday morning for dad as a thank you, since thaty can make him feel appreciated of the past work too, A box of ales always helps him out.

The Lidl box

As it turns out, it wasd then nice to order something from Bits while being able ot work, this is one of those nice programs and since bits helped me get the right password via the help of their discord, I was in, but this review potential was then gifted to someone special even if this was the start of maybe learning this was going to be the end of that. 

The new item for a omracerreviews

This makes itr that weekend of the bank Holiday and catching up, whic hthis time it was time to enjoy a trip to looe with the family, especially as something was to make me wish I was not the plus one, but this was luckily the 4 of us. From asking about Kool aid to even getting even the little mini gifts and a duck race too, the weather was amazing and felt like summer was at its peak. Plus some Shopping in morrisons and Cafe nero is a good place to get drinks too. Bowling I wish i could have done but its not bad for the £10 value

The road to my sisters

Parking in the Quay carpark

The sausage and chips with a fanta

a replacement phone grips

The Pint of lime and lemonade

The beach

The Oreo Brownie

A Duck Rae


Then it was the time to head home after dropping my sister off and then it was then final 2 days of the year, But work was to catch up and soon to have some time off to myself. but this was also the time to finally have that chance to really anaylse how things work for the BPD, those boners per day. Especially as it was times to look at more porn and memories of the past did raise the counter up that. But it was all to be up and down as the emotions were kicking in and soon I had to really work and do too many things to have time to fap.




 This was then time to head off into the Autum and the freedom mix the winter of truth and hurt and also the incoming of fucked up suppliers. 



This was how the plan was to be, it was coming into the start of working online with some more time. Some Pizzahut made the happiness there
Sure if I was in the market, mondays I would have worked but instead it has been the case  of some exactly. But e have to start to cycle to Estover to get a Phone replaced from one I sold in less than 2 weeks ago, which it that lucky, it meant to also have 2 visits to sort out and then gets some nostalgia of being around a place I used to have a crush on with memories . But 1 hour from work to Tesco is very good going, well actually right oppopsite the amazon warehouse in Estover is the main plan. 

Passing via the tunal

The road between yelveeton and clearbook

The gate I've not been for a fair bit of time

This is then the time of passing the Estover Carriagwway part

Made it to the place I've got to be to

Once that was done it was time to cycle toTesco to Pick up some shopping of both the chance with work and some food bits, like Firesticks were sueful but the Kit Headsets were not as good. 


The George with the  memories of that pub

The twizzers and the burger sauce


 Afte that it was time to go to find the next Home visit before paying money in and then a cycle back to more visits. The lemondade drink from the PRemier in Horrabridge was well worththat shot, even when it was going to be a long time to go before I get the chance to go home, which was just that exhausting action to it. 

Parking At Horrabridge

The cheap energy drink

AS I finally finoshed for the evening, it was time to cycle back to Lidl to get some things or at least check it out, the skies at night were nice for this part too. 

Lidl in the Evening

Then it was back ot that nornmal last few days of being able to work as normal and have to nor worry about chores on  top  and this lead to some gifts of some leftover crackling which does not taste nice of the gooey inside. 

The leftover Pork cracking I got given from a customer

Raspberries and some Golden curry cubes

More bits at Tesco

But it was feeling like discussions were having and also  preparing for the first weekend in September and it was going to be  a bit of the worry side. But it was that exciting momentI might be able to get filming done for the new month and Katsu curry was soon to be knwn as too much flavour for me to have aka an overdose. But for now it was that final weekend before the parents would be off for their annual holiday. But this was nice to have that summer late walk on the moors with the leat and Rosie. Smoothies were a help for me as well.

The Smoothie to begin with

The pony in the leat

But this can prep me for the future of being able to have soon to have my first 21 weeks to myself not since the Feburary on how family were having to be away. But this starts off with the start of the Tour of Britian which was luckily on a day I had to take some gfuel in stock and also well it was a Monday.So this  means a chance to use the tripod in public yet again . 

The selfie before filming and while dogwalking

The banner

The roundabout blocked up

The bikes appearing on the rode

The more cycles passing the roundabout

Then it was ore to catchup and edit while more small spendings to be had and tothen deal with the fact of it to be that section of that freedom in that side of things. Especially as there were some lunches and nice meals especially the last Indian before the parents went on Holiday. 
Muffins and lucozade for lunch

Then redcuced max crisps and still the rest of the lucocase for lunch

Mixed curry, rice and chocco nussa for a late tea one of the nights

The final indian takeout before they left
So this as then leading to the first 2 weeks by myself in a pure long time, maybe a year for the full amount,. This does make it intresting with some productive time and chance to make some more money on line for the future which  I am scared for that. But it was also time to get back to gfuel to help me work better tofr that little more fun. Sour Cherry is not the nicest flavour for sure. This also gets back ot the fact I had to do late night works while doing some all nighters for the online work. Sure it beats last year while rushing through accounts but at the same time, this was also nearly a year since I had to start the new future from the shop. 

The night sky while walking rosie

This starts to be the case of how sundays were going to be to try a Roast at the voting tree. Now this was a nice route with the E-bike but there are times that road can be dangerous, from the windy roads and in the dark is fatal. luckily there was no darkness for me on these roads just yet ,. 


The hill on the way to get him done 

Then picking it up was not a hard process, I used £10 and got the £1.50 change and then cycled to nans and had the roast, we all sat in the dining room for this too. 

The way it was delivered

The laying of the plates

The meal on the plate 

But after this is was back to lidl to make some more food shopping choices and then an idea came to me to finall get back into cookines. But this was also the time to enjoy the raspberry picking in the mild warm afternoon of the first sunday, it can be a peaceful expirence. 

The first shop in lidl on my own when staying

The first batch of the raspberries 

But then it comes to the first full week by myself and having to juggle work and  things about, now  it was theat case of the normal one visit and then back to the shop to get the amazong parcels sorted out and to know that this can help for the cash in maybe the long run, but that was not looking to hopeful from the stock that was getting delayed big time. This then lead to getting the Katsu curry video filmed.

The ingredients 

A Selfie before cooking it 

While coomking it I got a text was unique in its own way but maybe was lweading to make me realise that things were going to be not as they should be for that side and maybe this was not a good sign. But for now all i can do is push myself to full vbloatedness with attempting to make the katsu churros that I left out half of it for another day due to the filling dough style. 

The ready to eat

The selfie before eating 

a close up of it 

This took me out of concentratiobn for at least 3 days which did not help with trying to be buasy. Except with having this issue of forgetting the 2 sets of keys (well one of the 2 sets and this has been going on for the past few weeks too) and having to go home the moment I got to work due to this, ok yes i merged them keys and its been touch wood since, but soon it was going to be worse from works locks on the doors having issue. That maybe gets sorted Plus it wastime to get a tub of gufle to really kcikstart that energy and this was the time that Goose fair was cancelled for the 2nd year in a row. 

The gfuel which was going to help me 

Now this is the middle of the week ansd sodes law means tnat I have to sort out a last minute visit. Which m,eans more leaving Rosie on her own after work ,and this could have taken me hours but luckiy it did not, but then it was somethuing a bit more basic for when i returned home afer the chores of both pets to sort out. 

Toasted Sandwiches with a bit of extra to go with it

But then it was going to be the start of the video editing and that means also breaks in the middle of the night to see why it does not work out. But those breaks do help with the bonding between the dog and cat. Especially when it's at night as well. 

The dog sniffing the cats butt 

As things were focusing, time was passing and it was before you know it, the weekened was finally here Which meant from the leftovers to be made to even getting more walking Rosie and Finley out.

The cat and dog outside the door 

The leftover  with some added hash browns and  hoisin sauce as well as garlic bread

Then it was the final full day off of being myself and having that time. So it was a final vlog to get it done. So this had alsol to be a case of delivering monitors to a customer on the rout and the final lucjnh at the voting tree with granparents too. The video is below: 

 This makes it even more so tense and luckily the E-bike made it less of a chore, though the backroads were not the best idea since having to go back due to forgetting keys. But it was then time to pick up the roast after dropping off the monitor. 
The route on its way 

The 8.50 Roast Beef 
Then it was the final shop for some bits and peices after cycling back from Bere Alston and I'm suprised if most of that into the ruckscack of all things.  Lid plus has been useful in some of the sides of things. Plus buying to get Zelda Skyward Swoard in Tesco was a panice i didnt need but leftover stuffing meat is nice  too. Plus with Ketchup out in lidl, it was best to get some here, Oh and even the last stuffing and chicken is nice. 

The Deals from lidl 

The shop from Tesco

 Then it comes to ther final chores of that day from rubbish to take to to more raspberries to pick. Which the timelasing is a nice featuere for that and makes me feel a bit at peace when just concentrating without having to talk, since to be fair talking has been tough for me later on and with actual conversations not regardgin work is actually either a bare mimium or having pictures of this coworkder teacher sent to me from a us friend that drew keeps pushing and I'vbe had to tell him to ease off sometimes, since it was also time to unfollow a mutual friend many months later. 

The bins are out on the street. 

The raspberries in the tub
 As the nights rolled on with the clear skie, it made me want to travle to the moors to take ther pics, little did we knolw that soon it would be illega l to do that. But for now it was nice to get the tripod and stand up  especially as the air was getting colder. 

The sky at night 

a Look at the forest on the path 

 Tbhen it was the week and going from more wqalks to even the shoes dying on me from lidl, which had the nice air textuere on them to stop the swasritng and this was tore apart from cycling down the hill. Friction burns on Cien Lidl trainers are not for the faint of heart. 

The shows the tears of the trainer

The Leftovers and more things to do 

 But it gets back to shop work with from the deals on slices to even more learning to not fap in the mornigs for a dogwalking. Since texting was still heklping but it was also like that missing feeling is importnant. But this was also the time to get some bits from work's cop op near there. The Taco Bowl kits are Lovely. . 

The Taco shells and the Catfood too

Then it was nice to have more cuppa soup and extra things too. 

The soup with Onion rings and Taco Shells 

 But as things werre to be appreachign the last 2 days, Rosie could not hold her self in even when being walked earleir thast day before leaving to then just getting the last minute gorceries before going home since that day was the final to cleamn up and make sure thigns wwerre there, I had some cleaning  things to sort out as well foer the chores to be sorted.
The deals on spar on the way home. 


The Rice, as well as the frikadellen, toasted sandwiches. 

But we then go back to when they arrived, things were lookin up, sure a takeout for when they retuern was nice and costa was well deserved for that as we got towards that reward of getting some clips to de stress me since hormones were wild a bit on that side too, Evne with nothuing happening in real life.  But some gifs like new trainers which were going to be needed as well as a nice cat shortbread biscuit tin was there too. Plus this

The Indian takeout when they returned 

The PS Beanie and Trainers too

The vlog was eventually uplooaded ansd some Tiktoks shared from it too. But then it was to relax indoors for the suinday they came back and this was  in turn the in between to what normally would be a busy time for the vlogging but since that got cancelled it was gettign lackuster of freedom and the burtnout was going to show more and more over this time, this was the other tiem of realsing that stock arrived in abfuck me it was OVERDUE and caused a big crash in finances which was needed to save up for the Christams season and thast in itself is a pain in the as.


The last Weekend and wee of septemtber was nice to see from Pizza at the o2 hearing to be good  and my hair was getting flakey and lumpt from either stress or something but also from the salt was helping in some ways since a bot of the advice was less burning than what it used to be. There was a part of it which made me realise there was alot to be understood. But it was also a time to finally have a chance to get some new gifts for the end of the months now this was for grandad's birthday and it itwas nice to sometimes check on what WH smiths sometimes offer. So it was that to then get some of that  and a nice cashbox was for it. This was at the same time for FIFA 22 coming out, especially as it was nearing the anniversary of the shop being open for 1 yeae (Well 8 months due to the lockdown months)

The copies of FIFA

a Cashbox and tape, well the present and some to wrap presents and amazon bits in future

Then it was coming to the final day of the month and well that was it, it was now living into the hard times and well with variants fading for the time being, it was a safer bet and restrictions are not to be used just yet unlike 1 year ago.

But then we head into that month. 


So we begin the 10th month, with the 1 year anniversary of the shop, So it was to just to  keep working and with the lack of excitement with this winter coming up and it feels scary how things have changed in small ways, from having to do some longer nights to having the chance to not worry if there was a lockdown.

The shopping from Tesco and lidl makes some good sense and maybe i've still got the clab claws somewhere and the drinks and more of the Yo sushi sauce  is very nice, I mean Tesco is having some of the branding bits from lots of places I've been wanting to go when I travel.

but it was nice to  enjoy some family time for that weekend. Which waas a late birthday and cupcakes my sister baked as well as a friend of hers, in s even some brookeis which someone special mentioned about wanting to make it nice and she is a really good bake on that side. But 8 cupckates and nearly half thr brookie is a diabetic near does, it was time to relax and prepare for another day of week of work, even with social medias were getting blacked out. But that  was on the wet monday afternoon after, and mondays were going to actually be a little bit drier than the previous years. 

 This goes for the nothing and well it was also the release of Farcry 6 while work was to be getting trickier and even the chance to have the nice sausge rool while posting more items and it was that limbo what could be a very strange affair. The vitamin C tablets in orange flavour were turning very meh as well. 

sausage rolls to work neighbors making little balls made with cheese  but without realizing I allergic to it and having to spit out most of what bite i had of it. 

Farcry 6

Brownies and rolls

Lunch after a visit of emergency on how to setup a Hotspot on a iPhone 

The balls made of cheese with more cheese inside

 But it was the coming up to the second weekend of October and normaly this is the preparing before Goose Fair and the vlogs it provides, but one good thing is that Windows 11 was finally released for the public as well. So that is important and this was going to take time, plus even with the bike that needed to be cleaned too. But eventualy most of these chores were sorted in that date, But it was also the final timeto try to except the hdd board at some point but then we continue on with a cold to cope on with, so that means we have alot of the vitamin c to take and this was going to be that time that later was ALOT of tablets to take ....

The Bike after cleaning


 Sometimes its important to get this done since  performance is key and to be fair, I did get a deal with a 1TB Nvme SSD which reflecting on that I should have put back in instead of the 128GB from that clevo laptop back in June, but even as a boot drive is is fucking quick. 

The PC before cleaning

A look inside the headsink


Even the PSU needed a good clean

But evetnaulyl that was sorted and well I would be ready to continue with things next week for events like goose fair, especially as Windows 11 was now installed on all 3, even with the Desktop not being compataible on the official side. But it was running and work was ready to be used, for it. Like Windows 11 Pro on 2 devices, 11 Home on another. But there would be a vlog later on due to that goose Fair....not really. 

Now I did get offered to book the second jab but I could not due to how buisy things were being and supplier releases on that week as well, so that was to be cancelled, but it was also the time to deal with the day of goose fair and it was finally a nice blue sky and felt nice to finally take some time to talk on video after work, especially when going past a old router I'm closer to now.But thbis was after being shouted at by a customer who insisted on wanting me to visit her at no cost to her but luckily was not a painful cost to me. 

Outside the shop on the Wednesdayu

The View when filming

But as that came to a close, it was finding the time to work online as well as getting this editing to make sense as well as soon there was a reports of a mini fair to be on saturday, which Did make things wonder, but this was also the final weekend to myself of the whole year to be fair. Which that was then goping to be good but sadly a custoemr waas demanding a repair for the one monday I had off and means I had to work until 6pm on that due to a surface pro 7 screen cracking and that was going to bealot of cleaning out that screen. Then it was a quick vlog on what I missed out of this event of the mini goose fair. Eventually it was done and time to walk rosie and work all night mostly after. 

Scraping Glass off

The view of the Town


 But then it was time to get that vlog up from the day and the first sunday off to myself in over 3 weeks but this time no relations to vist now. But before that it was time to get some hair dyed but adding some gfuel from it.

The huge egg bacon chilli burger sandwiches with salad and more fried bits 

Changing the hair dye

It did not make a change 

Then when it was the evening and chores done before digging in to the review, this was time to get it shown on how useful the shadowcast was to be. 




The Shadowcast in its glory

The PS TV with the Shadowcast

So that was then to be editing and hiopefuly was to be getting up over the night but sadly fate has other plans since this monday was a day off from being to my regular customers on that monday, So that ends up being the start of the end of the battery, from having to run to work to get this Surfasce collected, even with the £10 fee I started for work for people that tell me to open up or just interrupt me on the mondays. So it was then to cycle to bere alston for a visit and this was the weather of something soaking and this was the start to show the the bikles battery was dying on me, even now its ever been the same since this, eventually I got to nans and the parents picked me and the bike up from there.


The FOG was intense on the way to nans after 


This was also the seson to go to warm soups for the cold weather as well. Since it was to warm up form the sockaing wet clothes even with soaked socked to the point of losing my socks in the rain even the shoes is out of it. 

The soup and the snacks to dip it in 

But Phone and suppliers were getting  actually messed up. Like when I had to re-order things and even then still diud not turn out *cough*Galaxy A12*Cough*. But it was the time of more working and more coffe breaks far away to help with, Late nights mean casserole and ceral as well as when it comes to the final weekend in October, even with some aldi shoppin away on the friday before.

The bottle of water

Casserole and weetabix minis are the highlights

But the video was finally done on the Sunday after which ws nice to relax once that has been done. 

The Colselaw Ginger biscuit sub

But the next monday day afer was another day of maybe quiet visits until texts not going though so that means visit after visit and then a trip to lidl on that gets some more food and sauces too. Especialyl as it was American week according to lidl plus and that meant son e nice ideas such as Cashew butter and spicy chicken wings. Oh and those lemonade ibreria cans are PENG and an addiction for sure. Plus chicken noodle soup for £0.50 is really good when mixed in with tomato soup.

The £16.61 load out from lidl 

So it trhen leads to the final few days, now to be fair, its also the sign of neasrly coming up to as year since lockdown 2 which for me was a sign of fright and false accusations back then, but now there was going to be more anxiety on my mind. From the last video of the year now nearly finished befor the music video and the christmas vlogs it was one month I pushed myself too much. Now while this was going on, I started getting into Rock's Diamonds which is a mobile sort of port of the Boulder Dash game from years back, so there was some chill time in small bits to help me just escape it.Even wit hthe rain gushing form one of the 3 storms for the rest of the year.

The water gushing from the car park 


A chicken noodle tomato soy sauce curry powder soup with more dipping bits 


 Weekends were happening at work due the chance of Series X's to arrive in which soon it will be more consoles to sell, and since of this, it means that I could not have the time to even work on myself or even maybe work online sometimes. This was also the halloweeen wekeend to then cut some panel out of the Stands from April for me to then use as power for those booths in the new and 2022 year. Plus more LFTs to be done which can help with that confident side to make sure I'm clean , its also told the shjorted wabs are not for both nose and throat but just the nose. Lesson leanred from others that BOTH the nose and Thorat need to be done, even with a sore throat symptom.

The leftover indian takeout which was really nice but goes straight through in a short time after, not sure why on the spice side. 

The result.


The Sawed main socket 

Then it was a case that some hoovering was done and finally the time for work, which well only 4 customers turned up, Both consoles are paid for then it was another oggys for lunch before turning to the final 2 motnhs.

The Sausage Roll, donuts and Fanta
Well , it Leaves starts from the aftermath of the Hottest Sausages i've EVER tasted which was dad's purchased mistake. I mean they were HOT and Morrisons did not lie about the meaning of hot, this made me mouth go on fire. 

But with that, it was having to deal with a tummy being a bit funny from the Side of things. But this was the first full weekday since the clocks changed back, But this was going to be 2 months, until a fair bit of safety and also alot of working until I feel like I drop or even the chance that I could die from covid, if catching it on a single jab with not being cafeful is the general census. And to be fair, That as been VERY lucky to not catch it thus far, especiall with a variant named after lur's race was to appear in the mix this year. 


We start another months ,another long, wet and risk cycle to Princetown and this time it was to sort out setting up a mamaged Switch as a DHCP server, which did not work . But this was the sacry fact of pushing the bike battery to its limits and to be fair, It got me past pork hill this time but it was not as long lasting as the first visit this way, due to that rain damage and having to stop halfway. But eventually it was time to make one goal come true, and that was to take night pics on the moors, So as i left the visit from about 6pm odd and the night pics looked really good to go, some nice skies of the lights of Plymouth and Tavi.  It felt tranquil, yet scary and the views were really just osmething diffetent, I just wished i put a tripod in my rucksack, but 2022 will be a review to fix that I later find out. 

The Views of Tavi from Pork Hill

The views of Plymouth

When using Gcam the night

Then it leads to the view of the mast

Showing it with the Bike in view

But that was then another visit after this so it was a long time of pouring showers on the cycle back to that visit before going home, since phones are so fucking hard to get back then and I'll need to have a serious chat with my rep in 2022 for the future of how this has scarred it but credit is how it goes for that too.  But Work was getting busy and with the Fireworks soon to happen (Not since of the rain plus COVID)  and it was also the next stage with 


My other rep for selling VANguard which activsion were going to be in hot water  but for then it was not midning since some leftover tropical drink and visits were not as in a hetic state for this too. Plus it was coming to hopefully have a monday off soon due to regualrs having time off and their calls do get intense for the most part. But it ws more to try to have more crispy kale as well . Plus it was time to get the ice lollies thst mum likes while shes on her slimming world diet.

The tropical drink with the leftover drizzle slize my mum got in

The mix of diet food and some favourites

Shopping in spar while on the way back from deliviers

But then it was the weekend of the fireworks and to be fair was going to be the final weekend I had to myself before 3 weeks of non stop work. From consoles to sell over them and even being scared to the point I need a crystal which that one from when mum bought me was to help, TLDR, it did not t all. But a rule abot cleaning Airbnbs are important as well. 


The nice mix of Cereal, with Coronation Chicken filler too. 

This was then run to a sunday of going to see family but taking my dad's dad at the same time ans this was alot of NEGATIVITY from him and it was that making me scared of if i end up being alone regardless of age and it makes me scared to change the future of that.. 

The Fireworks  being placed

The soup with the crisps, sausage roll and english muffin 

This was the introduction to Brookies for the actual first time and it feels and tastes really good, it does make it mooreish and also the chatter was to see how things could work but it was soon to change how my feelings of anxiety of the future was going to skyrocket and maybeit was how I'm feeling as the end from this was even affecting me even as i type this. But things might haveto come to an end. 

The Brookie

But when I got home, it was time to walk rosie in the dark with the ball and she almost lost it, but we found it, While tweeting some pics and also seeing the fireworks over in the distance over monksmead. 

The night views over the town 

But it goes to the past and the way my life feels lost and uncertain and It was time to wear the crystal to get this going to focus on other things. We go to wear the crystal to help ease it, but even then it was more working to go to visits, even some that was near in the dark bck on the road from crapstone to horrabridge even in the very close to dark .But even then the brakes got tightening up caused a finger to bleed as well as that cute cat while getting the bike on the way to the second to final visit of that day. 
The Crystal being worn on the thermal shirts
The cut finger

A Cat by the road

 Since its on rom horrabidge, it wss the way home and even passing y mum when she was looking around too but that hartley's is a really nice craving and actually very juicy too.

The bit of shopping

But then it was coming to the week of more releases such as Forza Horizon 5 coming out, the national news was focusing on things locally such as BBC news outside the shop while work's neighbours were being interviewed, right when I come back from going to the toilet. But also mum was asking about advent calwenders and Lidl had some of the Lindt ones, which lindt reminds me of when a Big cutie stil blocked me from what some shitty maccies works said to her on twitter years back.But Tesco had some and visits means I'm near there anyway. 

Forza Horizon 5




The shopping from Tesco

Chinese curries with some of the rice muffin extras

As time passed,  it was also comeing up to Armistice day after curied Chips to be had,  and this was when SSDs are dying and Transcend has some buggy firmware to deal with. Espcially this was also suggest to get some CBD oil which was payment for a Wifi issue with a BT router from Milagro, but well i've yet to try it and I want to not try it but maybe Soon things will have to make me try it, also it nie to see some Pizza ordered as well as nandos the day after.



The CBD oil i got given


Crunchie Spread with Chip shop curry fries

 Plus some cupcake company I want to explore more since some £6's of cupcakes were really good.  This works with waking up in the morning on sunday to then help Grandad out since nan could struggle to get out of bed. But then it leads to how stramge Zoom meetings on and how even casting the meetng does not transmit the sound for it . But nan was having some sign of the dog called bo, a stuffed mini therapy item.


Bo with the choccoa nussa Buns

The zoom service casted on the TV

 But after that it leads to more things to take a step back to reflect on the scary part of this future, which actually a clean air walk to kit hill, this just makes the air clear and also makes me wish i could take someone up here when we talk, but I'll leanr that wont happen for years to come or maybe if ever. 

More of the views from north of Kit Hill 

You can see the skyline from this side

But this was then to wake up to go to work for a monday of a long time and cycling inthe dark, only 3 visits but things have to happen and I'm scared lights and batteries could pack up, but they did not. The road to lydford is not a easy one at the best of times. But gfuel and the starting of the Rasperry vitamin C was going to be a LONG time of overdosing on them to take my mind off the hearbreak I was soon to face (Not family). 


The drink of gfuel and raspberry



Getting past lydford and before the other side of the Gorge car park


This then  lead to me getting home around the 8pm mark, since the last time I mamaged to get night pics was only 2 weeks from back then. But it was nice to see the sky and some stars, but then itwas more late ights and things, since from now it was non stop work until the 1st week of december, since of black friday deals to appear which oh days this was going to be expensive, and soon it was the case of Card provider reps trying to pressure me to take it. 

The Sky views as I was leaving

The chili with burger sauce, chicken, curry loaf, roast potatoes and crunchie spread

As we come to the stages before releases nearly end and deals begin, there was a few more plans to uphold and this was meaning long nights and a cold to deal with from that nasty wind coming about. Plus it was the time of the christmas lights to finally say what was to happen. From Pokemon arriving to the nice big more american leftover shop in ldi labout to happen as well for that nice corndogs was yet to finally have weeks later. Plus the pasty works with the chilli.

The Pasty with chilli

another shop from the ideas for christmas to even some peanuts which are really ncie too.

This robin also decided to visit the shop and peek about as well

Now this is where also a overdue order was to be sorted of some Gfuel and well 10 new flavours were to be added and actualyl looking back, not aaas stupid as I thought it was going to be since loads were buying and some dod get jected due to thair age and no ID provided as the rules show for it. This was like 2 weeks to organise as well. That and acutally pokemone qwass to be a good seller for that too. Plus the cinemas i've heard is a good buy for some things and maybe i'll go to cineworld.

Gfuel sachets

Pokemon of both formats

Especially as this weekend was the chance for the PS5s to finally come in stock after nothing since April and it was not going to be a bad way to shift it, but the fuirst time this year to get a Paypal Working Capital loan for the 5th time, which I've not had  one after the scandal from the fake email used, but £4000 is done and then it was ready to be getting that ordfered without any stress or maybe some worries to appear. That night was ok and it was another until 7pm opening for the shop. There was some deals and some china place was nice as well as more mcdonalds to catch up with. 



The assmebly of another storage container which will be ideal for switch




The Row in work getting glowed up


The lights still waiting outside the row

But This was also the time my stress and worries left me to consult a potential school for love and to see if that could help me but my chicken shit ass always gets s still nervous and worried about it. But there was a suggestion to use the XL condoms from  Trojan which I'll have to try to understand more with the year ahear, maybe therapy is the main way to sort things out. But for now it weas nice to get games installed on the 6 Pro even if it will be a fair time before I could play some games, and to be fair, its been not much on that side even  with the PS plus for a year which I did not get much into, just for the "free" games really.   But it was nice to get some of the blue ice gfuel in a bottlel someone left in the shop randomly. 

The Gfuel in a bottle

The Switch section now sorted.

Then we continue for the next day, it was also a day I did not has as many visits to sort and was time to question what the future holds for me and what to do, this was on the 2 year anniversary of when I last i had time to spend with someone that made me happen and did change my life so much more. Especially as we did talk and she did try to help me even though I did not tell the whole truth back then and I'll bring it up on what choice i need to make in the future and it will hurt me. Plus it really was losing my drive and maybe I'll have to have to work on that next year.


To reflect on this news I wanted to take a breather to look at hte sky and reflect on what to do.

The Views with the sun

A View of the moors towards the rest of the uk

But thne it was time to just carry on and one ore visit before going back to Tesco to pick up some bits on the way home, it was nice to get the yakatoi sauce . Plus Tesco was nice to get some more of the fajita kits. Plus Pret ketchup gave m,e memories and also that I see pret somewhere weekly. 

The Sauces

But work was causing so much time to be busy that it was nearig the end of the month and part of the 3 weeks to kill, From the 3 to 4 vitamin C's a day and long nights for 4G and smarty and also issues with sourcing Graphics cards for the Christmas and maybe that is a good idea. Especially as Dickensian was coming up and the console was to be pushed in for selling in. 
The vitamin C tablets with the better flavour

Downing it while on a cold but not covid

Leftover meals for that win

 So that is the time that after KFC delicned and the rise of the omicron variant without reasling if it was too late and Icould die or if it s a mild booster of some sorts, espeically as events were nmearly cancelled but Dickensian was not for this year strangely enough, but the change of the lapotp for having some things to get downloaded to make it a good time and well an epic coupon was soon to be used. But some fortnite streams and more of the christ decor is now up before our tradition. Plus those memes with know your name is getting.

Downloading games for the future

The chicken pie when i got home

The Christmas tree was up 

The urban dictonairy meaning
 So it then leads us to december with choices to make and alot of overworking to really do and that means alot of choices. Especially as a cold was on its way out but still on the strong to reset it ove, plus it was time to deal with Dickensian.Plus it gets to the point  of Tesco doing reduced and clearance fattening ice creams like the cookies and cream one as well as the sandwich filler always do, with the chicken and bacon and the mayo, it works out really nicely. 

The sandwich filler and the cookies ice cream sticks


So then we go to the final month, things are on overdrive and this mindset was to not ovrpower until the last moments. But here we go.With parts to arrivesuch as GTX 1050tis and the CIT Cases. it was going to be expensive as part of that £4000 loan., We start from the Reeces Peanut butter advent calendar too. 

The advent calendar for the December month

 But then it leads to a long time of working non stop and wiring cables that ended uyp frayed on the halfway part. So it means coming home at 22:40. Hawkeye being on to then relax with when watching it at a late time. 

Cabling is not easy

Leftovers for a late night tea while watching Hawkeye

This was then time to prepare for the event itself, with getting the time of the costume out for the 1 year of no wearing it. I wondering if i could even get back to the  fitting of it if i 've not outgrown it. 

The costume what I still could check to wear

Dickensian was alot quiter than i expected in some ways but actually some good sales too and the crowds was better then i was expecting on some of the time. Plus having to pay for some emergancy things does not help even when the account did not let me send it and had to use another way. to get it done, with a message the hours later telling me it was not the best idea to do it. But eventually I left and it was time to get the weekend continued. 

Getting preped up

The selfie in the shop

The crowds outside but not going in

The end of the day and to ru/walk home
Which turns up to then having a nice bit of Toasted sandwiches, which chicken and pickle is a nice combo. 

The sandwiches plus the ham and extras

Sin ce this is the time of getting the weekend sorted and paretns dropped thigns off after they had their booster, which the nagging from the 2nd jab was going to be chaotic and anxiety driving. Since it was trying to make sure that i could handle the power off it.  But tesco was always that bundle of joy and presents to get purchased. 

The pasty and drink 

 it was also a cancellation so it meant having it filled in from another visit, and that meant another tesco shop on the way home. Which some bits were ovedue I will admit, but tescos had some offers which was hard to resist. Like itsu was £0.75 off each and that makes it that more tempting for it too. So the Chicken Gyozas as well as the Bao buns making it a saving of £1.50 and filled that with some reduced items and £0.30 for chicken packet soup is a rare sight too (Not reduced). 

The Items from the Tesco shop on the way home 

Then it was when I came home, turns out parents had ordered an indian takeout and that meat was incredible to try some onion bhaji and also it was the time to enjoy the spice but it was the lamb balti that becomes my fave. 

The indian takeout on the Saturday night 
Especially it was the final sunday before we going to work the rest of the year. Which means going to see the granparetns the last time before christmas and it was also the chance to clean the bike for another of the final 2 visits of the year as far as I thought. But i was also nice to get my sister helped out with her laptop and iphone she was thinking of changing too. 

The Sunday roast for this

Spraying the Bike

The monday was the case to finally walk on the side of getting a saw in a bag and deal with a free visit or a non paid for after curring some wood up to make sure its ready for the next part of projects in the shop for the gaming booths, and the food to keep going and sawing wood with the dust. Daredevil was  being binged from the poential of the it crossing with the MCU.  Plus the sister's birthday present
The fry up with greggs sausage rolls too

The booths forming while things are there to be resting and placed

A gift for my sister's birthday

But Co-op has some deals on and this was going to have some deals and even with nandos purchsed days later, I ended up trying those kits out sicne it was a fair saving compared to normal price of £4 to now £2.50, but the bottl,.led water has gone up to £0.65 now, so a £0.10 raise. as with the cost of other parts and items.

The £5.65 Total

Then it was soon for the Graphics cards to arrive and well these might be linked and used later onday, but amazon selling was the best place for them even if they are still in stock as i type this weeks later. and even a gift card from chatting was to be sorted but that question of will I have to risk the past again. 

The Maxsun Graphics Cards

But then it was to get a visit on the way to focus on the online work and the no time  to have for me and that all. But we have to decide where this goes. The moon and the skies and help reflect that. 

The mast and the skies

Food and the reward with the combinged peanut butter cup

But as the weekend approached and the GP was failing me, it waas time to change that while getting some work done for a video to File conversion part. Plus the time to get the blogposts,  was started later than i should have. Plus it was another moment of heartbreak even when seeing a  nice cupcake place called lola's. 

So this weekend also gave me that chance to get more gifts for family, since the Beer for dad had arrived due to how quikc and it was just Sisters and maybe mums to finish off plus it was the time closet to realise where my mind goes and the heart drags it, since earings for the best feedee i've had was to be given and well hopefully the future shows it or things to be a reset to chasing imaginianry  people nearly, But it worked since my sister was going some bathtubs of soaps and bits. 
The fair out which i got the gifts from
The earings and the bathtub of soap

Plus some lunch too

But here we go, then it was the final 2 weeks, some clips purchased from a new euroopean model and life felt in that lingo when  from online work, beinging netflix and even getting the posts typed up but i had pushed it to the sidelines. We start from a ginger cat trespassing at 2:30, Alsi shopping and then it was just work aftert work before dealing with fly bits on both this and food for the week ahead. 

Then we get to the weekend and time to get a PC built before the chance to have the first monday off in the long while and well the ending of this year was ever drawing closer. From the final PC build of this year to the final chinese takeout of 2021. We also find out the boxing day plans are cancelled due to the anxierty around the variant and teeth not working as they should in the old age of dad's family. 

The chinese takout

Fish and chips and noodles with salad

The selfie with the mask

got it built

Then it was the final 2 mondyas and it was time to work on sending gifts to old friends that we stay in touch wrih and the question I wish i never wanted to ask but it was time to realise thisn are going to be hard next year which I have to understand, but maybe good terms will be the truth to hide one day. 

One of the presents 

So we then go the finaly days  before christmas and this is wherew thigns go shit, from the running to a care home gthe very next day and this was a exhasuting time and scary in the pure dark to, and the at only 1 hour which made it safer and this was the start for more complications in the future i can tell. 

The route for running

The night sky

Now as i got there it was the case of getting a vlogging kit and WAIT it was £5.00  discount overnight since  that was true so I got it along with some extra bits like chicken balls and crunchie spread too. Plus Lemon Vitamin C tablets are a new thing. 

The Bundle from lidl
Then it was more family to cope with and jabs cause that confusion makes it stressful, but it was the time to film a final video before the festive season was to be its peak. 


The LEftovers with added mexican rice and chocco nussa

The Selfie before the filming

The Presents wrapped

The last of the Xboxs were to be sold this next 2 days and then it was the Christmas even and the chance to cian everything and thing were not going to plan. Sure amazon things were selling and there is always last minute repairs to sort out like iPhone 11 Pro bootloops on christmas eve 5pm. The lumnc for eve was the final gift on the calandar. 

The Series X to sell

Opening the final part

it goes fgor lunch

More  stock to book in

Then we go home, ...well not its to book the final time the Jab and seems even Tavyside canot to it the time I need to hasppen  without pushing into the week after i have tied to force to get off, we will see if that comes in the week after. With the final days and covid affecting more i know but not me yet. Thing were quiet but family was to be here. But we then go to the day itself 

The visit to the surgery (Tavyside) 

The meadows on the final run home from work before christmas. 

The day itself was more stress from video editing until 4am then getting up at 9am to then trying to get chores done before getting the message filmed and it was in a xchristmas jumpa as it goes, so that was not ideal. 

The Bedroom Drawer with the laptop on top to get it editing

A Selfie before the filming 

So then it comes to fmaily and then the food ands presents and the queen , all nice bits to enjoy, with the heartbreak of the queens life this year to even missing someone far away.  Some nice presents were good too. 
The christmas roast
The best present out of the lot

another good onme too

The queen

As things died down and family was dropped off and lift, it  was nice to clena up and finally crash out with not much to do. I felt happy-ish and feeling not a sign of overdueness for now. 
Selfies in the blur
Watching TV in the ligths
The Pets


But then its the next day and it was time to relax and take things easy to get more typed up and finish the xmas blopsot, with talking to friends that missed christmas in different ways and the choices later things will be. But to take it easy , it was nice to try a coat to go to burator for a walk and lectures. 

The leftover lunch 

A foggy and grey look over the Dam and the lake

A closer look at the lake

And thne it was more reflection to undertand and the rain was coming in slowly and surely, but the reflection that back to normal feeling for the last few days. So the way it goes of the Monday is a nice day to relax and visit granparents for the final time this year, with helping them setup portal and some  light bulbs . That felt good and the next day was back to work for the last days. With visits to plan and also some last repairs to finish off before I've closed. 

But this was then the end of something special, I was told the truth and maybe it was time to go to back to reset but there was good times that had happened. 2 years over and sure meeting never happened since that moment but its not goodbye and it was still good terms for now and it will be heart breaking  for the rest of the year and longer in 2022 for sure. But this was also the time to make sure of a bad day that goes work, from having to deal with cusotmer messing about to even the panic to nearly get the second jab to early and that was causing pain, I did bail out of the jab in the end but 2022 will be the no choice but to risk this. 

A cycle to a place that I didnt get to go in (the same i went over as week ago)

The place to finally have the jab or not

not shaved and not doing the relaxed vibe

So it has my mind at tense moments and workijg was the opnly way to forget it but breaking down is getting easier and easier but harder to cope.  But we have to live that what if in the dream and well it was the final day, with cyberpunk playthroughs to watch  and the typing up to take my mind off this,.But the final  day was a tense one to get the final jobs sorted, phone repairs,  paid money to plan out , desk building and then a indian to end the day before those drinks to happen.
Small parts from a long night that wednesday
 Runnming home in the rain at 6pm is not nice but feels right in some wya.
A final test for ngeative in the 21 year

The final meal of the year

Well, that is it, this year has done, the goals and some recpas will come soon but now we have to go to where things are, the end is near and a scared start to the 22 year is to appear. 
Stay safe, take care and hope this did not crash too many phone and devices