Monday, 27 December 2021

Christmas 2021: A Wet Christmas Weekend

 Well, this is the first of the final few days of the year, it goes to be the case that things were feeling different this year, the time of Christmas already upon us and well, that means to explore what happened on this wet day. With Rosie being a pest, some questions and even a nice way with 2 dogs and lush food.So it was time to begin the preparation and also enjoy the day itself which my body would be showing the signs of exhaustion itself. But here we go on what actually was the case. 

The past days before Christmas: 

So this is where the body has to push its limits to get the posts sorted, it was also the week of more work to finally get done. 


We start from that Sunday which was getting a PC built for a customer and was a review of some RGB addons for it and it worked nicely, Cable tying made it longer and then its all ready to go. Plus one gift or 2 from one of my regular customer.

The selfie with the mask

got it built

the reset buttons lets the LEDS change 

The build when off 

Some Cable Tidy 

But then it leads to more of the chance of getting that to be restful and get started to cain more of the blogpost for the end of the year review. Which was on to getting February r march sorted, my head forgets from how many late nights were going to be. Also it was nice to have roast pork. 

Roast Pork 


Then it was leading to the last monday for visits of the Year, in a serious way, that is emotional but in others that is also emotional for other reasons for posting some presents off, But first we deal with the circumstance of a visit of USB duplicators and why cloning it struggles to take its time, but that was going to be sorted quicker than I expected and then it was time to get money paid in and things posted off. It was actually emotional with one of them to be posted but that will be for the future for that to explain. But after those it was a nice under £5 post budget for 1st class on both. Especially as I had to run to Whitchurch since the queue was way too long in the main post office. 

One of the presents 

Then it was going to be the case of a nice mix of food from Tesco purchased a few weeks ago to be able to have and the Bao Buns are so nice, Especially with  one of the Microwaved Black bean and beef to cover it and then it leads to more typing up. But a visit to lidl was showing some nice Vlogging kits with a smaller tripod I could use if travelling in the next year maybe. 

The Bao Buns

So it then leads to the next day which then is going to be a very exhausting day. 


So this was a late wakeup after typing the post up and watching FNAF which does make it always the case of anxiety stressing and then it was going to be one long day , work had a few things to sort out and some panic over consoles not selling so a aggressive deal was the savior on that side. But then one customer wanted a visit, in yelverton and so i said about 6pm, and it was a RUN to get there, but kid you not, 1 hour 5 minutes from work to RAF harrowbeer in the dark is VERY actually not bad going. 

After that it was the time to finally run in the dark back from 7pm when i left since it was only an hour. There was a LFT to be done even with a runny nose went negative and after resetting Apple and Yahoo Passwords.  and I managed to get to lidl in under 1 hour and then it was time to get some bits. But the night was so dark and it would have been a good time to take a tripod with me to take scenes of thre night sky on the moors. 

The night sky as I left the visit 

More of the night sky

The route to go back to lidl

Getting to lidl

Now as i got there it was the case of getting a vlogging kit and WAIT it was £5.00  discount overnight since  that was true so I got it along with some extra bits like chicken balls and crunchie spread too. Plus Lemon Vitamin C tablets are a new thing. 

The Bundle from lidl

But then it was the run home and Just as i got back, I heard news of nan being frozen and unable to get into bed and ok yes this was due to her jab just hours ago causing the confusion and mental state becoming concerning, but in a lucky chance, I could actually have a nice bit of leftovers for tea before either typing things up or even getting a video up for the present haul. 

The LEftovers with added mexican rice and chocco nussa

But then since it was nearing 9pm, should i or should i not film, By the end of washing things up, parents came home so we then chatted and watched TV until they went to bed and it was the case of filming the video for the present haul. Now yes I will admit the timelapse in there did not fully film due to battery but also I was ok with the fact I got something out of it and the ring light it a nice help for this. The VHS effect when editing this 2 days later was a nice joy too. 

The Selfie before the filming

The Presents wrapped

Then it was time to go to bed and wake up to more work and chaos to do, this time it was some jobs to sort out, hopefully the final 2 Xbox Series X of the year to sell (had 4 from Saturday, sold one Sunday and Tuesday) as well as my worries about the future in some aspects which have been haunting me too. 
But it was then more typjng up until 3-4am for the blogpost for those days, minus some chilli  until we get to the Christmas eve. 

The last 2 Series X in stock 

Thought that thursday was actually going to be another hectic day with Ordering to sort out before the Eve of christmas, more gfuel sold, some phone repairs not going ahead due to actual costs and phone grips are out of stock so that is a new year gold to source i Think.  Plus it was the case of finally being able to post a GTX 1050ti from in stock. But after that was a foggy car drive with one of my regulars to fit a Intel wifi card due to some sleep issues using a m.2 Realtek card and it did make a difference but the truth will be the new year on that. Then it was leftover chilli with adding some Buffalo Wing Seasoning and also Quaker Oats to it and it was nice but that spicy feeling in the tummy and it was not even a whole sachet. 

The Chilli with seasoning and quaker oats

But then it was the Main ahead of events to go by. The first of the trilogy so to speak, normally I would say its a case of doing seperate but for this, it will be the 3 in one trope. 

Christmas Eve: 

So this was more of the waking up late and also the time to finally realise that things might be a bit quieter to be able to get videos sorted out and the editing of that present haul video. Plus taking the final part of the advent calendar from reeces is such as nice way to have lunch for later, but it was about 4 things to be booked in, Like a £500 order with some SSDs and some PC Cases , but this was then to be the case of that to be booked int, then changing a motherboard over which someone wanted that done, but for some reason, the battery did not activate or Windows does not find it , so that is strange but it could be the case of the powerjack as well but we will find out when I continue on that next week in the in between time. 

The Last of the Calendar 

The Peanut butter cups for lunch.

Stock to book in

As it then goes to hopefully sorting out this mac which had a frayed DVD Drive cable but in the end, it turns out that needs to be ordered for it to work so another plan next week, but then it was getting that video started and well, it ended up last minute 2 customers popping in and then having to replace an iPhone 11 Pro Speaker to get this update to go through. But then I left at a time of 17:20 and well that is good compared to having a visit, but since it was a rush to get this video up, I decided to just leave and head to the new surgery I've changed to. But they could still not book the vaccine for that beginning of that week which as been the 2nd attempt to then. But this would be the shameful listing of still no change locally. So that was then a run home in the cold and dry but the road and path was soaking wet. 

The visit to the surgery (Tavyside) 

The meadows on the final run home fromwork before christmas. 

Then I got home and greeted mum and dad and she was on the phone, but she used one of those LED lights in a bottle for the hallway and it makes it nice and christmas in the house. So then it was time to enjoy a nice meal and well maybe relax but no this was the case of being able to have some of  the nandos wraps for tea. Like adding in any mayo. 

The BBQ nandos wraps for tea 

But then it was to then change over to get the vlog edited, using the FCPX and then it was a case of having to check with CPU friend to help push that performance  but it turns out its still an issue with CPUfriendfriend  But it did improve performance once it was over the night for the most part. Even when going to bed to then use a Razer  Deathadder Essential White (Soon to maybe review) to finish the editing. Also I got to sleep at 4:30am on Christmas day.  But this was even with a teaspoon of gfuel and about 4 lemon vitamin C tablets in water. 

The Bedroom Drawer with the laptop on top to get it editing

So then it leads to having a few hours sleep for christmas day.

Christmas Day: 

So, it comes to this, and getting up at 9:15 or so am to then get a shave started to get clean which made it that bit easier  to hopefully plan out the solution of getting a video filmed for the message without interrupting family. But then i was too late in that part to use the onesie, which means it was the case to have to wear something else, But the bags of presents were now in the hallway as well as Rosie was jumping up and begging me for walk. This was just after Dad left to drop and collect presents and gifts from his side of the family, since the boxing day was cancelled for that, heck we were even the last. 

Rosie Wanting her walk

So then we finally walk and just as I walk out with the christmas jumper and it pours down with rain. Which was  not good, then it was time to film and Rosie was barking for the ball so that stopped me  being able to film easily, but after 4 attempts it was filmed and choosing which one is the best option to take and it was the 3rd one I went for in the end. 

Rosie in the field

A Selfie before the filming 

Then it was the message and time to get talking about change which for me was stressful and also the chance of being able to mention important things without being direct about it. But it was pouring and then makes it to getting to keep dry and deal with Rosie but eventually I got home about 10:50 and then time to get it edited and that took some time. 

Then it comes to the editing for a fair bit of 30 minutes and then it was just on the rendering side complete while getting in the car to pickup grandparents, in the actual rain , but this is where it gets that bit hetic with that moment to help get nan into the car in the pouring rain but with me and dad, we got it in and the wheelchair in, but after that and pads to pick up, we got them in and to drive home. Which then it was time to wheel her in and also to see my sister while the table was being prepared. 

The Table is laid 

Then she had the presents loaded in the hallway and the amount of them got bigger. But it was for later on that was to be unwrapped. Plus the cat was to be trapped in mums bedroom for most of that entire day 

The Presents 

Then it was time for the food and once some uploads had finished, it was ready to eat and my god this  was nice, the turkey was from morrisons, mum did make some recipes from Jamie Oliver including Roast potatoes and also a Vegetable crown suflet thing. It was really nice and really fulfilling. 

The Roast with the sauces and more 

It really was nice and then from chatter on various parts and bits and even with the face nan and grandad were managing to eat it and we were getting full over time, but it was nearing 13:45 before desert was to be fine, now for me i went for some cornflakes dipped in chocolate which it is a nicer way around it.

The desert from it 

Then it was soon time to get everyone into the mindset of the lounge for the presents to be handed out before the queens speech and we did, with so many presents, more so for my grandparents than anything else. But some really nice presents from a back pillow cushion, Playstation jackets and even some amazon gift cards and perfumes to go with it too. But some really nice bits that work out and some useful and some to keep warm like thermals and even slipper socks which I've been using non stop in ways these past 2 months .

The Pillow Cushion

A cat mug and slipper socks


More slipper socks

Lynx bag 

A popcorn maker as well

2 x Mountain warehouse thermals

The umbro Ice kit

Police  perfume 

My sister sent a cute pun cat card

Amazon gift card in a tin 

The cute christmas card of that chalkboard look 

A new RFID wallet is a nice kit too 

Then after the case of mum and sister helping nan to get to the toilet, it was time for a short queens speech  and it did feel very personal and a good tribute to her husband and this meant it, she felt how people this year have had to isolate and it can be hard for them and it also makes that work. But it was then a performance and a nice dawn of one of their castles. 

The Queen

Then it was a few last gift cards to open up with some money and also a one4all card which then leads to the packing up before mum and dad dropped off granparents. Which me and sister walked both dogs for a short bit before being able to then take some pics of both of us, some had silly shots and some were good but in the end it was the case of some blurred shot .

The more cards out 

a mistake on the timer with the same tripod 

But then it was time to relax with parents after sister left half hour  to watch some films and things, it was nice to finally not have to do much work and it was good that things were on call to finally not be stressed out the dogs had some costumes and poses before one left. But then it was soon time to have some leftovers aka bubble and squeak. 

Rosie and the other dog

Adverts while the lights on and the fire roaring 

Even the pets were slept out 

Eventually it was those nice leftovers and turkey sandwiches are nice and adding flavours like cranberry and pretzels in is nice too, sure it was not what i really wanted to have in but that will be for later.

The leftovers 

A fudge Cake 

Then it was more relaxing and watching films until we all went to bed, I did get some of this typed up and then it was the case to be able to get this closer to finishing since there is a deadline of 6 months left to type up before the end of the year and I might have just been on the side of too late but that can change if I get the time. But then once it was 1am, I went bed and time to sleep for another day, which this time could be going for a swim. 

Boxing Day. 

So i woke up to a text asking how my christmas was and then did not get a reply for many hours later, Finley greeted me while i went toilet then back to bed then after a fap, I got up and had a shower for a change, since my hair was a mess with lumps and flakes as well as feeling not fresh. But then mum got up and Rosie growled as per usual. But then it was time to check emails and also see what the plan was, since the clouds were blue sky when I looked outside. 

But then it was not the time to go to widecome or bude so it was good to have a nice mini roast dinner crunchie spread roll for breakfast. 

The mini roast dinner in a roll with crunchie spread

But then it was another walk to give Rosie but on my own and with the balls across the field and she played nicely, the path was muddy as usual and then the field was wet but the air was drying up, So it was just to play that ball, even the sun was coming out as well. But 45 minutes later I was back home and there we go. It was then time for the lunch which some easy mix of red onion and mayo makes one fantastic slaw. 

The leftover lunch 

Then later on after chatting and watching calendar girls, it was time to go for a walk, I suggested burrator and also dad was making alot of jabs and points about to get the JAB asap without much care or regard for the preparation of that, especially of the fact things could go wrong if i don't get time to recover from what happens after it, since well anything can happen. But we then got changed and drove over there, we spoke to a neighbour on the same estate and he guesses that it would be busy there for the most part and we still drove anyway. But we got there and it was time to get out of the car and walk from the quarry along the old railway patch and back. 

A foggy and grey look over the Dam and the lake

A closer look at the lake

Another look

As we walked om, we noticed some fencing as you enter the forest of the railway line, turns out an EE mast Did get built here and also was mentioned to me earlier due  to a customer wanting 4G in sheepstor. But this was not activated just yet since i knew and saw my phone had no signal. But itwas sleek and the black makes it not as much standing out as other masts. But this is finally a EE spot compared to a not spot most of the area i live in is, I noticed this more as i was streaming the laptop to the phone. 

The new EE mast

But then it was more nagging and pressure to get the vaccine done this coming week instead of when I planned it and then it was talking about other friends and customers of dad about it all. But then we got to the road which the path goes to princetown or the road goes back to the reservoir round ring road. and we chose to walk down there. But we did until we got back to the leat and walked across there and back to another road to then pass the lake, with santas and other cars jam packed. 

Cut trees and fences 

More views of the like 

Then We walked back past the visitor centre and saw the carvings, to then passing more cars back and forth as well as eventually getting back to the dam itself which in a way was always the sign of the busy times during #lockdown3 so much so police actually bothered to turn up. But someone and a couple i heard recently drowned here from a suicide attempt from some inside work gossip. 

The carvings

A views of the dame and reflection

Then it was nearing 4pm and we managed to walk back to the car since it was sunset in 17 minutes from there. We dried off and got in, then time to get driving back while listening to the final uk top 40 of 2021 and some bangers on there and typical how collabs did not get 2nd place the charity one but the non charity one with 2 same artists get it, like alo the Kunts never got in a mention for obvious reasons. 

The route taken

Once we got back, it was time to bathe the dog and then we all sat down to watch TV together and have some turkey chinese curry halfway through and then it was watching various films until 11:45 and typing this up, sure I got a text reply back around the 6:15 mark but then no reply after that. 

The leftover meal 

And so that was my christmas and it was a positive one, now its time to catch up from the end of the year review still and then the music video which will be tricky on what to choose. 

Happy Christmas, Kwanzaa and Stay safe