Friday, 1 July 2022

A June of catching up and news of a life change

 It doesn't seem like 3 weeks ago it was the second to last bank holiday of 2022 (Before Christmas), like time has fucking flown by and my god even in my sort of pathetic life it has felt things one after another in like 3 weeks and its time to catch up from where we left off on that day of the Monday after the bank holiday since June did have some things that were going to be a significant change or so I thought and maybe still it might be better in the year ahead but let's catch up....

The calling week and small stresses. 

Now it was the Tuesday night after the Jubliee bank holiday and well it was that really amazing but shocking feeling that this was happening, especially as she was wanting to have me visit her and to be fair looked still dreamy than when we spoke years ago. but that did spark a mind of maybe finally booking a holiday this year, with soon news that would end up shattering those ideas just yet. 

But then it was the Wednesday and it felt that bit nicer with more of a chat while repairing an iPad screen, and using the Tuzmi Stand from a supplier that is in stock at work, but it was nice to get to know her more and it made me feel I really need to start thinking and having feelings too. But work got in the way with phone calls so things had to end and well, we haven't had a call since :(.

Of course, there is the start of a potential back to making mistakes with caramel, which actually form the monday she was supposed to be coming down this area for the weekend to visit family and then we wanted to meet up, but Well it was not going to end like that for sure, but I'll spoil it when it comes to the next week. 

But as time and work progressed, it was things started to end up quieter and time to me was feeling so much more, ok visits were piling up which means it was going back to long days and it was coming to double visits and I was feeling that for sure, but in the terms of jobs to get sorted.  But there also was the time for it for a letter which was for the appointment of the urology team from Derriford. Which to be fair is scary for what time will come on that and the end time of it was a mini argument with mum about it, but at the end of the day with automated messages coming to the home number, it makes sense. But with that all going along, it was a nice time to be able to get some chicken tikka cooked which reminded me of the call from Tuesday where I was asked to make a video of eating something normal. 

The progress of the chicken 

The semi-finished product of it 

But as the weekend progressed, it was yet more work and even to the point it was going to be the first Sunday off in 2 weeks which before that was a really quiet Saturday to get things sorted out, like being able to clear some cabinets around to put a lego vader by the wall and also the Mario Strikers pos too, plus it was more desktops to sort and the first chance to get some accounts done since the weekend before. Plus parents bought in a sandwich and there was butter in it which means I couldn't really finish it once that taste of it happened. 

The pos laied out 

The sandwich 

But then it was online work to catch up with which then it was coming up to the later times of night being less and less, especially with me getting the chance to actually end up waking up to the cat meowing and then the dog wagging tail to then end up a walk at 4:30am, which actually was bright outside, like it was blue sky and even a bit of haze. I felt in a way, at peace with myself and things were looking up, but also there is rumours from hearing about Sister getting married next year which means it's going to be more stress to deal with and wanting to possible hire a +1 for the confidence to actually feel like someone outside of the family to be there for me and also give the feeling like I've got someone, or just leave the wedding partly through since if feels safer. 

The dog on the road 

The caption to say I've felt at peace

Then it was a case of then going to spend time with parents, which then lead to a bit of a Stressful event of actually going to Tesco to try to get some FireTV sticks but turns out Tesco in Woolwell didn't have any but then it was getting lunch. It was meant to be a chicken burger but since I asked for no butter, it was ending up having a big folder of the allergen information in meals due to the chef was not wanting to mess it up or make me ill so ended up going for chicken dippers in ketchup instead. Like it's then talking about getting a test to prove I'm lactose intolerant. 

After that, it was then time to get to browsing and well you know, work STILL has more things up my sleeve to end up being called on the phone, like laptop purchasing being undercut as fucking usual with mainstream to then actually seeing another customer which always goes through things and like always wants that advice from me but with how things go for him it doesn't go to plan. But then it comes to finally get to go home and it been one of those moments of being able to relax or so things go. Well until a phone call which basically implied that my sister;s wedding is around next year which I've already mentioned, this still continues while being messaged from a girl which that story is about to unfold. 

The Week of taking things easy ish. 

So its this second to third week in June, like it was the heat getting hit and miss with the weather finally feeling a bit more summery like. But it starts out with finding out from the messages. it Turns out that tight chance to meet that girl was very short lived and even to the fact she was in the spoons in tavi on the way back, that makes me really seem a bit of a 🚩🚩 and yet i even got a voucher before she came down so it just feels like repetition of the same type. My mind was starting to say it needs to move on from this since it might end up like alice again since there is a lot a bit of pity based happenings such as family and also even looking for work which I've heard it before. But it was also time to pay money into the bank for work and also keep it nice with a little lunch break. 

The lunch break on the Wednesday. 

As the days moved, on it was coming to mroe work and actually the nice weather and time to get some accounts sorted meant it was time to catch up on the final films from star wars after watching the end of obi-wan kenobi, which was good to borrow the Disney + for it. I managed to start the 1st 2 movies before the weekend was hit. And it was then time i ended up chatting to this really nice girl from the north  and was with a friend of the friend that sent me pics of his work colleague and actually it was soon to be the starter of a nice group chat but that comes later.. Plus hearing some things parents were saying were 

A Bottle of water 

But it was then coming up to a unique weekend which was more productive but also there was a potential scare in the air and working is going to be the hardest part to cope with it all.

The Productive all nighter-ish. 

So it ends up the Saturday. Well it was going to be another day of things to happen and the weather was getting a bit better but also the world was starting to feel it was getting into summer. Like it was getting nicer and the wind was there here and bits and the rain were held off. But after another long day of work, with 4G Broadband connections to set up and Sum up to talk about, was getting dropped the offer to then get the dog walked before it was the case of being able to make some food after some online work done, turns out I missed the memo that my parents were staying at my sister's that night. So it was a nice fried omelette of some fajita spices and some cereal as well. 

The mixed omelette with curly fries, beef crisps and some Ketchup with some potato salad as well

Then it was working online until actually, 3am or so since it was needed to catch up on things which means it will be  more money or so would be used., But what happens there is another story, instead, it was good to watch the last part of the Star was prequel trilogy while typing answers to chats and then heading off for the bed and fap. 

But then it was the morning and I woke up after a fap to then walk Rosie as per usual since yes it was farther day and the £30 two together railcard, which my mum did add some bits on top as well and one of my customers did give me a bottle of red wine so that was added in as well. 

The Fathers day presents 

So it was then time to catch up and actually make myself look somewhat normal and decent, since 2 weeks of no shaving, nearly 3 and it was taking its toll on me looking like a scruff. With the kettle boiled, it was time to get this sorted, this was a bit of time but finally got it sorted to look more me and I miss that from years ago, the style I tried. 

The before shave 

After the shave 

But then it was also getting back to get things back on track and this was back to cutting jeans which made it a good look and less chance to get things more trendy in some ways,. 

Before cutting 

After cutting 

So it then leads to getting more free time before parents come back, and hence it was time to get a review of a new product to finally get slurping and that my friend is icey

This has its good moments, some say it's a bit pointless but I can see the appeal and crowdfund means it is a niche idea as well. But it works fine. But it finally felt good to sort this out during the humid weather. 

The box 

The Glass and ICEY 

Before it goes in the freezer 

It goes into the freezer and then it was time to get things in order and well it was another dogwalk to keep going with how things felt good but also the times of change were soon to be happening, but for now it was a nicer selfie to be had on it. 

The selfie while walking 

But then i got home and my parents got home as well, which then it was time to catch up with them, which of course it decided for a bit of delay to get it further, which from the news later, it will be more time to get things sorted. 

the drink frozen 

 But once that was done it was then time to just catch up and relax for a bit to spend time, especially as the days to come were getting to be worse. 

Another Hot week for 

As the month was progressing it was more of the same visits, with the regular customers and also a new regular customer from a tablet sales. It was also strange from seeing a sign of a workshop in the night passing the way back from the 1st visit. 

This sign and toilets made little sense 

The way back was more tents from there and then the bike battery was literally cutting out as I got to this little mini hill JUST as my grandad called for some camera he wants to get set up for this memory or class event at this hotel in the town which was going to be on the HOTTEST day of the hottest week it's felt so far. But as I then cycled back to work, it was then to cash up on Monday since it's always been that case of it. But the chats with this girl were carrying on, it felt like it was losing speed and I was still on my mind about the other week with the call and miss that.

In between work, it was the case to text her and I did get a text back from her about coping with the heat.  But then that was my good excuse to pay in cash since the post office is getting better on Tuesdays since of the staffing incidents that post office has been dealing with. 

The bottle of water for the lunch while 

But then it was also to be a call, like turns out not 1 but 2 people wanting visits on the SAME street which got it fine, my mind was semi scared and it was right to be. But instead, it was hoping for that text back while I was on the way to a lidl shop. A late father's day present for my grandad was the £19.99 weather station. 

The bits and pieces from the shop, from mango sorbet to even laces 

But then it was time to get some extra bits from Tesco such as sauces since they can make it extra saucy for the food, later on, like literal sense. 

The Sauces for £4 

And then it was time to have a nice bit of meals to use some of those sauces in for sure. Like sometimes its nice for a mixed range of things. Plus those Witsits Steaks have been very good too,. 

The mixed chicken with beef rice, wotsits and even a sausage roll 

But alas it was going to be another week of visits and also the big appointment to supposed to happen. Alas, that is what was meant to be a post of its own but due to it not happening, well I'll explain it. 

The Appointment Call...That got cancelled but the news changes things. 

Well, it was Wednesday. (Actually, a week before this post got or was finished) and it was meant to be a call with the consultant regarding the foreskin and penis in the afternoon. But it was getting to be the busy day as it feels to end up being, So work was there and actually quieter around the mid-day mark until I got a call. Turns out the consultant was in an operation all day so had to cancel which meant to book it again for around the 13th of July, which I actually passed since it was the middle of the day and it could end up busier than the end of the day. Like the turn of events ended up that when the appointment was meant to be would end up being CANCELLED due to the fact I had a customer in until 5:15pm so that would have had it not happening so luck was on the side. But with that, it was then to come home. 

To come home to the news that shocked me and confirmed my worst fears was moving house, Well it means that is soon to be the end of not having to rely on long-distance, working bridges and even the fact It could be easier to sleep in the shop if it ends up a long night of visits or events like Goose Fair and Dickensian, Ok yes its also the point of things might need to change and it means the next year or months once moving are going to be VERY hard to cope and cause issues, I was trembling and even a week later as for sale signs go up, it still shakes now. 

So with that plaguing my mind and knowing I'll have to push myself even with the offering to have to take lifts more because of the 1 hr near 45 minutes distance on foot via roads which have been dangerous, even in pure daylight

With that to consume me, work was going to be tricky to cope with and this is where things GO downhill for me. Mistakes are made and this is how it goes. Especially when going to visits on just having to tell someone front USB ports on a case has become broken pretty much, 

Nerves and talks and the future. weekend. 

So wit that,. life had to semi-keep going which was tough and in the end, it was coming to day after day of getting jobs done small bits at a time, Glastonbury was around and also group chats were day to day along with still even a potential skype call which as we all expect things life that won't happen, I get things are tough but after feeding again and her wanting to skype but doesn't even add me, well its the confusion and mistakes I make yet again. The Saturday afternoon was chaotic when a customer comes in, RUDELY interrupts me while selling and set up a tablet to push her back to wait for 20 minutes then she comes in and wants me to manually add the same number as WhatsApp in iOS contacts. Taking 45 minutes, and FUCKNF DRINKING A CAN OF BEER due to her anxiety and begged me to let her drink it, I really should of marked to the cops as now fair playing they are. 

 But it was then also visiting to behold which means my mind is to get those sorted and its to cherish the getting around with my legs in that vibe. But it was also time to check out Morrisons after work for a change. Actually some good bargains were there. 

The bits and pieces, from the, went straight through chicken tika filler and chicken bacon pasta to the 4 packs of the Tango squeeze for £3.50 instead of £5 and having to ask flake 99 to be corrected at the till 

Which then it was nice to use that Katsu Curry to see how to make katsu curry nuggets which did really nicely too. 

The Katsu Chicken nuggets 

Then it was the weekend halfway about and well this was luckily going to be a time of getting to see.. nope it was family time. 

A visit to grandparents. 

As the Sunday morning was progressing, I was waking up in bed about the 8:30am mark, after working until 1am until 2, since its also been a bit of waking up at 4:30am from Finley being more vocal about his food, which has distorted me as well a fair bit now. Especially as my mind could not focus, even with typing this up until like 1am a few nights in a row. 

But I eventually fapped and woke up at 9:25am then it was to get some bits sorted off again walking Rosie on the field with the ball so I can finally get it sorted Like the weather was getting better and it was time to make the most of the field. 

Rosie in the field, this is something to reflect on when I will end up homesick in a new home

But then it was time to get home and get things changed and cleaned up, especially as it was soon to be visiting both granparens since things are that bit of chaos due to making sure they are ok and it seems like Grandad is starting to really show how things are getting bad for him, even worse than Nan which she seems to be more responsive than him, which is a really big worry and shame. But the plan for this is to be going to be picking up the Roast from the Voting tree and then having it over there. Which we left about 12:10 and then it was time to enjoy a drive to pick it up.  Dad mentioned the outdoor area in the voting tree which i remember since I parked the bike back in September. Eventually we got there. 

It was time to unload, but it was ALOT of cleaning up such as the plates to be washed and some bits to be cleaned as well. IT is one of the things that can be known with the stages of demtentia and motivation is a correlation for sure. But eventually it was time to dish up and enjoy . 

the £8.50 roast beef with potatoes, yorkshire pudding, carrots, parsnips

So we eat and listen to conversations, the meat was quite red and chewy which was a bit off but I've noticed its been like that for a long time even back in september. But thne it was helping grandad sort out photos on his ipad while dad was showing the new house to nan, my fists were shaking and legs were not as easy to cope with for sure. But then after a bit of that and checking things, were were leaving by 14:10 since both parents had eye tests and to be fair its been 4 years since getting an eye test on the one day I forgot my glassses on that day too. But that was the time to get myself to clean the bike for another long cycle tomorrow since the rumour of the rain was coming . Which Finley was out and about when it comes to being able to explore, he loves that. 

The cat and the bike

Now then then it comes to the bike beng cleaned wth that big of hot water being scrubbed and also some of the plugs were a bit dirty but it was slot the battery n just fine in this case it did not fit initially but didn't I  forget to angle in extras in. But it was then one test cycle then it was time to focus on typing this up to make sure I've got some catching up to do. Which this post especially, but it ended up having a nice tea of Roast chicken with some extras such as wraps and the extras go with it. 

The week of Mistakes

It certainly feels like the week of mistakes to be fair, which we start of the 1st day in visiting to Lydford, with the weather unsure, I was wanted to check if I needed a jumper or not or it, Which with a black one worn in its case, I left about 9:56 and then t was the first hour or so under due to making sure I could conserve Battery. The weather was nice and it was then 51 minutes or so before I managed to finally get to the first customer and that was a nice 2-hour stint which was on various topics such as national theatre and also even having to check some bits. 

But then it was a chance to take a potential shortcut to the road to Lydford and it was a muddy mistake, this slip road was steep and me slipping did not help it at all. But then it was the cycle to the second visit and this was on my mind of how much of an extra distance it was going to be, with the future. So it was to get there n about the 45 minutes mark to then get this form sorted Honestly, I knew I ended up fucking it up due to how my mind was worried about what could happen, which I was later to find out how bad the mistakes were, then it was that time to fill the other form and some smaller mistakes, and since of the rushing of it approaching 4pm, it was getting not late but a fair bit of time to get to the shop for more accounting to get done. 

Before that was done, it was nice to get a little or say expensive of a £5.50 coffee cake, like it was only 2 left, I was the only one in the shop, 2 blonde ladies were there too. Like sort of teen to early 20s, nice voice on one of them. But then it was time to get the bike ready and then cycle back. In the actually warm weather.

The coffee cake for £5.50

Preparing for the ride home

As cycling back,  it was me pondering about the distance I would face and saying if I ended up having to cycle to Okehampton for a visit, would it be quicker getting the train back than actually cycling and it was about 1 hour Longer which is a surprise of not as long as ii thought it was going to be. But worth it to know if things got really long to get home in the fucking dark which I know its going to be more and more of when it happens. Like 3:30 hours from Oke to gunni. 

But then it was about 5:30pm or so and I got back to work and got that sorted, to then cycle back up the hills to home, which actually the battery cut out and it was that last bit of a hill, like it always has to be, which ok the battery has lasted like not as long as it should be but it goes as it shows indeed. 

Eventually, I got home and it was a bit stressful since that vibe of not sure where I feel or if things are going to collapse But shake my leg and carry on with the normal and ate a nice bit of tacos for Dinner. Especially with the sign outside the house with it forsale this  house.... 

The beef with the tacos and the overdose of the salsa

The final days of the week

 In the last few days of June 2022, it was going to be trying to type this up in my spare time and dealing with work and also talking to myself to understand the consequences of how things are going to be, from being the choice to rng or run to the cycle in the dark or sleep in the shop for the long events like goose fair or been Dickensian. That might also mean its the arguments that come out. 

But we continue with the next day of one after another on calls and customers which was the juggle around which means more orders to deal with, especially as it means big ones to sort out and delay until the week of next if lucky. The Tuesday evened up pretty fun when getting the chance to flirt with a Scottish cutie teasing me when driving to the macices in Glasgow an a wooded lane to jiggle her belly. I mean on that sde of things its lucky to see legit girl that show a face and has that playful attitude, more so on Instagram then the sleep was needed to progress with another day. A Cookie is nice though. 

The Cookie and Ribena when attempting to pay money in via post office 

As the days went on, even ing visits sorted then ryzen 3 to continue some bits up to repair. But the Wednesday did not feel as quirt but it was slao another last-minute shop to Tesco and my good sauces where being read o the Korean bbw and even at tells me katsu kits are on offer with that run from work to there i might even miss that in the end.  Surw the group chat was busy from subway teasing to wingman approaches o dating. Plus a far few interesting messages from various girls in a good and bad sense. 

The shopping from Tesco 

So it then leads to how July is here and the nerves are kicking in, Anniversaries are happening, profile pictures of moving on and star wars clips info being laid while typing up. But the world is going to get worse and time to harden up and face those challenges that will be faced, Sure even selfies happen even when walking to deliver a printer but at the end of the day, things we will see how they turn out. Even with a girl offering to pay me to join her only fans like for real. 

See you soon