Friday, 22 July 2022

A Heated World carnival

 So then, it's this time of the year already and my god it's been a bit of stress for the past few weeks, at one point it's going to be that catchup but that might be in the coming week for the twitter anniversary of 13 years. But let's see how this has been. things are scary for next year, appointments got delayed and well, new friends that actually skype me for even an all nigher after the week of finding out news which could make me realise things might go to not so good in the future and well put myself in wayyyy over my head. But enjoy the vlog below: 

The Day Before: 

To be fair after the few weeks I'e had, it has been nice to finally take it easy while actually, I had a little favour called in which was good, but like it comes down to the part of well, taking the mind of things, the favours from getting this data recovery sorted to even get things sorted and some customers in and out, but the heat was also causing some choices to be talked on, but the chance to finally get to have a think on those is important. This was while me and the chap was eating snacks he got since he was having breakfast in Morrisons and picked up some bits. 

The Tango to have for lunch

The shortbread for lunch while some work to be done 

But as time progresses, work was ending and it was time to sort of end the day early like it was that time I could finally. oh wait, I ended up having to get the chance to have to check a Diagnostic on a desktop that literally came in the last minutes which basically meant I had to come home at like 7pm, which s fair and needs to be sorted with this machine, in terms of that will be to contact. 

But then it was time to get home and get some things sorted, with a nice bit of steak for tea to then end up getting the chance to have a walk with Rosie on the stream with a car drive. 

The meal from the Friday night 

But then it was to be later on and ends up  another skype call with someone which has been quite an every other day affair, like it was that heart to heart from such as food, some potential dates and even listening about her previous partner. But it feels nice that she can hang out with me, sure there is some lines being done but she doesn't show me them which is sometimes that nice part and its important to be open about it and there is a nice look to her as well.

But that call ended up stopping at 3am and then it was time to get to sleep to prepare for the big day of the Carnival. 

The Day of the Carnival. 

The Morning run past an awakening eco fest

So, it ends up waking up after the normal fap, especially with the long day that was going to happen. This starts off to become the normal run to work which was in the heat, with the glasses on, I ran to the meadows, to then start the vlog, which was to preview or a sneak peek of this Ecofest which had some of the tents that were being put up. 

The selfie before the vlog started 

As i walked past the tents, it was slowly having the stages set from the signs on the wall, southwest water trying to do their best to cover their reputation and well, that was about it. For some reason, the glasses did not show or record the footage which is a shame for it didn't show. But then I ran my way to work or more a light walk due to the heat. But then It got to the square and them the time to see what fun fair rides were going to be shown. A Ghost train and the Helter Skelter was a nice touch for this, even though it was less due to the street food fair in the Guildhall car park. 

The view of the street food fair 

The view of the fair 

Then it was a mini walk into work to then catch up on actually a quiet day. 

The Quiet day in work. 

To be fair it ended up dealing with a few things, 

  • No sales at all
  • a kid was playing fortnite on xcloud using my account for most of the day
  • A long chat about the values of SSDs
  • A kid came in asking for cuphead DLC on Switch without the £15 eshop card at like 6pm

Then it was heading to decide on my end on the packing up since I wanted to close between 6 and 6:30 to make sure I have time to cash up and also get the part of the accounts sorted but that ended up not going to plan. 

The Procession: 

So it was then nearing the 6:35 mark and it was time to make my way to view the floats and see what was going on, As i walked past the back of the market, the vintage cars were literally revving up and then going to drive in to make a show for sure. But then I found a place by the roundabout and then to finally get the filming down as it was very close to seeing the floats and also this car like drive up the road and having to turn around at the car park, that was funny in a way. 

The car driving up the road it seems. 

But then it was time for the floats and how it drives past me, the floats did seem varied by far and there was a bit of the usual vibe of recent global events mentioned and even it was showing the recent refugees as part of a float, I mean it's great but it does have a pity on that side. But some creative ideas and nonetheless nice to watch in the dry weather too. 

The  Cute float is nicely made 

More of the procession 

Delivery vans and more walking 


More of them 

More at the end of the Steam Rollers 

Then it was finally the end of the procession, it was then around the 7:14 mark which means it was time to think about making my way home. The clouds were getting very common and the temperate was dropping. 

The view of the crowds as the procession ended past here 

A browse of the square

So, this was then time to go to have a look at the stalls to see how nice they would end up being. Like it gives a massive crowd of various things, from neighbours handing me a dropped leaflet to then seeing the candy straws as well, which was nice. But it was a lot of crowds around, even though some were starting to move toward the end of the roads to then go to see the crowds on the road, then it was time for me to run back home since of the dog needed to be walked.

The crowds in there before leaving 

AS I was about to leave, there were some good stalls of like headbands on the road. But then 
I ran home. Which was only about the 15 minutes mark...

The time to go home. 

So I finally ran home and then it was time for Rosie to greet me which was nice, But it was then to walk her and reflect on what was going on since it was going to be a case of the parents going out for 2 meals, which is fine but soon I would have to run quite far when it comes to go home wit that choice that's been made by others. But I then got home and the phone rang, turns out my nan fell which means it was going to be tough to try to either call mum earlier form their evening, but 20 minutes after that call, they got home and I told them. This was when I finally was having tea which was just the small bun baps. 

A nice chicken and choco spread toasted bap

Then it was time to start to get some of the vlog editings which ended up being an attempt to then recovery some of the videos from the immortal glasses and finding out it did not film any part of the eco fest tents being put up. But it was also to get it sorted the day after. But taking the Portable screen home is such as a good idea for dual monitors on the go 

The editing at like 12am 


But then that concludes what is meant to be a decent weekend, but it actually turned out to be productive. On the personal side, things might end up deeper in the coming months, heck even this post was delayed due to events I've got to wait for the right time to talk about (Also no as a spoiler, it's not mean I've suddenly fulfilled any new years resolutions or suddenly got a partner) 

But for now, it's to cool off from the heatwave (I will post about it soon) and see what the future will hold for me from short events to potential things to deal with.