Saturday, 28 January 2012


So to be honest, this past week has not been the most interesting. If anything....i had to replace a hard drive for a friend of my mum's laptop on Tuesday, well collected the laptop and had a look, the hard drive was fried pretty much, wouldn't even spin and beeped three times. So ordered this exact drive from my work's supplier.

Paid around £65.77 or so for it (including VAT and £6.44 for delivery lol) and it came on Wednesday, that day i pretty much was awake at 11am then fapped for an hour. The dream was the same sort of dream with the girl i love and her best friend.

Anyways, after that and getting changed (was about 12pm), then a van arrived with the hard drive. signed for it and fitted it and installed it. Windows 7 installed (it was a Acer Extensa 5235, but the windows COA stick almost wiped off) so that took time to sort out (activation wise). That and was playing Sonic CD which i brought after i ordered the hard drive.

Thursday wasn't that busy to be fair, but near the end of the day, had to go to weir quay for helping set up a network for a set of holiday cottages near there. Took about two hours with me and my boss, since it was interesting that connecting two homeplug network adapters in different houses but were using the same electric circuit can alter the sockets supported after a powercut. Before i left though, i stared at the view from the cottages, it was beautiful and you could see the night sky and the lights of Saltash and Plymouth. Something inside really wants me to move to saltash, maybe it would help get a chance with Emma <3

Anyways. my boss dropped me in Bere alston since i had to visit my grandparents for tea. it was a tasty roast and my parents and grandparents were talking about the olden days when people use to WORK to earn money and saved up what they had. Which of course that isn't a tradition thats carried on at the current time. Then mum drove me in one car home while my dad drove in his car home.

Today, was pretty much.....well....quiet, nothing happened at all apart from leaving work early after taking a faulty ram stick (DDR2, 1GB, PC24200) out of a desktop and installing windows. Had a nice meal down the Copper Penny in Chipshop/Gulworthy. Very nice tika masala, had a nice, spicy kick. Enjoyed that then went home and edited the 5th world in the Scott Pilgrim Playthrough with Stephen Stills. Then typed this up....

Night since its getting late for me in the UK.