Friday, 3 February 2012

A video full week :)

Well this past week has been quite intresting. Lets Start then.....


Well had work and it was quite quiet. One annoying problem with a virus not making a keyboard work and these Dells had no PS/2 ports. So me and a colleauge attempted various fixes. Later, i had some lunch.
Then during the evening. i went out to browse some pubs, then it was boring and i was pretty much on a leather sofa checking the internet. Then i left and headed out to Jame Usill's house, i've been here a few times. Then the rest is featured below:
After i got home, had a nice sleep.

Later Sunday
i went Morrisons for lunch then to a shed to move a caravan and it was shit weather. Then arrived home and edited the vlog which is above.

So i woke up, had amazing dreams like i usually do. then ran to work. Was quiet but i did two home visits, one of which was to my sisters friend's mother's house. Then i think i was doing some editing and continuing with chapter 7 of my story.

Well boy this day was very productive. To be honest you might of seen whats happened already. These three Videos were made :)

Well that and in the end, i used eyecreate to record the shoutouts, but converting from a sony version of MPEG-4 to MOV is annoying. I did spam the cinamon video though. I don't regret doing that.

Another day off and recorded another video

That and had a creative lunch and playing Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.

Well this was a much less productive day. Work was slightly busy with various jobs. Had a good lunch. Then i had a home vist from 4:20 (happy #420) and i left there at 6pm. lol. Woke up late from a amazing sexual fantasy though. it was marrying the girl i love (she was around 42 stone then)

Today (Friday).
This day was much fresher start, however i think i have a bad cold arriving, since i have a runny nose. But work was busy then empty then packed out for the rest of the day then going over to a friends house to fit a replacement hdd that he had brought, turns out his fan was what was making the noise which made him think the hard drive was failing. in the end i brought it off him for £50 (which was the money used for a pressie :( ). then ran home (from redmoor close, in this freezing weather might i add) and there was a Chinese takeaway waiting for me and after 20 minutes, my plate become this Then had a bath and was eating some chips i forgot to eat during
Then after that, this was written :)

Thats all to say for now. See you next friday for a new post