Friday, 4 May 2012

Not much for a week, eh, well actually it was

Well this week has been .....

It was an alright day. Woke up, i think i fapped over the girl i love, i can't remember. But then got changed, ran to work. Chatted to my boss, told me he wanted one of his laptops reinstalled with Windows 7. So i started that, then my other boss arrived, chatted to him, and got advice on another laptop which had weird issues, like malware or hdd failure signs. But, later on, i brought lunch and it was a nice combo for £2.02.

Well a nice munch for £2.02 :-) naan  bread, sausage and a pa... on Twitpic
Well after noming on that, finished a reinstall and restored files back and installed programs that customer had before and installed windows on my bosses laptop. Then i had a customer just at the last 20 minutes and had to  rush helping him since my boss has a wedding anniversary to sort out. So ran home and then relaxed for pretty much the rest of the night and also enjoyed speaking to Bronti and Sasha on fb video chat (which was hardly working at times :@) but then also was doing some mixing in virtual DJ as well as getting macam to work properly on lion

well this is how bored i've been tonight lol  on Twitpic

Well this was a very quiet day, woke up around 11ish and then baked some brownies And these are the nice Brownies I baked earlier :-) on Twitpic
 and then was pretty much playing RR Unbounded most of the day. No phone call from my sister this time, but i did have a nice Casserole for lunch :)

Well a beef casserole with dumplings, beans, peas and potatoe... on Twitpic
that was pretty much what happened on sunday. But i did watch iron man and it was good and seems everyone was making chocolate brownies, from Emma <3, to another Emma whos blonde and has got a potiential figure and is nice to me mostly :)

Well it was a rainy day, i ran to work after getting changed and having a amazing dream of dating emma but having jess to guide me in the right direction and moves in with me and her and i find out shes jealous of me and her and so gains on pupose and then confesses her love for me. Well it was somthing along those lines.
Anyways got into work and had to cover for the start for an hour or so. It also seems that work wants to get into Model Railway stock and R/C stuff so both me and the other guy that i work with are quite happy about that (well me for the rail, him for the R/C), but looking at the hornby site and Peco site. Then i had lunch which was a small one, £1.36 :)

Well my lunch for today cost me £1.36. not too bad combo :-) on Twitpic
Then mostly tidying up and getting rid of old PC parts and cardboard from upstairs then having to check if a pc i reinstalled vista on was working since the person was panicing over something that never went wrong sooooo ??

Ran home and then played some PC games then some RR Unbounded and then started typing this up.

Well i accidently woke up late (11am) although the weather was really bad. Then for a change i decided to play some Point Blank 1, mostly the quest mode. Now theres not much or any footage of this so i might record a playthrough soon . That and my lunch was a nice chicken curry with rice and various extras :)
Well Chinese chicken curry, crisps, Ham, biscuits, Mayo, mang... on Twitpic
I did pause at various points to do chours, such as feeding the pond fish and putting the washing in the tumble dryer which was only short, quick jobs.
Then once my dad got back, i finished playing and switched to the PC for a bit, then the PS3.
When i was in bed though, my leg was itching badly and i mean like i couldn't actually get to sleep badly.

Well this was a casual day, i woke up around 9:30 and then checked e-mails then i played Point Blank Quest mode until about 12 ish then i cooked last nights tea leftovers for lunch with some extra things.
Well eating lunch outside and its a chilli with biscuits, May... on Twitpic
This was outside but was then too bright to watch my Youtube subscriptions. So i went to back to the kitchen and finished lunch and then continued Point Blank Quest until 3:30pm, since i finished it :)
Then i played some RR unbounded and created my first city, of course it had to be based on Plymouth lol.
Well been starting to make a  #rrunbounded city. Here's ... on Twitpic
That took about 4 hours work and then had a bath then went bed.

Well this was a quiet day, woke up, had a nice fantasy which is a exaggerated possibility of meeting emma out on bank holiday (or the sat night) this weekend. Luckily it finished quickly and i was out the door by about 9:35am. Got into work and ended up covering until 12ish then had to cover again until 2ish.  My lunch was quite interesting, only cost me 76p.
A nice bundle for £0.72. Trying to scrimp n save for this wee... on Twitpic
But while i was covering, it was nice to be talking to two nice white doves which are staying in one of the corridor's in my work :) I showed them the drawing i was doing for Nicola Boyer on Draw something on my andorid :) They were cute but it was like they were understanding me, or was that just my imagination :)
Well my life is not always the most social but being nice to ... on Twitpic
Then i had two home visits and ran home. The visits were not too hard, just a teaching someone how to backup and burn videos to DVD using Nero Vision 4. And then another home visit to someone to plug their laptop into a Sony TV and he was happy. Then ran home and relaxed and typed this up then had tea and then i went shopping with my mum in morrisons. Funny fact, i was actually not wearing a shirt, only a jumper, but it was still warm. Got various bits and pieces, then got home and unpacked it then watched The Dark Knight, on DVD. Then after that finished i listened to music and was missing Emma (child <3) then went to sleep.

Well my eyes were awake about 6:30am. Then fell back to sleep and eyes awoken at 8am then charged my ipod and snoozed then my alarm on my andorid happened. Then had a amazing dream of meeting Emma and Jess this weekend and waking up in emma's bed and then snuggled with her. Then woke up about 9:05am. After that got changed, tweeted to Bridie and then turned the router off then ran to work. When i arrived at 9:40ish, my boss told me about how a firm called Quantum PC Support ripped his mother in law off. £117 and made a hotmail account just to send an e-mail which says they allowed the company to do what they did and charge that amount. So i would SERIOUSLY be aware of any IT company that calls you.  If you go to them first, its ok for them to call you to let you know how your laptop/desktop is getting on.
Then after helping my work pal out with using wireshark to decryp WPA2 so he could learn how its done, i brought something i've  missed the tangy (non cheese) taste of and a bottle of water for £1.49 :)
Well here is my lunch for today, cost me £1.49 and not had th... on Twitpic
Then after two other jobs came in (Data from failing HDD recovery and software cleanup), i sorted them out ...well except the HDD was knackered and this was a laptop STILL in WARRANTY.
Then ran home and had a nice fish and chips for tea and then i helped my dad load the caravan. And while doing that, typing this up :)

But tomorrow and Sunday will be interesting, Keep an eye out for a special vlog. A vlog of when i go out to Plymouth on a night out, this will be my 3rd time and i'm unsure on how i'm getting home, what might happen, hopefully i might be able to feed a girl or even make out for the first time. But theres alot that might go wrong. I know i will have to run back from Plymouth to Tavistock. Yes i know i could get a taxi but um ££22 is a bit steep. its £15 if i run too woolwell, so i might considering staying the night at a local B&B then hang around plymouth for the whole day and either go out for bank holiday or stay at a girls house, Bridie, Bianca and Bronti i heard are free so i might offer then company.

But expect to see that vlog on my YT Channel as soon as i can get it edited and rendered, who knows, there might be some naughty scenes and i certainly won't be able to put it on Monetisation.

See Ya