Sunday, 30 December 2012

A Look back with the highlights of an average blogger

Well its the last time of a blog post this year. Its been an interesting year with doing things i've never thought i could do, meeting new people and getting to know some amazing one, going places that have been a new experience. This is a summary of some of the top moments this year, the best crazy attempts to try to get the girl i love, Who i've lost chances with, things i've never thought i would do and more.

So lets begin in January. 

Well its the start of 2012 and high hopes for me were here. Yes i was still looking for love back then when it was less than a month before that video when i lost the chance with Emma, although, this year she becomes a major important part of my life. Which you'll find out later. As well as this, my YouTube was around 60,000 total views which is very tiny. Also i still said then and i say again, "i''ve done things i would of never expected to do", which in this case was me swimming in a river and fistpumping to a amazing song and also coverage of Tavistock Goose fair in 2011. But at the end of that video i realise that i've lost chances with girls in 2011. Especially when i finally moved on from Abbey, who until December in 2011, i was in love with and would of done almost anything to be with, now i've found someone that can do the same thing in my heart and is also curvier which adds to the attraction. Enjoy the first vlog of 2012 below:

Afterwards it was quite calm but yet, knowing what my heart wanted was important, but i realised i made a stupid mistake. After asking two good friends of mine to join me for a meal out with Emma and one of her good mates, Bronti.

Now this was all thought about after i started writing an erotic Novel (Well actually its a short story) about a dream i had one night and it was really detailed and it pretty much summed up alot of things i would want to do if i was dating her. Ok yes, it is a "erotic" story so there were alot of sex references, such as how hard my cock was when watching her eat or seeing her walk, or the time i frigged her (put my fingers in her vagina if thats the meaning of frigged) when she was around 300lbs at her mate's flat in Bristol. If you want to read the Novel, click the image below.

Image Created by Josh Bullock

But around this time, the meeting up for that meal, never came to plan and shit went down, i ended up seeing both my mates when they walked past subway when i was having my lunch, funnily enough it was a salad from subway. 

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But then it turned nasty and one of my friends is the type of very argumentative person. Which caused massive fallouts with me and Emma. But i still have that last message before i lost the chance with her or to at least talk to her on FB, not that people would consider that important these days. But for the rest of the month i was finishing my Novel for a certain date which then, one of my Major plans to show her how much i love her and maybe let her know that i would do anything to be with her.

I did a night out vlog, ok it was my third night out vlog, but it was quite fun, i remember it was quite fun and the music was good and some of my old Tavistock college friends were in it. Enjoy it

But before i head off into more detail of the 2nd month. Enjoy one of my funniest videos to date according to various people. At a time the "Cinammon Challenge" was proving a popular fad. Even my mum and dad saw it but never told me they saw it but gave me hints they have seen it:

To February

Well this is one month that i've done the crasiest things and one of my plans i laid out and did. Now on that special day where apparently "Cupid" exists. VALENTINES DAY. Well this is where i finally did something and got a plan sorted and got it delivered. Now i still remeber being on the 10:40 83 bus from Tavistock to Plymouth, completely shaking and tweeting an old school friend about vaugley what i was doing. This was a nervous time. But i got off the bus at outland road, by morrisons. Then PELTED it to St Beaudoux to deliver  the present to Emma's work. Now this was something maybe a bit over the top, but it was the best thing i could think of.

A card with £250 cash and a 128mb stick with love songs from an iTunes Playlist (which i want to play if i'm making love or even making out with a girl) inside. 

I walked around in Lidl for a while over there to ease my nerves and do this, since its something that could go drastically wrong but it didn't. Then after that, i went there and delivered it to a slim, irish accented chap who worked there to give to her. Then i realised i finally did it, which afterwards i looked around some of the shops, went in co-op to browse and organise meeting one of her mates who i do like, Jess. Sadly nothing happened with meeting her, but i was yet to realise i will see her in many months to come. 
Funnily enough this was supposed to be my plan for that day:

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Also some extra ideas on my youtube. Now to explain this shortly. I'm being a sheep and copying Mugsey Grant, there is no lie about that. But to be fair, i decided to give my own "Twist" to it and make it more factory done style. But enjoy the playlist of all my Shoutout Videos to date:

Also i caught on to the best flash game series i have ever played. New York Shark by Mausland (Wiesi) now, recording a video of that on the day of release. Best idea i ever did for a views boost. Currently as of the date of this blog post, its at 29,830 views.

The 3rd month, March

Well this month was a not too bad a month for me. Times i was doing something new. For the first time ever, i decided to cycle to Plymouth and back. Now that was a great experience, as knackering as it was. Also it was the last batch of shoutouts being finished at that point which finalised everything up.  But also on the 2nd week, a new event happened which got people talking and a shitload of controversary and also the realisation of how gullible people will be. JOSEPH KONY. Now this of course caused alot of arguements and people thinking that thye could make a change out of something that wasn't actually happening at the time. But for more of this topic, your welcome to watch the vlog as a blog post for that week below:

Now some notes to add. On that day that video was made, some things happened, one was the nicest blog posts i've ever read about me, ok it might of been the only one but i would recommend you read it to sum my life until then up. That and the bad news was one girl that was pretty amazing and was friends with Jess started dating a guy. Not nice on a Bday but to this day, they are still hitched up, although they did split up for a week which was quite ideal, but i didn't do anything or make a move, something i might of regretted, but everyone has regrets.

Now later on i decided to fork out for something that i think was the best geeky decision i ever made.
" i went to CEX to buy a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 for £80 to boost my desktop up. Went in there, they were looking for it which made me panic over the fact that it was sold even though i showed them the stock check online. They found it, the cashier asked me about buying it and i said why and he said "you'll defiantly see a performance" which was all good." 
That was quoted from this blog post. Also remember when Game were in Administration, now they are back to normal as i remember. 

Now on the final days of March, it was the opening of a new complex in Plymouth. The Life Centre. Which i decided to have a swim in the new pool in there as part of a opening weekend. That was a good swim for £3.80.
With the weather being amazing in that week as well, i could say this was the nicest week in March in 2012. But looking back on it now. It was nice and i was lucky, of course some things my heart was missing but there was nothing else i could of done.

An average April

Now with my times in March over and done with, April was also having amazing weather. So i thought it was time to make a sequel to a vlog i did around this time in 2011. The water was freezing but it was a good fun and some nice experiences, espeically for many of my followers who are in Education, it was easter holidays/spring break. Also going swimming when shouting about the "Pasty Tax" and the "Fuel crisis", then trying to cross a river and helping my bike over, not good lol. But then it was walking one a bridge that i realise now is the best way to help me get to Plymouth quicker amazes me. Enjoy the vlog below:

Apart from that, i had to get my passport renewed since it was over a year out of date. Which was done pretty quickly and the Government services did help. With that sorted for £87. it could mean i was finally legal to go out. Which proved useful in the later months. That and i finally played Ridge Racer Unbounded. Now this was a game i originally hated since it was the typical fanboy way of acting, but as of playing it. Its quite fun, although not much reference to the original series, its a good RR Title.

The Mayhem in May

The time goes on and now in May, there are many things that happened. Which one shapes up Britain of years to come. 

But to start off with, BSkyB had been starting a cycling project which was to promote cycling in thje country, and as the worst luck would have it, My ipod touch broke, so on that day, my parents dropped me off by the Life Centre and i cycled to the Hoe where the event was happening. Along the way, i bought a ipod touch 4th gen 32GB for £155. which i use to this day. Its a shame that my old ipod died, but i had no choice if i wanted to get vlogs done. Especially when the vlogs i was doing this year i would never expect to be doing. But enjoy the vlog of me cycling on the GoSkyRide:

This was only just the beginning since another event of my life had happened. My sister was coming home from her 7 months working on a Royal Carribean Cruise Liner for the 2nd year in a row (Shes on the last months of her 3rd and final year as of this blog post). She was back the weekend after the cycling vlog. Which funnily enough, was a BANK HOLIDAY. So i decided to go out for both of those nights (The Saturday night and the Sunday night). Of course this was my first night on a Bank Holiday as well as my first time in Oceana. Which was fun, quite quiet but dancing with the girl i liked that i mentioned in March. Also it was the first time i almost ran from Oceana to Yelverton, but just before that, i did get picked up by the cops at 4am (When i got to the corner before Yelverton) one the Saturday night. Enjoy the vlog for Sat below and the blogpost for that weekend HERE.

The worst thing about this time was at that time, some shitty BT Engineer coincidently cut our phone line off for 8 weeks and the internet went off for a week, which is bad luck on the weekend i had to myself :@.

Now it was nice to finally see my sister again on the week after, times were good for a bit. Then it was the UK's Time to shine. It was time for Britain to show itself off to the world, with "London 2012". And the Olympic Torch had arrived in Cornwall and ready for its round trip across the UK. For its first day, the Torch was headed for Plymouth. Which was an experience i will not forget seeing. Enjoy the vlog for this Olympic Torch arrival:

And with that, May was almost over. Work was not too bad, everyone was in high spirits. Egypt's Election had the results declared.

A Sliced June

With June arriving, it was time that all of us in the Family, decide to go on holiday. The holiday went quite smoothly, until one of the days. The accident happened and i sliced my right ankle. Even to this day it still hurts but not as bad it was then. It was still a problem getting around and it did take weeks to heel. But if ou want to Read up on the places i've went that week. You can read about it by clicking the picture below:

As well as this, i arrived home and there was an extra celebration. The reason was because of  The Queens Diamond Jubilee, with everything related to that. A vlog happened to showcasse the event that was happening in the Tavistock Meadows. And also Emma was working and me being the stupid twit i am, went looking for her, only to find i didn't know where she worked, which running around Tavistock in less than a week i sliced my ankle, is a bad idea. But enjoy the vlog below:

The planned love of July

With July arriving, it was an important time ahead, it was Jess'es 18th Birthday and i remember when i decided to get her a little something for it. A ipod touch and a box of chocolates. Now that isn't much but it still is something meaningful and important to me and also she broke her iphone so it was a cute excuse to attempt to make her happy by letting her use imessage on the ipod i bought her :) More info on this is here. 

Also on this month was a month where i redid an experiment of how many times my D says hi. Now working it out from the averages. I had 4 times per day. Which isn't too bad but then thats just my frustration in life. 
But after this was the Tavistock Carnival, with the celebration being of Great Britain, and also you get to see one of the olympic Teams that stayed in Tavistock until the Olympics started in this vlog.

But on the day before that, was a 3 year anniversary on Twitter. That sounds sad, but for me, that was an important moment. Since that twitter account marks the day i stopped depression gettting the better of me when i lost my heart's chance with Abbey. I won't go into detail about that here. But enjoy the vlog to mark the occasion:

An august of Sushi and Clubbing.

With August its a shorter story to tell. But with a nice two weeks with me and my sister. It was nice to spend quality time with her. At the first week, it was a nice night of clubbing. Not as entertaining as the other nights out but the blog post can be found HERE and the vlog of that night out below:

But it was also nice to enjoy my first Sushi Experience  with Yo Sushi opening a location in Plymouth, it was a good time for me and my sister to enjoy it. Okay she did nag with buying trendier clothes and Emma called during it which makes it awkward but then its nice that she called. Enjoy the video of me trying a meal from there below:

Also on some point, i went to Plymouth on a day out and i met up with some of Emma's Friends, one that are mostly nice to me. One the way back i met up with a girl that was pretty sexy called Sophie. We chatted and browsed co-op in Crownhill and i also got given her mate (Kyla's) mobile number. At one night me and soph has facetime sex. Which was pretty amazing and i was up until 3am with that. Really good with her fake orgasming.

The Deepest September

With the summer almost finished. This was a important summer. With my Sister's boyfriend from chigago moving over and also making friends with an amazing, kind girl i met in Subway once called Emma. This month is a deep month. 
So i'll begin by noting early in the month, i applied for a position in the Apple Store, out of 700 applicants, i got to the stage of the Hiring event, yes i was the youngest there. But that was alot of fun, but i didn't get to the next stage i'm afraid. 

That and it was Emma's 21st which i went all out (actually i spend £130, 120 less than i did on valentine's day) to make a good present out of that. It was something of joy and effort i made to try to get a chance with a beautiful i'm in love with. There is alot to say here, but you can read the blogpost of that week by clicking on the picture of what i bought Emma below:

Also the Grenofen tunnel is finally open which means its much quicker for me to cycle to Plymouth now. Especially with the Grenofen Tunnel opening. That will and has made it easier for me. Takes 2 hours to cycle in now, even quicker if i decide to cycle on the main A386 to get to Plymouth. Also speaking of cycling. I enjoyed sitting on the floor and vlogging the Cyclist blast through Tavistock on the Tour Of Britain. 

Also my sister left for her 3rd year of working on Royal Carribean. One the weekend she left, i decided to have yet another night out. Enjoy this one, some sexy ladies (two were plump or borderline bbw) were chatting to me in union rooms and also someone that used to take the piss out of me in crappy city plym but also has a weakness for food hugged me in oceana. The vlog is below:

#October, #Funfair, #Instagram, #HeySexyLady 

Well as you can tell. This was the month i finally was using Instagram. That shit picture hosting service owned  by FB for $1 Billion. So i signed up and realised it was not too bad. ok i did get about 70 followers before my account got banned.
 But it was fun while it lasted. Anyways with the week before  I bought a £25 giftcard for Topshop for the girl i started getting to know more's  and was nice to me. She really appreciated it for her 17th birthday which is a nice sign for me i'm doing something right in this quest for love As of now shes single and i have had dreams about me and her, but its just a dream with no solution. But also a new dance craze was dominating the world and as of now is the highest viewed song on YouTube. Below is me dancing to it:

Sadly this month I lost any hope with a old school friend who was a gorgeous blonde with a amazing size but basically she got knocked up :(. As with anything. There has been a surge of broodiness and people being knocked up and it was getting personal now. So i finally said my goodbye's after one final fantasy over her. 

And with that said. Tavistock Goose Fair was here. It was a good one, met a few people i knew, the weather held up and also i used blogTV on the go for the first time to make a vlog. But if you want to catch up on what happend that amazing week. Go HERE. But for the main vlog, enjoy it below:

Well after Goose fair, times were back to normal, but times were interesting, especially when i decided to do more shoutouts. With the next 19 done as of this date. Things were looking up. My heart was still in love with Emma and also i paid for me first cam session with a girl named paige. Now this may make maybe regret paying £15 for an hour when it was actually crap and boring. Sure it was paige and her mate kyla eating but it wasn't as good as in August when i had amazing faceitme sex with her mate called Sophie.

The Naughty Novemmber

With the 11'th month arriving its been a quiet month, although with not one but 2 firework displays i went to this year, it was ideal :). It was a short display but it was really nice to cycle in there straight after work for the first time ever. ok i did break my front like but now i fixed that using elastic bands :) Enjoy the vlog.

Apart from the fireworks. times were ok, i started using and it helped me get to know 2 beautiful girls: Ashleigh and Phoebe. ones a cheerleader too lol, unusual combo for a feeder and a cheerleader. Nevertheless it was nice to learn some things, where they work and other intresting things. Note, it took about 3 weeks before Ashleigh was single then hitched up to a drummer.

Everything else was going ok, mostly missing Emma, realising another girl i used to get to know getting knocked up which did make me a bit saddened. But it was leading up to a plan to try my last chance this year which happened in December.

The Almighty Decemeber

With everything thats happened over these 12  months have led up to this. 
December started out really well and has been a good month with doing things i've wanted to, attempting to give one last shot to try to get a girlfriend this year. 

We start out with Dickensian, now that was a nice Christmassy feel to a guy that wasn't interested in Christmas this year. With the amazing smells, playing tokyo Jungle in work. It was a time of joy to a degree. The vlog includes what was around and also saying about my first fillipino takeaway expirence:

Of course times were cold and the weather getting worse and worse. But it was time to do something i always wanted, so i drank a tub of Chinese BBQ sauce. And then watched some new movies online. But it wasn't as bad as i thought it was. So enjoy the clip of me drinking it:

But after that it was the preperation for Christmas and also my last plan to try to get a girl this year went into action. People will probably say its a stupid idea but something's you do have to risk if you want to become happy with an amazing person like Emma, Jess, Sophie H, Ashleigh or Phoebe.. For more info what was done. click on the image of the cards for each of them:
But before i go into Christmas, one of the best things i've wanted to do was finally done. Actually there was two things. 1st off was buying a video clip from a BBW's Clips4sale for the first time. Costing me £3.91 for a 6 minute clip is good value and 2nd but related to a degree...Feed a girl cake:

Birthday Cake feeding by omracerfaps

Then it was a not too bad Christmas, with some good moments, interesting presents, food that could make a girl bust of her clothes (wish i could of done that to a girl in 2012 though) and warm family moments. With alot of things to describe. The link you to the blog post of what happened to me this Christmas is HERE. But nothing is complete than a guy in a onesie shouting merry christmas on a muddy footpath :D.

The last thoughts:

So that sums up 2012 in as much detail as i remember. I hope its been a good year for you. I know I've lost chances with girls I've known for years and girls I've known for weeks on-line  But its been a overall average year. Maybe i didn't get things i wanted to done, but i've become stronger inside and next year maybe plans for revenge and love. But I'll type a blog post of the New Year Resolutions up on the 2nd of Jan at the latest. But for now.


See you in the New Year