Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tavistock Goose Fair 2013: Live from the Tuesday Night - The Extra detail

Well its this time of year again, with October in the now. Its the time of the fun of the fair. As, always, I will try to keep coverage of it for you. 
I could start from the beginning of the day, but the main jist of it was I went over to my grandmother's house and spent some time with them, caught the bus to theirs for £3.30 and helped my granddad out with my old GoTab Gbt740rs which I gave him and he loves it. Also Chromecast was a bitch to setup although me, my granddad and my nan watched a 28 minute documentary of The independence of the seas which my sister used to work on last year while eating a roast dinner.

The Roast Pork Chops i had for lunch at my nans earlier

Then I got home at 2pm and was doing some capture testing and refreshing my FB and twitter cover photos as well as my YT page, that was until 6:30 when I had tea. I'll just upload the updated images if people don't see them at all, its basically a far shot looking towards the fair, i used last years on since i was lazy. 
The Twitter and Facebook cover, it replaces the pony with my snapchat and my instagram

The Youtube Cosmic Panda All in one type picture, i decided to keep everything the same while just changing the background

The arrival to the damp fairground...

Then it was about 7:15, I got changed then ran down to the car park and then walked around, took some pics and then decided to live stream on Ustream. It was funny since just as I set the even up, I randomly got a 30 day trial of Ustream PRO. The video of the stream is below,

 It was quite quiet around and I did see a few people, like an  ex crush who's now engaged :(. she asked how I was and vice versa, she did look more beautiful than I saw her last but alas, as the saying goes "the ship set sail ages ago", then more walking around. I ended up talking to her sister with a friend of hers and a guy i knew, we chatted about things, heck, saffie wanted me to make a video about her, but i'll just add her to a shoutout video later on.

I decided to walk to the square to check out if any new rides have appeared. But evolution and sizzler are in the same places as last year. Then I walked to the toilet and then some people i knew asked me to pop over then mentioned that one of the girls there wanted feeding and then it was more sex related questions, like if "i wanted to feed her, is she hot, whats my dream girl weight" which wasn't too bad the wanted me to show them some of the pics in my bbw porn collection.
Looking towards the Square near Bedford Hotel

Then i walked back into the fair and looked around some more, it was nearing 9pm and the eastern side of the carpark was closing up for the night, so it was mostly walking around the centre. But i decided to head out through the main entrance then some friends of a friend i know were out and we chatted, it felt awkward due to the 4 year age gap but one of the girls called chloe was really really interested in my preference, like facinates her from what it felt like, one of the other girls mentioned about wanting to get high by the bandstand and doing an all nighter, which made me have a awkward laugh in my head.

Then i walked through the street, a guy ramdomly asked me how long the stretch of road was and i pointed towards the statue on the west side of Tavi. Then he said "ah right, cheers" then we walked off, then i started pelting it up the hill, then looked back on the view of the fair, actually the same way i ran to it. Then ran home and typed this up. Now i won't say much else, except enjoy the pics i took of tonight:

Tuson Evan's Typhoon, i've been told that it has been redone, which you can see has had some work done to the booth

Laser Dome Waltzer

A New one this year Terminator, now this Miami doe pay homage to Terminator 3. If you notice the chick on centre right

Typhoon again - All lit, i'm not sure why its blurry but i'll get better pics soon

A New ride completly that i've never seen before. Toco Loco. its basically a Bullride type 

Energy Rush Returns, although some bulbs are missing on the title still. Also to the right is the Standard Terminator. Oh hello Christian bale is what some girls might say, or is that for tom hardy, ah, mostly for tom hardy

Freddy's Revenge returns, Looking fresh and scary with the artwork. 

David Rolands Rock n Roll Dodgems, still here and looking in its good condition, also the pay booth looks more retro 80s which is nice, neon lightng can be good :)

A new ride for this year. XLR8, a boost on the opposite end and just very close to the Ghost Train, this was featured at one of the Plym Firework festivals on the hoe i think

Shane Rowlands Sizzler had a redesing, looks very nice, in the spot that Typhoon used to be in

Hellraiser - Still looking the same but feels like a repaint which gives a fresher look.

XLR8 using the iphone style way of filming, well it does have its uses

A clip of XLR8 in action, actually here it looks like a crappy gif, also notice the reflection just hanging by lighting, thats probably from the place i taken this clip, since it was near a sign which might be relflecting
A view of the Fair from a viewpoint, near monskmead, this was zoomed in, which is why it does look poor quality. 

So thats the tale for the beginning. Now i need to get to sleep and fap since a man has to cover his needs, well i'm nearly a man but socially i'm far behind, which is still for me to sort out my new years resolutions to keep on track with. But anyways expect a blogpost with a summary of the day and night at one point tomorrow or thursday, as well as the vlogs, which will take longer due to effort and no fibre until 2014 :@.