Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Cold and Calm Dickensian

Well with the last weekend of December about to happen, its time for Dickensian. Well this is the start of the Christmas period, for Tavistock at least. But it was a long day at work, more of the the cleaning and preperation for the night.

As i woke up, after fapping over emma, i decided to get up and then prepare everything i needed. I did technically pack my PS3 and things the night before. At this point, i decided to also get changed and make some makeup to make me look more like a chimmey sweep. This was getting a piece of coal and rubbing it on my cheeks, i kid you not. But its more of a chance to look better than last year, i think and others said it had, so i'm proud.
The selfie before i left work, with the coal visible on my cheeks
After that, it was packing up my TV in the Hall, which is also my monitor, as well as the Vita TV and Chromecast. Then i started to leave for work, i started the vlog at this point, well because i felt like it should of started, since it was a busy day for me, well long more than busy.
The bag with what i needed before i left, including PS3, PS Move, Sorcery, Charging Station, PS Vita TV, Chromecast,19" TV and 2 Dualshock 3.
The run to work was almost difficult, since the rucksack was falling off, but i made it in about 13 or so minutes. Then i got into work and the day started off quiet, and it was mostly quiet. Various bits of preperation, booking cables and laptops into the till, selling the little things and being fascinated with some Bluetooth Speakers that one of our local suppliers stocks. Made by Sumvision, its called PSYC. Nice red packaging and all. But that was mostly the day done.

Setting up the Consoles and Part of the Entertainment for the night. 

Later on, the day was passing by and it was nearing 5:30, so i decided to venture off to buy my dinner for tonight. Now last year i had some food from a Filipino cafe and this year, the same place was re-opened. So i decided to try some. I went in and it was £6 for a takeaway in a box. You could choose up to 4 course, and i chose the following:

  • Chicken Soup (Chicken and rice in a sauce)
  • Chicken Curry
  • Noodles
  • Beef steaks
And that is £6 and i added a nice can of 7up as my free drink, then i rushed over to the Chinese takeout i like, ordered 3 things which arrived to the cost of £5.70. Then after waiting about 15 minutes, i collected it and ran back to work to eat it. After getting back, my bosses joking about me not sharing, i went up and started eating it. I'm not going to lie, most of it was tasty, although i might of ordered too much and got full halfway through eating it:
My meal i ordered, filled out the whole tub almost :) Cost me £11.70 for all of this.
Then once that was partly finished, i turned on the consoles and starting enjoy some vita, i was trying chromecast but it couldn't pick up works router, then it was playing LocoRoco Midnight Carnival while watching customers play Sorcery, some girls were playing it, it was not too bad. Then it came to 7:40

By this time, i was almost finished with talking to some customers about pairing the PSYC speakers to someones iphone and the customer has trouble hearing on the phone, so she bought them and the husband was worried they might not be loud enough. But shortly after that, i walked around town for a bit:

This was quite a short walk around, some morris dancers, some orchestras and various BBQ stands, in late November lol. But then i walked my way back, strolling in the market, various traders were dressed up. I even saw Child of Eden, sealed for £8, i might get that soon. Then it was time to head back to work.

It was calmer when i got back, i did chat with a customer and they might want to have me give them a lesson for the usual £15 per hour, they might even drive me to ivybridge and back. But then after chatting about his IT problems for 20 minutes, it was more time to experiment with the content manager and explorer the PS Store, i did find some demos but it was nearing 8:30 when it was getting quiet and time to pack up. 

After taking an hour to pack up and also help my boss load things into his car, i decided to wander around for the last bit to see before i headed home, there wasn't anything important, but i did take a piss. Then i ran home. I left my stuff at work, i could show it off tomorrow. Just to get more footfall into the store. 
Then as i got home, and getting relaxed, the cat whines and i let him out, get a drink.

So that concludes Dickensian evening for me. It was a good night and i did like it, sure i would of liked to be with someone special like emma for it but i get to prove how much she means to me soon, well partly not prove, but christmas time and all. For now, expect the next blogpost to be up on the 9th December or the week after. When presents for loved girls will be bought.