Thursday, 26 December 2013

The onesie festivities begin (Christmas Day 2013)

Well this is now the 2nd part of the christmas trilogy begins. This is where the main event begins, over 2 months of consumerism has lead to thisdo, many of you have already enjoyed your presents, gotten things from loved one, enjoyed Doctor Who as well as other films that have been on for the festive day. The weather has been content and the fire is going as i type this. Lets begin.

The morning of a plan gone wrong. 

So, i did kind of sleep with my phone and wifi on this morning, when the first alarm at 8am, as i usally do, was off, i was in shock that it was 7% battery, but considering the phone was at 35% when i slept, it wasn't too bad. But i went back to sleep and put in on charge until the 9am alarm went off, by then it was at 40% battery. So i woke up, chatted with the cat and was close to getting out to get the video done. But alas, i missed that chance to :@. 

The kitchen prepped up, for the meal, with crackers, a nice cloth and more. 
Then it ended up checking e-mails. I got given 3 nice codes from Sony. One for a two month trial of Music Unlimited which i did give my sister but she didn't want to put her card info when i redeemed the voucher on her SEN account, another i did a giveaway on twitter and a nice chap thanked me for a 60% off the Sly Trilogy, which i wasn't into, but no thank you from someone who might of used the Singstar code i tweeted. But i got a cool mini which was a quick skater game. I took about 1 hour to finish it, with it paused on an off. But it was a fucking annoying and a shame i didn't get a video up for you. That i do apologise for.  But it was also preparing for the meal later on. With the table laid and the presents in the lounge, since the tree had to be in the hall because of the kitten.
The Presents in the lounge
Then it was a nice hour of watching Chicken Run and reminiscing on the film while typing this up. It was also quite interesting to see my grandparents when they arrived about 12:30. Then it was nice to talke with my grandad and he now wants a cheap Smart TV box, which he was interested in the new NOW TV Box but it doesn't include Youtube, i was thinking a chromecast but he wanted BBC iplayer, so i'm thinking of using an old android tablet. But then it was time for the Main Christmas meal. 

The tasty meal that never felt full.

Now it was time to enjoy the meal, everyone was sat at the table, i ended up bringing the chair from the hallway and then it was time to indulge. The food was amazing, with Brussels sprouts, lush gravy, turkey (bred in paington), Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Parsnips and Pigs in blankets, although there wasn't much of them. I did have 2 portions this year which was worth it. 
The first portion of the roast, which looked delicious and was a nice start to the christmas festivities. 
Then i was looking at a clean plate after about 20 minutes of eating while listening in to conversations more or less with my nan and her events that she went to last week, which was fine. My mum and sister ended up giving me their leftovers which was a nice satisfaction after the first portion above. 
The 2nd portion, which included leftovers from both my mum and sister as well as freshly hot roast potatoes. 
Then it was more chatting and after relaxing for 5 minutes, with checking the usual twitter and instagram feeds and the Desert was the next thing on the menu. A smooth, rich, deep, sinking feeling for a Chocolate Pudding. I could of eaten the whole tub to be fair, even maybe bought me and emma a tub for us each to indlugle and even romance in (But i was with my family instead, which was ok but i felt eeary). I quickly at the pudding, which i only had a small portion, but by this time i was in a comfortably full position, then it was relaxing it off on the sofa, for a short while, before the time for presents was upon us. 
The small part of an amazing chocolate pudding i had.

The session of giving and receiving.

This was the part of the story where you finally find out what people and loved ones have bought you. This was the same thing, so after settling down. My sister decided to give out the presents. First off it was the ones from me to Dad, Mum and her. They liked it to a degree, ok i was supposed to get a leather case for my sister's iphone 5, but from a small asian franchise, it was the best i could do. My mum liked hers and it was well worth trying, but the primark voucher was a nice finishing. Dad liked the B&Q voucher, i nearly forgot how much i put on it, but after checking my card, it was £20. It was annoying that my nan was quoting the vlog i did for buying the gifts (except censoring out the swear bits). But it was interesting to see what everyone had. There is a fair amount, but the best one in all was the fact my mum bought "Fifty Sheds Damper" for my dad, he was a bit unsure but laughing at the same time, since it can be taken in both the eroitic and normal way, which is why its become very popular.

Now to cut the boring bits, i'm just to add the pics of what i got this year below, then i'll bullet point and possibly add amazon links if you are interested to buy it yourself
My sister gave me this card

Lynx Attract boxset from my sister.  Funny that there are two customer service lines i can call. it even gives the impression that if you DON'T get a girl after wearing this (say on a night out) they can help you out. Well that number might be called somepoint next year. My dad also got one.

A Wolf Onesie which was also from my sister.

A Blue Fleece jumper from my parents

Some mid priced black jeans from my parents

A Mantaray Blue Hoodie from my Parents.

Some Lonsdale Black Velcro Trainers from my parents. . This was bought when we went to exeter.

Some Lonsdale White Velcro Trainers from my parentsThis was bought when we went to exeter.

Some Boot Socks and 5 pants to wear from my parents. This was from Primark

Some Craighopper waterproof type jeans from my sister. These felt odd and baggy as well  as i always have a unwritten rule, which is to only wear jeans outside the house in public. 

A waterproof case for a iPhone 4 and a Spoke Wheel light for my bike wheel from my sister. Now i did try to fit my Zopo ZP810 into it and it just about fitted if i didn't actually lock the thing, so i might have to swap it when i next go into Plymouth. 

Some Work socks from my Grandparents, these are supposed to be more comfortable 

Some cheap deodorant from my Grandparents  

Some Soap in the shape of a Garden Gnome from my parents. As i opened this, people laughed slightly, more about the fact i'm not that hygineic. 

This was some of the cash i got as well. £60 from my auntie in london and £100 from my Grandparents (who came over), i did get £50 from my other Grandparents who i will be seeing tomorrow. 

After that it was more chatting and various things before my grandparents left it. For some reason, everyone was making jokes about me having a girlfriend. It was even annoying when my Nan said "if you do have a girlfriend, make sure you show her to us", which made me realize that when she laughed at the fact i liked some bbw softcore stuff on Youtube, its making me realize that i'm certainly not going to, since i'm not having her embarrassed because your going to laugh at something which makes me really physically attracted to her. Then it was nice to say our goodbyes and then relax on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon.

A nice glass of J20 after the presents. 

The quiet and relaxing TV evening.

With everyone back in the lounge and all of us relaxed and somewhat happy with the presents we had. The afternoon was nice and watching Tangled on ITV 1. Now this is a network premire and even though we nearly changed to something, else i luckily got the chance to watch it. I'm not going to lie, its a funny and romantic film, its shows Disney's internal animators perfecting the pixar style but with more fantasy than realism, but its tradition that Disney films are shown over these Holidays, heck they even have a PDF of a TV guide of whats on and where  (For Non Sky Customers by the way). I also tried out my Wolf onesie and it was REALLY baggy but quite nice to wear. You can see how it looks on my face below:
Me wearing the Wolf onesie
After Tangled, it was some of the Carry on films as well as the Queens speech. Which i'm not going to lie, it was terrible and spouted the same relgious type crap. Even my mum didn't like it and she always watched the speech. 

Then Ghostbusters was on, since my sister hasn't seen it for years. Even though I had watched a few Sunday's ago on Channel 5 or 5*. Then it was time to get some dinner, i was feeling quite hungry at the time, and i did quickly type some more of this up since it was really hot in the lounge, even the PS3 was starting to sound like a jet taking off since it gets hotter, even with a USB stand from poundland underneath. But mother prepared the table for the post Christmas day buffet and it was then time to enjoy it, by this time it was nearing 7:10pm. 

Just a small buffet for the family. Including roast Turkey, Gammon, Stuffing, Cheese, Crisps, Sweet silverskins, Carrots, Salad cream, Sweet Chilli. I was also making my meal (on the left)
My tea for that night

Then it was watching some Youtube Subscriptions while eating my tea, more +1 Int as well as communitychannel's new video out, but i finished it in about 10 minutes, with of course, 10 minutes before the Christmas Episode of Doctor Who was on TV. . Now i didn't mind the episode, but everyone else said that its lost its way and my sister said it was "depressing", but its a very different side i would see to the Doctor, which afterward most people moaned that an old guy is becoming the new doctor. But meh, i'll see what happens. After that, my dad wasn't feeling too good and went to sleep, so  it was a nice time watching Raiders of the lost ark until i had a bath. Which was much hotter than other baths i've had recently.
Watching raider of the lost ark on BBC3 with some Green LED's around the TV

A nice but small bath, ready for me to get into. 
 Then it was nice to get out, and pretty much say goodnight to everyone else and finish this off, while watching various videos, like a level of Every Extend Extra which is just amazing but i will never be able to unlock since i'm not that good on the game.

But basically, i hope everyone enjoyed their christmas and the final of the trilogy will be up tomorrow or Friday. Then its working on the review of the year blogpost, which i'm 1/4 of the way through, but i also have a fist pumping video as well as a review of the year video to make. Also my search for love might be seeing the hardest it feels in a while with many couples being loved up and even countless people proposing, which makes me feeling more than left behind now. But i'll rant about that on the review post.

For now, Enjoy boxing day and i'll guide you on that, unlucky if you are working tomorrow.