Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Christmas shopping trip for a 23rd Birthday.

So in exactly 2 weeks time, its christmas eve. Time has gone fast and well its my sister's birthday. For this, she wanted to go to exeter shopping, luckily it was my day off work and although its been a long case of Delivering leaflets to various locations around tavistock. The night before, i did a nice 2 hours of delivery around Boughthaytes and near my estates, i started at 5:45pm and finished at 7:38pm, i was knackered out. The route (which looks odd according to the map below) was a short one but that was at least 200 houses.

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That and i'm nearly finished on writing my 2nd Novel, which is a mini story within the period the 1st novel was set in. Heres a sneak peek at the most recent addition to it:
The preview of the next novel i'm working on.

But now its about today.

So it was around 8am. The usual alarm went off which i usually think of as a reminder to get up soon, not at that moment. But after that, it was the usual checking tweets, social media updates and other extras before fapping. IT WAS REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING THAT THE REST OF MY FAMILY KEPT TRYING TO WAKE ME UP BY BANGING ON THE DOOR AND EVEN OPENING IT WHILE I WAS FAPPING. I mean the girl i was fapping over has amazing, soft cheeks but itsn't that big which means its more effort. But after dealing with that, i was up about 9:12am.

After which, i got up, went for a piss, ate the lastest day out of the advent calendar i had been given this year, got changed, changed the battery in my phone then we all headed off in my sisters car to exeter. The journey there was quite quiet and various chatting, listening to old school tunes (not literally, more like old chart music) then we got to Matford Park and ride. After about 15 minutes trying to find a parking space, we found one or even loads in the overflow carpark opposite the main car park. Then we got out and made our way to the bus stop. Just as we got there, the buss arrived, then it was a simple case of getting on, dad paid £5.70 for a group return, that is pretty impressive since the park and ride is on the west side of Marsh Barton. The bus journey was quite calm although the bus was packed, even my music was louder than the bus, oddly enough. 15 minutes later and we got into town, near the Weatherspoons that i had lunch back in August. Then made our way up into the centre.  Along the way, i saw various sights, from musicioans to a small memorial to Nelson Mandela.
Some Musicians playing in Victorian costumes

A Memorial to Nelson Mandela

Looking towards Princesshay from the high street.
On our way, we popped into Sports direct which had some expensive shoes, after looking for some for me and some for my sis, it was about an hour we spent in there, as well as £103 spent out as well as some jumpers.

After looking around, everyone (including me to a slight degree) was thirsty and hungry, so we walked to a local costa. The queue was almost out of the door but after a short wait, everyone got their order. Gingerbread Latte, Orginal Icy leomonade, a coffee and an iced red berry smoothie and a few small cakes. It was tasty, of course knowing the prices in costa, it was nearly £15 just for what we had. But it was nice for a quick brunch anyway.
A small brunch at costa. An ice red berry smoothie and a small chocolate slice with nuts.
After that, it was walking around into various shops along the way. one of them was Hollister which actually had the feel of a nightclub and even the smell reminded me of oceana but with less booze. The prices in there were surfs up, (a pun since there was videos of people surfing on tvs in there) and not worth buying to be fair. Afterwards, we popped into the Apple Store and checked out various ipads and my mum was a bit confused on what her ipod nano sells for, which was the generation below the current one which i think is the 9th. I also explained the home button issue to my dad.
Looking towards princesshay from Next. 

Then it was walking around next, but i needed a piss so i looked in carphone warehouse, asked about if the xperia C was in stock, which they had no record of knowing about, although she was helpful. Then i rushed out and ran to the toilets, which cost £0.20 to enter, then it was the usual. After walking out, i went to the EE shop to check if they could fix the roaming icon on the phone, he was not the smartest staff in there, although he was working with 2 good looking bbws, one was near a ssbbw. After that, i got a call from my sister to rush to next to meet them, since we were getting lunch.

After looking for 10 minutes, we found a pub called "the Ship inn", found a table near the window and placed ourselves there, then went to the bar to order food. Hunters Chicken, 2 Beef/Steak and ale pies and a Southern Fried Chicken Bacon Burger. Drinks was mostly soft and reasonable, the total came to £41 which was just over £10 each including drinks. The burger was delicious and quite a reasonable sized burger too, unlike nandos and the Cornish arms which are more expensive and burgers are much smaller. The coleslaw was tasty. But as the common saying goes "a picture is worth 1000 words".
The meal i had, cost £8.99 which included a free drink (Not shown)
A close up of the burger which i've added onion rings, chips and Mayo at the top. This looked really nice
A nice glass of lemonade to go with the meal, although i did drink most of it before i even got the plate

That was really lush, although the wait was 25 minutes, which i could of done a small amount in that time. But i checked some tweets, flirted with some girls on instagram and also guided my sister to use google maps on her iphone.

After that, we wandered into the cathedral courtyard and it was pretty amazing, with Christmas lodges with various bits of Christmas goodies and food to go with it. There was so much to choose from, like German food, Wooden Sculptures, Scarfs, Sweets, Beer and booze and much more. It was quite nice to look around, seeing and smelling nice crafts and looking at thai food was a bonus.
A view of the Christmas festival near the cathedral, of course with the clouds drawing near.
 After that, it was looking at John lewis. Now this was fun...well after having to go up 4 floors, just to have a pee in the toilet, then taking the lift back down to lower ground, to enjoy some fun with tablets. I mean after playing with a Surface 2. I DO WANT. But i know they are almost half the cost of the laptop i bought, so its a bit pricey right now, especially with what i need to get for christmas this year. That and as i was typing a sentence up on office 2013 RT, it was funny overhearing a customer complain that "the trading act says that this was misleading" when referring to a YouView box NOT having a paper manual with it, which it actually does, only a short one but still it counts. I felt sory for the chap serving him. I also looked at a Wii U and even that was being sold for £250. Christ i still think Exertis Gem ripped my work off a year ago.Also i found some wifi scales and it got me into a daydream about wanting to see the reaction of a girl i'm dating when she shocked at how big shes gets or giggles or breaks the scale.
A potential fun idea for if i get lucky in a relationship, but it only goes up to 350lbs and i'm single :(

Then i finally get a call saying to meet the rest of the family in Primark, so i started making my way there, it was a nice rush to the Guildhall shopping center, i made my way past game and CEX, i'm also not kidding when i saw not one but 3 or 4 Xbox ones. 2 of them were with Kinect and were £550 each, wait 2nd hand price is £130 MORE THAN THE RRP OF THE CONSOLE, holy fuck. After that, i went to primark to meet up with dad. Then i walked off to Poundland and picked up some "sports earphones" and 2 styluses for about £2. which is more than reasonable, but it depends on how long those earphones will last me. Then we decided to head back to get the bus back to the car park then drive home.
The earphones and stylus i bought, just basic cheap ones but it will do. 
A nice looking grotto which i saw on my way to poundland from Primark.

The journey home was a nice and quiet one, well the parents were talking to a chap in the seat below me for a while, then we all got off, it was a freezing cold walk from the bus stop to the cold, in pitch black weather. Then the air con was turned on after we got inside comfortably. Then it was a long drive back, just to avoid traffic queues during rush hour, which involved going onto the a38 when the highways splits then track back and turn back onto the a30 again, tricky in the dark. Then it was a nice time to be home and unpacking as well as checking on the dog and the kitten.

So that is pretty much a short possible final day out with my family for this year, although part of me enjoyed it, most of me didn't feel like i should of been there, but i have the 3rd wheel type feeling alot with the others at times. Also its nearing the time that i get to review the year as well as hopefully say i've accomplished my goals, which i've done some of them so far. Also its not been soo good with getting a chance, i've not seen charley for over a month, fell out with a big cutie (Bonnie, if anyone really cares, it was from an RT) and might be seeing the Lion King next year, but thats too early to say if the plan i've not said works of fucks me over in the face.

But for now, i'll see you later...