Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A Calm Eve before Christmas

Well MERRY CHRISTMAS AND ALL THAT. Christmas has only just begun for some of us, but the day before, can still be a memorable day for many of us. Mine was a quiet day for the most part, although the weather had improved from another #UKStorm from the day before (Monday 23rd), there were still traces of flooding, gushing rivers and related things left behind. But for the most part, the weather was amazing. If you really want to see how the river was, enjoy a picture i had taken on the monday night:
The River Tavy on my way home from work on Monday Evening. it was quite strong, to say the least
Now i got up, although i was up to 2am on that night before, so i was really drowsy and tired, nevertheless, i enjoyed a stress relieving quick fap over a former bbw I've mentioned at one point. Then it was a case of getting changed and running to work as the normal. Also it has been the case that i've been cutting my jeans to make them shorter. Which in the weather, has become really useful. 

Work was reasonably quiet, i was supposed to finish at 1pm but thanks to DPD deciding to deliver late (between 16:04 and 17:04, from the e-mail itself), i ended up covering the shop from 1pm to pretty much 4:30, which actually gave me some time to start typing up a review of this year, so i have less work to do when it comes to that. Although i have a video planned, i don't know if i can get the time to do it. That and it was annoying trying to attempt a GetDataBack and i just checked the desktop remotely using Chrome Remote desktop and its at 4% for "Extracting Found MFTs", that is a slow Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black drive used in a Dell Inspiron 560. But it was nice to wear the Dobble Hat although it wasn't that i couldn't be bother to have lunch, but with the amazing food soon to come on the next day, i think its worth readying yourself for, although i've done it alot these past few weeks. 

Me wearing the Dobble Hat, ok my boss did make and wear this for Dickensian Evening

But it was nearing 4:30 and that was 15 minutes after the DPD driver turned up, hes kind of a regular now, since we get deliveries via DPD almost weekly. But then it was a case of closing up and then running back home. But i did get one last capture of the Christmas Trees in the square, since well, its supposed to be a part of the festive season. 
The Square as i was leaving work on Christmas Eve. it 
Luckily for me. the GPS on my phone was working fairly decent for me tonight, it locked reasonably quickly, so a quick go using MyTracks couldn't hurt:

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That was quite a nice one, although running in tight jeans and girly looking boots aint too bad. But i got home and it was then a catch up moment with the parents, see the kitten, the dog growling and all the usual things that happen when i get home, as well as checking e-mails. As i got in the lounge, the grinch was on, so knowing me, it reminded me of abbey for a good half hour, she loved that character, Emma does but very casually and not as ott. But there been nostalgia this month for me anyway, with seeing people in the past.

Later on, Finding Nemo was on and by the time we had dinner, it was nearing the end by getting to the scene when Marlin gets to Sydney. But it was a nice homemade Chicken Balti along with some extras like crackers, Mayo, Lettuce, Crisps.
The meal i had on the Christmas Eve Night. Chicken Balti, Lettuce, Tomato, Rice, Crackers, sweet sliverskins, crisps and mayo. 
Then it was an evening of playing games, enjoying a bath and uploading snapchats to a facebook page which i've done almost 2500 of them now. But that does include stories, which you will be surprised how many people actually update them. After that, it was prettty much wrapping up the presents i bought my family. Which if you didn't see, you can see HERE. But in the end, i decided to just put them in the christmas cards, luckily they did fit, it was annoying since Zak was growling at me with almost every little move i did, so doing it quietly was not easy at 12am. But hey, its better than not wrapping them.
Well the cards, prepped up for tomorrow. To my parents and my sister. 

The Day of Christmas.....Coming Soon.