Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tavistock Goose Fair 2014: A Glassy Exploration

ITS FINALLY HERE. With the weather sending mixed signals like some girls in life. Its time to see the sights and sounds of cheap and sometimes dodgey tat, funfair rides that light up the night sky but echo through the day and even the geese that are sold which then end up in a belly full of the soft stuff.

Goose fair is upon us. Now i can say that is this is a pure test of glass, i've got it almost fully charged, (i turned it on and asked it for the battery, it said 100% but then went down to 99% just after it said it). But i woke up after a good strong fap. which is always needed, it did rain but then the sun comes out then clouds cover it.

After getting changed after a lush hot shower, it was time to get down and check out the sights. But i had too hover first. Which too some time to get done. By by 10:40, i was off to wander down. There wasn't much of unique products i must admit. As i was walking down, i met my work colleauge and we chatted, then he went one way, his fiance went the other and i walked on down. From perfume to other things it was reasonable really.

I I'd ask a phone shop if they had a spare battery but after showing him the battery, he was out of luck, which was a curious case idea. But it was not heaving when i walked through to work. Then it was catching up, some gossip, some IT problem with the staff PC and then making sure everything was up and running. Just as i started the vlog, it was starting to rain, not heavy rain but rain it did.

As I wandered around with the sci fi tech of the future people would assume. It was a nice but Unusal feel to just walk around like a non vlogger while it was vlogging for me. But some people gave weird looks, one was almost going to say something, but I carried on.

The square with Evan's Meteor and the Ferris Wheel

Looking South from the Square

Looking north with the town hall 

David Rowland's Rock N Roll Dodgems

A shot looking towards the square using glass

The alley was sought long but no good shops of note, slushie stands were there which was a tiny version of a twin twister cup for £2 and refilling it forr £1. Some charities were there and even a fondue stand. But I made my way back to the main road then it was off to the market.
By this point, it was raining a bit more but it was interesting with pirate FM there, this snow cone flavour syrup thing and even I was offered to eat a tounge from a bullock, it was nice but a lot softer than the other parts of a bullock. Also beef sausages were nice and fresh, but they don't compare to pork sausages. The tounge was a £5 and the the sausages were £3.50.
As I explored the wild geese in cages and chickens uncertain of their fate in a box, I met one of my customers and she asked about glass, well I said what they do a tiny bit. After that it was walking back to the main bit

Then it was time to explore the whole stretch and the vlog has the best bits or more so the bits which were easy to film and didn't clearly show people looking at it (privacy risk etc). I can't really explain that much went on or that I saw and spoke to many people. 
As I was walking by, the rain was getting stronger, but by the time I got to the car park, then it was a typhoon of rain (a pun to be intended) but enjoy the pics of around the place. 

Typhoon from behind

Oxygen in motion

Another action shot of Typhoon

Stargate before it was in motion

A wet and fairly long landscape

Typhoon in no motion. 
A shot of the fair from the car park entrance
A shot of the mile stretch

It was getting towards 12:30  and I was walking my way back, with slightly busier crowds and damp clothes, it was getting coverage and walking back which was a key point. Eventually I gorvto the place I met my work colleague earlier and ordered food then ran back. It was slightly prices for a 1/2 burger and chips perhaps at £7, but it was very filling while getting the footage ready to edit

The burger and chips for £7 and i added crisps and ketchup

Then it was a relaxing afternoon of editing, showing my sisters mate who was her ex glass and he was fascinated and jealous a bit but he found it easy to use. 

But soon it was a bright night of stalls and rides to come