Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tavistock Goose Fair 2014: A cut Tuesday Night

With the biggest event of year coming back to Tavistock. It was a time to preview the year for what was about to go down. With a night to prep up before the first proper test and vlog using glass. With a lush meal of cottage pie before leaving, it was a guessing game of what was to arrive.

As i ran down, with excitement of what could be appearing, you can enjoy what the view looks as i was running down.
The view as i was running down. You could just about see the blue sky with the dark clouds gathering. 
Then it was more running and then i got to the roundabout which the stalls were already being setup. They were empty but there was soon to be 20,000 walking down this street.
The entrance to the street before Goose fair begins, with stalls setting up. 

Then it was a case of running through the meadows and then  i was ready to reach my destination. Now i started streaming at this point, which i finally had the oddest suprise happen. There were no rides at the wharf side of the car park.

This is either something worrying or maybe a suprise for later on, but for now. Enjoy the sights of the fair, and to be fair, i didn't see anyone except maybe a friend of a work colleauge and we quickly spoke, but thats about it. The weather was not too bad.  Enjoy the pics.
Looking into the centre of the car park. Atlanta Dodgem, XLR8 Gravity Wall,

The Phantom Menace

A&R Terminator

Ghost Train in a different position this year

So is Freddy's Revenge too

Danter's Oxygen Stands tall

Another Terminator, back from last year

A Hall of Mirrors, this is new

Groove Rider
XLR8 Gravity Wall and a Fun House

Typhoon is back and Terminator behind it

The wharf side of the car park 

Then after looking around the main square with traders still building up and ambulance passing by. I wandered back home. By this time it was around 7:45 and i wanted to get back and sort this since i was hoping with some fun with a friend over FB. But i browsed spar and read an article of a really good looking ssbbw but then she lost all of the weight and looked meh but her ex husband was an FA, She dumped him after he couldn't accept that the goddess he fell for had gone with the weight. Then i got home and it was nice to come home to a fire and then it was a hopefully exciting wait before the big day.