Sunday, 5 April 2015

omracer's Night Out: A flirty Saturday rave

Well, this is the first Easter weekend i've been out since my first kiss and my first date (which has had mixed reactions and for the time being has been taken down due to requests from close people to me) and now with the last weekend before i'm no longer home alone, its time to let off energy and actually kill my nerves, (since when i was on the date, my date was honest and saying my nerves were holding me back).

As Saturday drew to a close after a talk with various people, one i can't say much about and one was a good story about his past on the isle of wight, i ran home after even struggling to top up my phone wine the cards getting old, no really, spar had trouble. But that is £15.74 credit, then running back and buying coffee cake which was delish, i mean it was something i can't say no to for £1.

The cake for £1

Then i got home and after cat litter to pick up and grandparents calling and me ranting to myself of how i felt about something, my sister got back then i had a shower then she did and by 19:35, i was out of the door out off for another adventure. oh and I'm as stupid this time and wore a white hoodie, the warmth was well needed.

The run was slower but smoother, I even saw a cloud that looked like a dirigible if you looked hard enough at it. but I got to the bus stop, the road was actually very quiet and there was a taxi at the stop but suddenly left after I got there. 3 minutes later the bus showed up. I got on and paid the £4.50 with £5.50 so I could bet a possible £6 later on tonight or tomorrow,i know I should stop going there, but i've been Plymouth too much or get that bored or cold.

The run to the bus stop when its actually very quiet 

The bus was having a bad smell or aurora around it, which is the first thing I've had like this in 2015, but by yelverton, I didn't see it as much. the journey continues onward and soon
 I was earlier than expected for this night out. As i was passing derriford, I saw the moon turn orange, the same orange as the text I use in vlogs, which I was happy about, I even text my sister that since she was talking about that too me last night as me and her were watching fast and furious 5 while I was watching and editing some twitch streams I did over this week I've had to myself pretty much. 
By the flyover near crown hill, a guy that had been smoking had sat next to me, its a sign the bus was getting busy, which I've not had for a few months. reaching into town about 8:45 was a good shout, sure i was nervy but the place felt warm and I made my way to the hoe, why, since there was a fair on and sure it was nice to see rides again, this is one of the two fairgrounds in Plymouth this weekend.

Getting off the bus
As I got there, the rides were quiet and my mind was on other things and debating if the blog post about the first date was even the right things to post. I hate doubting typing up my memories but I've had this since the first kiss. 

I walked my way through the barbican, took a toilet break in Barbuda and it felt nostalgic since I was only there Tuesday. but the music was nice. this was a moment of reflection and then I gently made my way to walkabout, my head felt lightly and lifeless and my legs were OK. 

eventually I made it to walkabout as I was going into union ROMs but didn't feel like paying at 9:40 kinda time. I ordered a drink and a cute blonde with curly hair and nice eyes served me, a glass of water was never a loss.

The glass of water from walkabout
After drinking it and typing this up until 10pm, it was odd just sitting in a corner, but there was only one chair there, lights reflected me which felt disco beat with some dance music pumping up. 
Leaving walkabout and it was a run to oceana but before that I decided to pop into tenpin and my goodness, many bandai namco entertainment arcade machines, I saw the new nam gear tablets and phones, well James e-mailed a bout them months ago after I did the g40c review. I would love to do another but that would piss bnge off badly :/.
I also tried monopoly and gambled £1 then won't it then accidentally transferred it and LST that plus £1 more. I ballsed up the payout. then I was going to wonder to pizza express and see the chef, no sign and there were guys there, India was fibbing. then oceans.

so far it was average amounts, no sign of ash or Beth or even holly, but there was a nice bbw in a white dress with red hair, she won't be interested though. but observing and chill-axing in woo woo was cool. i didnt bring glass, I'm saving that so I was a good old fashioned vlogger tonight
Time passed by and as I was enjoying things and thinking about my shit love love life, I saw Beth in the end, she looked like a girl I would be honor to take to caffeine club, she was hanging out with ash, with her ginger Rapunzel hair, she I almost didn't recognize her, Charlotte shouted hi at me face, maybe to get Beth to ignore me, I was unsure.

Yeah, i was looking at another iphone

um, not sure why i closed my eyes
I also saw Matt out, he introduced me to Shane and others he asked how i was getting home and i said part of my plans. he gave me his number and said don't feel awkward, he said i could crash at his place and even tag along with him. also there was this dude with glasses whom was dancing and quite nice to me, he saw me on Charley's night out last month. It was nearing 1am and I felt I wanted to speak to Ash but my nerves and I relaxed in the lodge and typed this up, I saw a blonde goddess to my right, no joke. I kept night/day dreaming at her but I was hmmmm. I yawned a few times at this point, cold shivers down my leg, but Meh, life passed me by. I was unsure to leave or not but I wanted to really make effort, so I pondered on. Well with much that happened, some selfies and some dancing, even with people that blocked me on Instagram and twitter, but Vicky looked a 9 with her hair and smile. Polly congratulated me on the date and asked how much, she then said see you later.

A selfie of some sort

Fan Selfie

We tried again

It was nearly 2am and Hannah wanted to eat pizza on cam for me, she said she might do this next week, she was joking around with mates thinking she was gigantic, since her mates were asking if i would shag her or her mate or even both. Later on when ordering a shot glass of water, those same mates were wanting my dick to come out.

A blurred shotglass

Eventually I saw Matt out, and we tried to find another girl to see if I can get with, so for a ultimate test, I showed him ash, he really tried but she is not interested in me whatsoever and  feels happy single, that sank me down a small bit and he just said move on like she's nothing, but he was happy to say she was nice, of course Beth was there but we all know how you feel when you have your heart set on someone. Then it was raving and then me and Matt found someone else and she stuck with him the rest of the night almost, but as we were chatting, he tried two more girls, they were blonde and it was bad from what he told me, nasty girls (the c word was used at times). so I left for jesters at this point and Charlotte wanted me to meet with her in the smoking area. I met her and I was pretty much just hanging around there, no idea why, but at this point she was close to kissing a guy so I said my goodbyes. 

The calm scene
Running my way into town
Then it was the run to jesters, a flashy run and there were crowds as union rooms and reflex had finished. but Jesters was empty outside,  anyway I got in, paid £4. After the nice staff stamped my wrist, I walked in and danced around until I saw a familiar WCW for the majority of guys, Aislinn, with a crop top, white angel jeans(i meant white jeans but it reminded me of the same pure color as the kamata angelus (RR reference), and a booty that gym lovers would have hearts coming out their eyes. but in niceness she smiled at me with sparkly eyes and her red lips, then a hollyoaks actor looking guy came out and was pretty much hers for the night. Raving to old tunes and some beats in the proper room, it turned to the smoking area, there was no one I knew except one person but that's not really someone to do with me directly. but then some girls laughed and stared at me the 2nd time I was there.

Walking in the peaceful city to cuba
So I left jesters and Cuba it was, my goodness it was going to get exciting for me soon. I got there, I partied a little, Taylor was at the bar, she didn't see me until later on. but as I went for a Tiddle, a guy congratulated me on the escort, that's 3 people now, which males me feel a bit better about it. 
As I walk up the stairs at the back, a guy started talking to me. it became a odd conversation like he knew me. but it was from computers, coding to where we both lived. the key in it was follow your dreams. it was good to have, the sky was brighter for some reason of the full moon.
But as I was relaxing for a while, check in buy timetables and itching my nose, matt comes dragging along and sends me upstairs to continue the shared goal of me finding an ideal partner, which upstairs didn't go too well for me, which I ended up raving nearby. then it comes to the point when he meets a friend of ours and we chat and the words "devastating " when there are no bbws in the Cuba club. so we have to explore and the amoking area, we find one

I was nervy but after 15 minutes of matt talking to this girl, I meet her and I liked her. she was so easy going, her name was Ellie, a nice fringe, jeans like mine but perfecter, a smile I felt safe with. but we end up talking for a good hour, we introduce, she does pcad fashion, has a best mate next to her. then a few guys start asking around for cigerattes and filters. she was close to selling some, but a unique chap called hammy flirted with her. but he was good since he was gay, you know, the accent and style that makes girls feel at 10x ease around them, she whispered in my hear how gay he was from the accent, we both lolled in reality. 
It turns out hammy was a Morrison's worker with a scholarship of £1.1k or so. he even declined private school of something. but from this it turns out he and Ellie knew a girl i used to find perfection before she moved to London. Then another guy came along asking for something. 

Then it was going into a homophobic persons nightmare, it actually felt like the tavi college days with the girls in DA just having a small group table themselves. but Ellie popped to the toilet and there was a story of someone flirting with her on the way out, which sucked and although I was physically attracted, this is just another ash style thing, but us 3 went inside and it was 5am by this time. also Taylor said hi when she realized I was there when she was collecting used glasses and cups. Then it was pole dancing and old tunes were the point, me and Matt and our friend as well as hers, for the rest of the night until 5:45.

Pole Dancing
Then by this time, I went to caffeine club then goodbodies and was going to have a coffee  but skipped it. I had to buy peanut butter instead, so I did and that ended up £2.51 and also I saw sushi for £0.70. swiped and paid on card. I tasted it in the vlog, I enjoyed it.

Leaving Cuba

Resting in goodbodies with its menu

The stamp of horror to some and the cuba wrist band in almost mint condition

The food i bought for £2.49
Then I went to drakes circus to finish typing this off but I was getting sleepy. so caffeine club for a £2.49 dark americano it was, it was hot but worth it. since I kept myself buzzing until i got home, turns out i ended up crashing myself to sleep for an hour at 12ish. The bus that was to the stop opposite to the north hill spar was at 8:49 and o got on it and paid another £4.50. luckily that can be used for round 2 he he.

The coffee, it worked until 12pm on Sunday

Leaving from a empty street at 9am nearly
Then it was the end of this Night out, I've felt odd but enjoyed this one, sent people and talked to new ones, now the big event is yet to happen #throughglass