Wednesday, 1 April 2015

omracer's first date

This was a planned surprise and to be honest now one of the best moments of my actual life. This was that moment when i finally felt like i had to test drive what a date would feel and well this is the story that unfolds.Sadly there is no vlog for this as far as i can do, maybe nerves but more so its more of a relationship reality thing to vlog dates (mialex vlogs)

A time to prepare and cat fun

So in all honesty, today was quite a good and quiet day, maybe my nerves and excitement for this were a bit underprepared. But waking up at 7am then to be bottom naked and feed the fish and then  clean the cat's cage and started backing up my twich highlights of a lets play of Kingdom Hearts II i'm working on (i'm going to put it on YT soon, but once i finish it). Then drinking black coffee before running out at 9:15 to work and just being in mostly by myself until 1:30 was ok. Sure there was key delivering and Laptops to book in and a SSHD to setup from cloning from a old hitachi 160gb and that didn't improve the speed of it after 4 times, which annoyed me.

By 17:05 i was on my way home, hurrying up to take some money out of a cash point was a rush but that was done and i sprinted home. By 5:25, i got home and had to drag the bins out and really that was ok, then my gat stretched and i tapped on the lounge door. After greeting her from the inside of the house, i checked to find that i was still 18GB or so away from finishing the twitch backup. 
Partly backing up twitch highlights

Some more to go 
And also i had to seal the payment somewhere in an envelope

Sure, the cat decided to ignore me and i was showering with lotion and the likes, but with all the prep work, my outfit was pretty much a night out one, hawaiiian shirt, white jeans but i had to wear a jumper, since the fucking wind. I did think the classic hoodie but its a pain in nightclubs but also i don't want her to think i'm a chav so i might not even bother with a jumper but since its cold i had to choose, eventually i chose something
Shower selfie

That feeling of hot water

We can't beat facial wash

By 18:18, i was changed and out of the door and the run with only a shirt on was fresh and i was a good 4 minutes early and the wind felt strong, i tweeted when i left which surprised swaggy, emily asked but at this point, its a little wait before this progession of a man was to become of me. 
The typical waiting for a bus

The quiet way to start a evening

the journey was warm and i was corrected partly which i said "first day return" which it was supposed to be "first dayrider". but it was so *moves a half drunken bottle of lucozade to the seats behind me and leans to the back of a  window*

Literally, this
But as i was saying, the weather was windy but the sun shined and after internet checking and hopital passing, i made it into plymouth by 7:15 and it was a quick walk to the barbican, but i did text her to let her know i was on my way.

Making it to the town centre

Things looked bleak

as i was heading to the casino to go toilet, she called me, i missed it then she called and told me she was going to be late. it was a really girly accent with a sip of janner and she really sorry, luckily i had not booked anything, since this makes it easier or us both. we arranged it for 9pm at cap n jasper and to go from there. since its a 2 hour date. it felt a good time.
Nearing the sundial with a familiar food stall being built
After hearing this news, i panicked at bit and went exploring north hill,,roundabout, caffeine club cuba and even the spar, the wind was numbing me a bit. so a jumper was my plan, but not luck, and then by 8 i wandered to the casino,

Before getting to the casino

At this point, when running, i was keeping warm by running and fists clenching seems to help that. the casino was nice, sure there was a few varied cultures. but i went for a toilet break and almost burnt my hands in the hot water and then the air dryer was blowing heat to my fleshy face.
and i gambled and lost £6. im not surprised, but 21 3 times is a lucky dealer.

The eng vs ita match was on, which was a good time to warm up until 8:30 to make my way there via the hoe and its fair. Lucy and Ginge wished me the best of luck, sandy did and some advice, even chelsie did wish me luck, but shes been on a weekend away already with her new bf, i still remember asking her out in oceana nearly. alao some guy was next to me talking about predictions and rooney making it 1-1 (as of this time, it was 1-0 to italy)

by 20:35 i was on my way to the hoe, it was qioet, windy and dead, peaceful with the moo, that late nigjt stroll weather if this was august,,but its now april and too windy. 
i slowly walked my way, hiping his wasnt a mistake, and i was in the views of amazing nightlife, but it was slowly getting to 9pm and i really cant think what could of happened, but its one of those moments when a browse in coop can be soothing

The fair in the dark

The back of the fair

The skyline of the other side of plymouth

Heading into the Barbican

Cap N Jaspers

That life changing moments

Then after a text saying she was late, i felt an inside chill, the muttering of my head, but with luck, the taxi arrived and i finally saw her. holy my good soul and yup a boner. she was wearing a nice black dress, with a figure i was really happy to hope for, a smile ive never had so happy to see me. we hugged and then she was worried and so apologetic about the wait and we held hands this early on, i mean i finally held someone's hand in a way i've felt safe. we eventually walked to harbourside fish and chippy which we were both indecisive. She had fish and chips and i had a double burger and chips. both came to £12.5 something, but we sat down near the counter and started chatting about so many little things like:

  • how indecisive we both were on choosing
  • age. a 6 year age gap
  • cooking
  • it
  • confidence 
  • living and when we were from etc and she even showed me her pets which were adorable chiwawas
  • TV shows, game of thrones, breaking bad etc, we even talked about this trick i used with XBMC and even some chromecast talk.
The burger and chips for £6.75
The feeding we did was very nice, she fed me fish, i almost but too many chips on the fork but took 2 off and then she was ok with one at a time, i smiled when she did it too. Sshe bought me a sunkist lemon and lime too *awwwwww*.
But it was nearing 10pm and i just finished a burger and we decided to order a taxi back to her, she thought of it and ended up calling it using my phone, she got it booked and then planned to book me a taxi back home which was really nice of her but i declined and said that maybe its best we finish at 11:15 or so.

The passion really sets in

So we got into the taxi and the conversations with the romanian taxi driver were really good, like it was more than plenty language talks, i said about japanese, she used to be fluent in many of them, i didn't know she used to live in the philippines, i mentioned sean's GF (more a canadian mates gf used to live there), she said there was over 7000 legit proper filipino languages. Then i learned about the two types of romanian accents, the maldivian one is more fierce and fast where the more stereotypical one is more relaxed, i'm on about transivalyian, But then we chatted if they were busy and it was quiet for them. We soo arrived to a place which was her flat, after waiting a short while she had to put her dogs in the kitchen, i paid £7.50 and then got out and looked up, things were odd and also i was searching for bus timetables, the GPS was failing on me :/.
Then we got up and she let me in her bedroom then wanted to do something so i was there for a short while i was nervous but her bedroom was really cute and romantic, she really made it look cute.

This was meant to be "good signs" 
Then she was in a white small thin gown and brown and panties and short stockings, then she put her hands around me and then we passionately kissed, it was amazing and it was at least 5 minutes and she asked if i was ok with this, which i was stunned and happy, she guided me but it was nice since i've kissed for a nice and long time (ther furthest kiss i've ever gotten to at this point in life) and then she directs me to her boobs and she unstraps the bra, they were really nice, but boobs was not an ideal for me in general.

So then we deicde to go to the bed and she wanted me to lay down and then we got to the taxi to organise, which we did and it was booked for 11:15 and it was 10:35 at this time. Then we talked about the face sitting ban (yes squashing on film is now illegal, same with female ejaculation, but then we carried on kissing but i moved in a bit since the phone charger was on the left handside of her bed, but then  i took my shirt off, she advised it and then and we just romantically kissed and more lip and tounge was in motion, This was really nice and i felt in a trance with mine and her eyes both closed, i did peek but it didn't make sense to.

She was even on top of me and she let me play with her belly, i was on a boner that could be ripping the trousers apart haha, but she giggles and said its ok ans also we wrapped out legs together. After more romance we started cuddling and chatting about so much things:

  • Her pregnancy and the appetite 
  • weight gain enhancing drugs ( a drug which was used to help asthma caused her to gain a stone a week but was not a recommended common drug to use)
  • Boys expectations and girls too. 
  • Nerves 
  • Why i like BBWS and a bit of fantasy talk about immobility (not like turn me on fantasy, i mean like talking about if it was acted out)
  • My love life, Yes i explain some of the things thats happened with Abbey, Emma, Charley and even what she partly said was agreeing with what mcdougall told me with "its when it comes, not if it comes" 
  • Dating Sites, This one was important and something to think about some others have had sucess. Stay away from POF, its a pisstake, she agreed with me there. 
  • She was apologetic for the smoke, she told me before we made out about the fact she had to breathe out 20 cigs earlier. 
  • She was happy how good at kissing and cuddling i was, she said i will really make one happy boyfriend, 
  • She actually said to me "You've been needing this for quite some time" "Affection is needed". It gave a good point of how bas this was needed for me
While most of the above was happening, we were tickling each others back, i felt snuggling just abouve her books, i jiggled her chin a little bit and also kissed her arms before making out more, 
She also let me jiggle her belly and  grave her other curves which felt really nice and so soft. 
But it was now coming up to 11:15 and she got a text saying the taxi was outside, so we kissed and then she got changed for a selfie or 3 and it was amazing, then we could not stop kissing, even after her puppies (the ones in the kitchen) came out and didn't really make too much a fuss of me. 

A perfect 2nd kiss


This is the transition from affection of reality

Then i left and got in the taxi, he asked various things, like if she was my girlfriend "i wish" blurted out, but then we talked about the busier he gets, bills get paid etc and also bank holiday will be busier, i said i don't use taxi unless its rare (this is rare) and also i don't drink and he thought it was religious reasons which i explained, just experiences of what friends went through. But then he dropped me off near the screen, i paid £5.50 for the fare, walked to the brass monkey, they were closed, i sprinted to cuba and this girl was trying to promote bang bang and i said "i don't drink", she replied "why are you out then", i explained what i did and she went "ah right" then wanted to just cut me off. 

Getting in cuba was easy, some bouncers gave me dirty looks, but well i went in. went for a piss then after coming out of there, there were selfies taken and after got a nice glass of water from someone that looks like bobby from agents of shield, well a younger version, i was stunned about to tell her but nah, i went to some chair and drank it, as i was talking a selfie of it, some girls to my left asked if that want a pics of me drinking it, i said "its up to you" and then she cut me off pretty much. Shortly after posting this nigh as a life event, i made my way back to the bus stop.

Then the bus came, it was time to get on and it was quiet and i was focusing on typing this up, but partway through she text me with this:

"Hi sweetie pie, thank you for a really wonderful evening. You were awesome company I truly enjoyed every moment. You are a awesome guy with a really cute face sexy eyes and a naughty smile. You will make some lucky lady very happy indeed :-) xxxx"

That made me smitten and well maybe on a high for a few months until something bad happens. But getting home at 0:45 which then i got a shower after realising i almost deleted half of the pics i had taken tonight, but after that, i relaxed and finally got the pics back and then its been a time of knowing i had done the right thing. All in all, booking an escort to have a first date was the best way to know what being with someone amazing feels like, which i can say it was worth it.

Night All and expect possibly 2 blogposts this weekend