Monday, 6 April 2015

omracer's Night Out: An Easter Kickout

So then, the 2nd night out on a bank holiday weekend, usually this means its better than the 1st but for this time, it wasn't. After still feeling slightly kacked from the night before and only having 1 hour power nap to make sure i could be the guy i am on a night, i really went and had a coffee and the shower and the many other things as per and evening singing prom night to myself just as i left meant something was getting me excited.

The selfie before going

A solar charger just in case (actually i didn't even use it)

I ran down and eventually got the same bus as the saturday and since it was an all day rider, i didn't have to pay again, but i checked snapchats and cleaned out all of the list of stories every time.
When I get to derriford, I find out that 2 girls sit near me then just laugh in hysterics, in a Spanish language, bless the non language racist side I don't have and its a Kermit idea, reminds me of Jordan and live with the hair colour but not the figures they once had, they kept talking until they got off to the bus stop near cuba. Also Pete has pre drinks, tempted but its late enough already and barbican with glass is first step. By around the 8:35 mark, i'm back in town for another night and hopefully through glass. 
Yup, walking though town as per usual most times these days when in plymouth
The Barbican was pretty intense, now i was being bumped and knocked about slightly so it was no way a good idea to use glass on all the time, as i was walking towards the cap n jaspers end, i passed hannah and keisha and some mates of theirs, but as i got to rakuda, i heard 5 girls screaming "mattie" and a lot of hugs and selfies, even the chloe i bought food for (which she asked me if i remember that, of course i do ;) ) was hugging with a selfie,  Brooke was grabbing me by the shoulder with drunk love and a blonde petite girl i don't know who was speaking to me as well.

But the girls asked about my first date then i told them what happened and chloe was shocked and i think ever since then "Fuck off mattie" was just used at least 20 times by the girls, well except lauren since she just smiled at me and i think we did have a selfie, but shes doing a travel blog soon so i might link you to that (shes a foodee but slim).

A blurry Barbican #throughglass
As i was exploring the barbican various other mini things happened.

  • various selfies. Some girls, some boys, some congratulated me for the first date and some were asking the usual questions (how you doing, out by yourself etc). Oh and i got one with Amy's recent boyfriend :( But i saw Ryah who i bought dominoes for many years ago, but she was with her boyfriend. 
  • I went into one of the bars and it was ok, not much happened except sliding along the 
  • I went live lounge and raved, some girl wore glass for a slight sec with no idea what she was doing, and also i danced with hannah and keisha, i hugged hannah so much she even went "easy mattie". 
  • flirting
  • Saw Sian and (well becca ignored me) and she said hi and the little conversations. 
  • Also there was this group of lads chanting my name and then it was like a slimmer version of Stiffler's Mum out, the song "Stacey's Mum" was replaced by Stiffler. That and the guys were surprised when i said about the date early on. This guy also want me and her to hook up "she likes you and this sort of small talk, also another guy was betting £150 for someone to climb up tallships just nearby. 
  • I also saw Robyn and i did see hannah K and we must of had one eye contact but might of missed it, i'm not sure though. 
  • Raving with Jas, Charley and Ash P. Ash was wayy more dancy type with me this time, same later on. 
  • I passed Chloe a few times, but thats not leading to anything.
  • I passed vicie and her mate by who laughed and had the usual giggles.
Raving in live lounge (also the girl that wore glass is the one posing, ish

Eventually it was 10:30 and i ran to the usual place where the majority goes. Oceana, now it was nice being greeted with the ID check and a "2 nights on the trout" saying. Then i wondered around, usually at this time i can just sit down and catch up typing, which i think with what happened later, i regret not doing that since it was busy the whole time. 

But i reached the smoking area and then was greeted by Hannah And Eli (both were sisters), we had a catch up on everything from eyebrow talk to "its been a while" and i think we did cover the date a little bit. But it was nice to hug them. Then it became busier and busier with the buss arriving and then the ice room was open, i was raving a little bit in there and Georiga Saw me then we hugged and danced more but my legs were not up to the best. This girl with black hair and a blue style top was really into me dancing and then i did have a glas of water for the first time, i made it clear to get it since it was loud so i wrote it down on keep, the bart staff (ash wasn't at the bar, beth was but she took no notice) and it was nice, i did crunch on the ice and the girl and her mates were giggling.
The glass of water

But it was a case of exploring so many of the places about and i was trying to find a point to use glass and i kept delaying it and then someone would come up to me so i would put it off and i actually didn't get chance to use it. But when in the smoking area, i saw alana, she looked really really soft and amazing. She gasped when she saw me when i was chatting to another plush blonde and her friend i don't know who she was but she was ok, we chatted very quickly, But alana had a selfie with her and then i explored, saw hannah and kissed her on the cheek (yay) and raved more. At this point i think i was dancing with a friend of Emma' Bs and Emma was in hysterics for it. Another smoking area chat had me speak to a guy that worked with Tash i did hear the phrase "stalked her", i'm too lazy to correct him, let alone i had to give him hints and his mate to find out my first name. But then he said about her boyfriend.

Then i saw Kiera and i was astounded, the most amazing smile she usually does in selfies on twitter but with a body that was the closest thing to perfect, i could go on but the words in my mind and also said to her "Incredible" just happened. She thanked me but some guy was chatting her up, her mate kennedy was nice to me and said hair, i should of had a selfie with her, but i hope we can next year or if we see each other before then, i hope shes single.

Just after that it was another dance and there was these young (almost loli) girls that had a VIP suite reserved and one in a red dress slapped my ass, not too firmly but enough for me to feel it, i looked back behind me and she ran to the vip part, then i carried on dancing and i saw brooke again, now this time i grinded on her chair "go lower mattie", i did put the next bit after in the vlog.

I also went into the top room once or twice, the views were nice and i had another selfie clip for the vlog with some beys, but it was packed in the ice room floor.

Then i was in the lodge and matt and lawrence saw me again, we greeted and also met Abbey who was nice to me and i thought that was lawerence's partner at first but meh. Then it was one final rave in the ice room and to try glass. Also i saw Hope Evans but some guy was flirting with her :(

But as i was raving with hannah then the 2nd time with emma and trying to get glass out of its case and a bouncer comes up to me and says "can i speak to you" and hints me to a quiet place and then as another bouncer is behind me i thought "what have i actually done here" and tried to ask but then a phrase that makes no sense was told "you've had enough for tonight". Hang on just a second, i was basically being kicked out for being too intoxicated when i've only 2 cups of coffee, fruit juices and a glass of water with ice in within the past 24 hours (various parts of the day, not alzl at the same time). I asked him for a breathalyzer test but he replied "we don't do that" so basically i was kicked out and just "bye" like i wasn't understanding a word he was saying like he would assume with most drunk clients in the club.

So i walked out and chatter to a bouncer guarding the woo woo gate and just explained the situation, personally he felt annoyed about it but theres nothing he could do (which is fair, hes only told what to do and the firm don't manage indoor security) but he suggested about complaining, which to be honest, will just be a waste of time or cause bans which is not worth it. I asked him if they were busy, to be honest, it was a quieter time.

I walked out and left and just as i was about to run, i saw Seona and Jay, "Mattie fucking marker" is a chant i've heard for a few times now, but then i had to shake jays hand and then i walked on into town and just asking what the fuck was actually going on (was i looking/being that drunk or was it planned). I said i would ask a bouncer as i head down west.

The west side of the nightclub city of plymouth

I passed revs and then Joe said to me "Mattie could you lend me £20, i'll promise i'll pay you back" now last time i did this, £1.5k was gone in a year or less, so i said "no, last time i did this....." and he begged but i stayed firm and he was calling Hammy to get in, Polly was nearby and high fived me for putting her in the blog last night. Then i walk past walkabout but then I ask the union rooms bouncer if he thinks I'm drunk. He says "Your staggering a little bit" then i explained the story. "Due to your honesty i still can't let you in here". Which pretty much mean i was off limits to union rooms since i was looking drunk but not actually drunk.

I walk onto Jesters and then it was £4 and i walked in, i saw miss rooks and said hi then she wanted me to introduce myself to her mate and say about feederism etc. I tried to and then used hannah as an example, she went extremely defensive and pushy. Then i wandered and moped to the dancefloor, i saw pete and another selfie shot was done, then it was "how it is mate" and then the usual and the story "kick off" what pete's idea. But seriously, it was fun, pete had a lass which was nice and there was another i tried to dance with, but then she got kicked out for being same reason as i was kicked out for, getting too drunk, except she was sitting on the floor and i tried to help her up but she refused which then that was the bouncer's cue to kick er out, she got up and left.

I then walk up to the smoking area with him and pete, some beys of his and 2 girls were chatting, i was then talking to pete about the events of Tuesday and he was saying about the girls, in terms of i thought it was a group of escorts from there, he was actually on about Ruby, Chelsie, Ellie, Jade, Ellie and it was just a coincidence they tweeted me good luck at the same time as this but they nor anyone else except me and maybe one or 2 other people months back that knew about it.
 to be honest it was far from the case. But then this guy was on about some girls that got pissed off then i wandered to look at them then i even had my face just shoved into this guys crotch.

Then i went to the toilet and these 2 guys were doing banter and the cubicle door i was in was being smacked and they were going to kill which scared me, i waited until no one was there and i got out safely. My body starts to slow right down, tired, either coffee or sleep, but its way too early.

Then me and pete got a taxi to north hill and were talking about why I hiding dick and not fuck Gracie, he really thought that Ruby and Chelsie planned the date with the escort, i would of made. ou But the fact pete told me "I said you couldn't pay for a kiss and you proved me wrong but you really were overcharged" which was interesting. Oh and i found out Hayley has moved into the house and dating or more friends with benefits. Petes happy for them even though hes had her first

Scholar we went into , I got in fine, same corporate bouncers as oceana so there was no BAN on me introduced because of me being too drunk. Then i was introduced to of many mates of his and sefies too they were nicknamed Kermit, Mushroom, Rat and Lizard. Also i was down at a table and pete was offering this girl who was with a guy, a threesome back out of the house and also pete was sniffing this girls hair and got hard. So wait, a hair fetish.

Facial Swap selfie

By 2:30ish, we go to Cuba, I pay £4 to get in and then some guy who knows of me walked me to the smoking area and then chats to me saying I'm a good guy and all. no buts in that either. its nice to speak to Michael as well, then I walk back in and me and Pete head up to the top dancefloor.

 My legs were feeling strain for the most part, unsure of glass to use or not.
saw Matt and Lawrence and also amber and some BBW mates of hers, I tried to chat to amber but no luck,  Matt tried to reach me confidence but that didn't  work.
More dancing and even by the pole, some girls near the door were looking and talking to each other about me and i tried to approach them but no luck then by 3:30 I'm sat between matt and amber, time to run it, make the effort W was actually putting glass on and about to walk just after i wanted to let a mate of ambers know she looks beautiful then started to head out but rory said it was easier to wait then it was a longer wait for a mate then it turns out the taxi they used before and Matt told the driver to give us noobs the sound experience with a recently new song and mega lit blue bass speakers. 

WE got to a place near central park,we all were there for 20 minutes or so, the topic of heartbreak, refurbishment to let, work tomorrow for 3 of them were just some of the conversations that were had, some wanted a power nap, there was a heart to heart or a DMC (Deep meaningful conversation) going on or 2. I had no idea what it was about, besides i had my own DMCs earlier this week and this weekend.

By 4:10 or so we were in a posh style car and heading to tavi. Sure we stopped twice for blankets and the other for me and abbey to swap seats (she was wearing a similar thing to amber, but slimmer) the moors was over 100 mph them by horrabridge it was 80 by corners near and uptown funk was playing. Matt dropped me just on the estate entrance and i walked home in the dark. It was really odd being in this early and i pretty much said i had to fall asleep and also 

That was it by a much more exciting weekend, tonight was played down and turned crap after being kicked out for that reason. Personally it could either be the excuse for it being too crowded. But at least i didn't burn all my energy up and i end up falling asleep.
This might the last night out for a while and i hope its warmer when i do so i don't take a hoodie which could explain or make it easier for glass while clubbing. There might be friends meals to go to on nearing the end of the month, which actually would be nice and nearer the time i had my first buffet at sizzall years ago.