Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Sunny Carnival of World Music (Tavistock Carnival 2015)

Well, I'm shocked that its coming to this time of the year already, with the 6th Anniversary of my Youtube just passing me by, the busy days of work (all week to) and even with Jas and Lauren blocking me over faults like saying a picture of an egg slutshaming another egg thats dress up isn't funny or some life lesson but some people don't have girlfriends so does it apply to them.

Anyways before i get on with this intresting ish time, enjoy a channel trailer below:

Oh and theres is also an oddworld playthrough so look out for that one as well.But lets get into the day of this carnival.

The Preperation. 

The day starts nicely after a wake up and a bit of stress relief since i've worked all week and then i leave the house to run to work, now i ended up working the whole week and even ran 3 miles for a home visit which was around 35 minutes each way and that was only for simple setups. 

Running near the golf club

Running back to the golf club on the way back

So, it was soon the Saturday, after that and more CS:GO lore and Trading and bits of training, well i actually played it for the first time because year 10s mentoring me about it was a fun idea. But running to work i noticed something diff

Running to work and i see a booster, hmmm, intresting
Anyways, work was quiet and more tidying reasonable quickly, but time was flying by, it means i was soon to be leaving work, passing the fair and topping up £40 at the post office was a nice thing to see, then more running was my idea, until i got home and started to get changed.

The procession starts at 6:30 so its best to get down to town before then...

Now it was intresting to run home since there was the Over the Falls ride, which is a new ride in for this year that debuted in the Plymouth Easter Fair months ago.
A view of the Square when i was running home

Some new rides this year

The fun house returns :)

Over the falls, the new booster style ride

Well i got home and it was getting nice with the weather and i ended up doing mini chours and then i browsed bbw chan and some cute door squashing watching then i left by 6:25 and i pelted it and then the vlog begins from this point:

The Parade walks by #throughglass

Well it was busier than usual and people were packed in the queens head (the new whetherspoons pub opening next Tuesday) but then i passed myself to the square and the parade was only minutes away, oh and there were street dancers too which were cool, some belly jiggles ;). But enjoy pics from some of the floats #throughglass

The street dancers 

A view of the Fairground

Nearing some minis that were driving by

Roby Trust and steam engines parading

A end and hunger marches on

Shortly after the 7:10 mark it was time to leave but i was going to check if there were any and free spaces for the queens head, but it was invite/ticket only, gash. So i went to my local chung ying and ordered: 
  • 2 x Crispy Seaweed
  • 1 x Chips
  • 1 x Beef in black bean
The food in the bag

All in all, that cost me £13.70 and i ran home pretty quickly to get it prepared and finish typing the oddworld playthrough. While on the way home i explained the story of last weekend and how its made me feel a little bit and a mini rant on the stuff i learned about agario and cs:go. But i got home and found the house was empty, which meant it was easier to eat it. 
Well here was my purchased, ready to eat
And that pretty much summed up the night, well this might be the last blog in july but hopefully not, August has more fireworks and maybe a day trip to happen, but i don't know life's plans in fate yet.