Monday, 20 July 2015

a 6th Twitterversary Catchup

Its 6 years since i moved on from being and feeling the lowest in my life and well things have changed allot in those past few years, sure I've changed, I've loved, I've lost and I've felt feelings that i didn't know were possible before and made steps to progress in life for the better or some say, for the worse.

Its actually been a wild ride this year, since I've gotten to 1,200 followers as well as about 10 blocks and checking the stats via the twitter ads portion, i found i was getting over 10,000 views per month, holy Christ. Like the last 3 months has been over 144,000 views.

A sum of the views i've had over the past 3 months

That and I've followed and been followed by different types of people like:

So that shows the positives, there was also Amy but she disappeared and got suspended by the birds in the sky and there was a beautiful girl who i was hoping to meet it turns out she was catfishing someone who was already hitched up so that ruined any chances of romance when uni started for her, 

Time to catch up on those goals for this year:

So with the halfway mark been and gone, its time to reflect again and see how i've progressed in this year. 

  • Get into my first relationship - The way its going, thats not going to happen this year
  • Have a mates or friends day out - This might still be an option but everyone is going there separate ways or working too much atm
  • Cook for a girl or group of girls - I see this just a rare thing, no luck this year
  • Finish 2 prisons on The Escapists - I'm possibly changing this to finishing hotline miami 2 Wrong Number
  • Purchase and finish Oddworld New N Tasty - I've DONE IT
  • Finish KH 2.5 HD Remix - KHII FM is done and i'm lvl 10 with Terra on BBSFM Critial
  • Watch a studio Ghibli Film - Done this
  • Enjoy a meal with friends or a date at a Restaurant - Done with Gracie, i'm thinking to hire her again with the amount of romance i'm seeing and how low i'm feeling from it

Well its also been a busy few weeks with working and luckily its calmed down and soon it will be another visit to the city of the ocean and also more kripsy kremes to buy. But for now i will leave a piece of music which reflect how i feel the past 2 months (the scene also suits the mood too)