Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Tavistock Goose Fair 2015: A day of bright browsing

Well, its finally the big day. After getting 2 videos rendered and the first night up for the goose fair series from 2am, i managed to get to sleep then wake up peacefully until 7:50. Then it was a case of, actually wait, the home button on my iphone is dying. Luckily i can still use the lockscreen but using my teeth to leave an app is annoying to say the least.

But it was around the 10:10 time I finally got changed after typing and thumbnail design. There was a shower too but I was really thinking on how to get a front camera on the lumia to work at 16:9. Sadly there was no luck.


Leaving at 10:30 and it was time to explore, running down and i decided to walk the work way and made my way to the square. Now before i fully started with glass, I popped to the market to check on the new stall and no one was there, that was slighly puzzling but i'm not bothering to worry since its nice to have 2 days off for a recent change. Once i walked back though, it was time to begin the vlog.

The view from my usual spot

The first view of Sizzler during the day
Now, i wandered through and there were mostly the same stalls, sure i'll be honest and say that not much of it intrested me, but then there were these plaques that were quite funny. Later on i walked near the alleyway.

A stall and a booster

The alley looked slightly busy.
Well, there wasn't much interesting except some physco juice which was spicy sauce and batteries on reduced offer but then i walked back up and made my way to the cattle market, Which on the way, there were a gypsy as well as various frying pans. Nice but not the perfect thing for reviewing.

 Now the cattle market was busy and full of new stalls as well as old favourites. Exploring those and some sheep and Ponies as well as the ducks and meat always makes a nice change.
The road up

Fresh meat

Live Chickens 

Honking Geese

More pecking 

Shy Sheep
Then i made my way back down by about 11:35 which then I walked on, Then i made omracer from the plaque stall which looked good but would of cost me over £12 which is a NO THANK you.
 Sure i did win some 2ps and i did see eloise and also it was fun with the bater from the auctioneer and the crowds were busy.
Making the way back throuhg

This looks good as a logo perhaps :)


Getting along. 
Then there were these clocks and other perfumes and many tat which then got me going to the ground and to explore this fair.
The perfume and it included a slipper 

Cool quote clocks
The ghost train

Terminator in swing

Waltzers are looking groovy

Have a jump n laugh with the joker

Shake that Tagada
Then leaving the ground, i passed incense stalls, possibly was right next to courtney woith her cute blonde hair, as walked on to find a Selfie Stick for £5 and bought it. But then it was the alexandra centra which had a mega phone stall which i nearly saw replacement batteries but didn't fit the hero/zopo which sucked. Oh and i saw itialian chocolate shaped like tools too. But alas it was near the end.
The selfie stick

Tool shaped chocolate

The stalls and the crowd
Now it was time to get my lunch and Noodles and burgers for £10 exactly it was. Featuring beef in black bean along with a 1/4lb burger on its own with mayo. I bought it and rushed home.

Just after i bought both and added the mayo

Ready to eat just about :)

Then it was home and my day ended there but the night has only just begun. or i was late getting this up so it was late for me