Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Festive Coke Evening

Well, with the near end of November upon us and Christmas season is right around the corner, we all would expect the start of the excitement and spirit of the times, since now with less than 30 days until Christmas, shopping and food is needed. Well for me, it was actually a normal working day, minus a home visit that actually was pointless due to voip being unusable when I needed it the most.

But ignore the rants of a wet day and long cycle and not as short days working in a stall.



Ok this pretty much is the sign of the Trucks in Red with the drink that most of the world, (except me and a few thousand unknown others) love and cherish, Coca-Cola. With the iconic vechicle stopping in Tavi for a few hours, it was time to vlog and show off the sights of this maybe once in a lifetime sight of a TV advert come to reality. The vlog for this is below: 

Now i'll be honest, i work up late and i was late but that was kinda because of getting the bike out which was a pain in the shitty weather we have had lately and its gotten much colder too, but it felt fast to get into town, and there were some pics of the metallic celebrity that doesn't lash out via booze parking in the square which looked also to be joined by a ferris wheel and some kiddie rides, this was a unique point, since my works neighbour mentioned how nothing next to the truck when it was on the hoe last year with similar conditions had about 3,000 people flock to see it. 

Cycling Down a hill

Seeing the truck and the fair setup in the square

The truck just parked

 Then it was a case of usual work, calling suppliers, serving customers, ideas on making more money, rants and ideas. Then it came to about 2ish where i had to pop out to pay some money into the bank, just after that, the crowds were getting popular.

The truck is setup and ready to be photobombed
Then it was very close to the home visit, it was a village 46 minutes away (via bike) so i cycled from work about 2:40 and got there at 3:28, then after a imini victory dance, i was told that i was supposed to be there yesterday and they called someone else, well that was a wasted journey so i cycled back to tavi the Yelverton way and it was 3 minutes quicker minus my energy low and rage high. Then again i can't blame them since the voip phone was causing issues due to the internet being intermittent.

Leaving the parking for the bike before cycling on

Then i explored more crowds and I parked my bike in a more away location to save traffic issues, and there were busy crowds in the square to say the least, and the rides were raring to go.
Parking the bike

Rides and mini stalls

A cooler ferris wheel

The front of the truck

Really big fonts are hard to read

An evening of raffle setups and crowd walking

Well as the time got on, we were getting quiet but the crowds were still busy, hopefully with the idea that the market would of gotten busier, we opened and in turn handed out flyers and tried to sell tickets, we had a good 2 hours of ticket sales, like 8. But after 7:40, we decided to pack up and I used the beloved glass to really show off this event. Which looked nicer and i could actually see in them, maybe the foil was not too bad. But a few people talked about it in the queue lines, one asked me what it does, I compared it to Iron Man and jarvis in the suit so to speak. Then a irish blonde page 3 style lady guided every person in the queue on how to stand and how to smile. Then that was it and i was given a card with a code to enter in 2 days time on a site.

#holidaysarecoming #throughglass

Then i got the pics and they look good except not with the hybrid smile.

The cleanest (advertising wise) of the 4 pics they have featured with the code

The ferris wheel lit up

The guzzling santa on the behind of the truck

The card which has a profession holiday moment

A quieter fair
Then it came the time to leave, walking over to my bike, getting on it and then a montage of the way home, it took longer since the gears were really dying on me but i managed to get home by 8:21 which was nice. Seeing my sister and the wild rosie, bless.
blurry biking

Well that was the night for me hopefully more vlogs coming soon, well Friday is Dickensian and also a new product to be reviewed next week.