Saturday, 28 November 2015

The 12 Hour Dickensian

Well, its the final big one, Dickensian night, with the town and less than 1 month to Christmas, times are changing rapidly. I'm really sorry the blogpost has taken longer than the vlog but if you want the vlog, its below:

 Now this was another start but i did rest nicely when i crashed out the day before, paid £45 for some videos from someone which was nice and also my proper costume arrived for the big day.

The costume i bought for £25.50 inc £7.95 delivery

The costume looked like this

I smiled a little better

Combine Dickensian costumes with modern wearables

A selfie outside while walking to work

I woke up in a rush, luckily i packed up a PS3 and Move to give some hype for customers, Getting in and open was the first part, but i reckon it was quiet before the main event starts. But weather wise it was quite shit for most of it. Now i was in work about 9:15 and as i was unpacking, I noticed steam was coming off my clothes, it was THAT cold on the day.

With time, things were done, work was busy with some customers, i ended up buying a table for use at the stall since using a chair to do repairs and teaching is meh so i was recommended to go to t luke's Hospice and well, a quick run up there and i found an idea folding table for £8. So after helping to clear the table and bringing it back, it was working very nicely and there was laptops already being fixed on it since it was that useful.

The table for £8 
Eventually it was nearing 4:30 which the clouds were darker, other stall holders were changing and i was setting up the PS3, deadstorm pirates was the game, along with the move dock i bought from poundland for £1 a few years back. Then it was waiting until my colleague got here and then we were both in the same costume, he paid £3 less and had delivery same time thanks to the stalls' neighbour picking up the costume from the warehouse of Plymouth Fancy dress.

But with that it was coming up to 5:50 and i decided to buy some food and tea for that night, with deadstorm pirates and PlayStation move entertaining the east end for a bit, I explored the wet event of Tavistock, it was such a kinda shme it was raining but life happens, the crowds were crowding and the fun was gathering, passing steam engines, tasting almost everything free Christmas pudding, chili brownies and eventually I ordered Chinese.

The stage

The ferris Wheel

The view of the town 

one of roby's trust engine

A look at fudge and chilli brownies, which when tasting, was quite mild 
The Chinese in a bag I ordered

The ordered was beef in hoisin sauce, chips and crispy seaweed, which actually really filled me up and I couldn't eat all the chips, which for a guy that used to eat £15s and nearly be sick, thats poor of a feeder, but as i was walking back, the lights were RE-lit (they were on for the Coke truck event too funnily enough and were on on thursday too).

Walking back and the views are better

The morris dancers #throughglass

The chinese for £10.10, Beef in Hoisin, Chips and Seaweed, eating this on the chair
While eating, my boss popped in and we caught up and he was having a sore voice like I was starting to have, we ended up organizing the stock on the shelf, hardly anyone was playing ps3 but people were footfalling around, sure some people bought kits but it wasn't much. Also soon after the food, I had to buy a tango apple from bob's just down from me, it was £0.90 for a can. There was close to a domestic with a lady singing for people to "Donate to her voice", she was pretty much indirectly kicked out of the market.

The can for £0.90
Time passed and it was nearing 8pm, so I get it was time to vlog some more, so I got a mini break to explore and there were still crowds, various shops were open, roast chestnuts, mulled wine and steam engines heating the cold air. it was nice. more dances and joy ensured  and I had a PIC with my sister since her boyfriend was staying at ours after visiting Dickensian for the first time.

Walking down towards Co-op

The steam engine at Co-op

The donkey from behind
I was making my way to the square and I went to the craft fayres , it was nice with glass, cute memes on slate, jewellery and this pixel art. i had a mini introduction about them which really helped set the tone, and the price was nice too.

The blurred fun plates meme

The pixel art

The pixel art #throughglass
Then i got back to the stall and its a final quiet half hour before i was supposed to pack up but at the last minute, i was delayed by magazine buyers so i actually finished at 9:20 which is mehhhh :/. I locked up, sure the place was kind of a mess but I walked home in the spitty rain and it was hard to run with using my pants as a holder for phone, wallet, iphone, keys and Selfie stick.

Things were packing up and empty by 9:30

Eventually after walking and attempting to run, i got home about 9:50 which was a relief and the £52s of Poundland stuff i ordered which actually cost me £36 arrived and me and the family unboxed it, from 24 bottles of j20, 3 bits of tinsel, a box of dreamies, mouthwash, pedigree chews and Strawberry Aloe Vera juice. I ended up drinking 2 bottles of the juice already while getting the vlog edited which was until 2am-ish.

Also i announced i'm reviewing a new gadget, i'll let you know when i'm ready to film it, but its pretty good and actually my mum owned it before I bought one for myself, you'll see. Enjoy the final weekend of November 2015.