Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Soaked Christmas Shop

Well, its just over 1 week until the big day, many things have delayed me getting things done, Plans to copy and improve my christmas shopping vlog from last year have died into a shithole thanks to noone local selling santa costumes (local as in Tavistock), But with my bike fixed up for this day and also money saved up, its time to plan things and get them into action..
The vlog is below:

Well, waking up at 9:25ish after a good releasing fap is needed, since i've stopped myself fapping in the mornings mostly, i've been a bit pissed off when things go wrong, maybe addiction signs but its not like i need to do it everyday. But getting up, shaving and then finishing a review of a USB drive i got 2 days ago is a good start to the morning.

Eventually it was 10:20 and i rushed to get everything into action and left by 10:30, after a phone call and the rain, I left at 10:40, and holy shit it was raining the ENTIRE WAY THERE, which was the worst i've ever had to cycle in, it took 1 hour 50 minutes to get into town, but parking a different place due to the different journey on the way back home.

Leaving when it was raining but not as heavy

I was so soaked that when I went for my usual toilet break, it was a case of having to dry as much as i can, squeeze my socks to rinse them and also I did try to hand dry them which didn't work. But I then tried to explore, I say try since its hard to be comfortable shopping when you feel like a wet dog. It took about 20 minutes of walking (from phone shops, Game, ComputerBase, Tool Shops and the Market etc) before i could properly vlog. But i did have some compliments about my jumper, which was to get myself and make the vlog look Christmassy. I was also tempted to buy another fortune but I skipped it since the previous one has NOT come true yet. Also this trio were enjoying themselves with a guitair and having pics with  a custom trophy, which i stared at it for a short while then I walked my way down to look at tool shops for present ideas for my dad.

Some statues and wooden gifts in the rain

Popping into computerbase and it was a nice chat about deciding to go with DDR4 or not, and the rep said it was, also loved gigabyte's RMA, that made me smile. Then the Toolshop was nice, friendly folk but I couldn't decide on what to get him in there, plus my jeans were still wet which was a shame. Then I walked up to the 2nd hand cash converter like stores, saw some deals but as I was walking in to WANTS (the one up from cash converters) and i saw this slim, blue haired girl come in, she had a smile i've seen somewhere before, (I think it was inds but it might click later), she was looking for tablets, probably for some moaner but it was apple related, tempting to butt in but i didn't, you know that lean that girls do sometimes, she did that look, i didn't really get into it since shes not my ideal size (nor is chelsie to be fair) but i passed on speaking to her and carried on my shopping trip.
Also I was given a subway coupon

The view from the market
As I walked on up, I looked into Poundland and saw little difference in stock and since I order from the site more often. But then it came to the mini shop with the decent Goose fair type products, I saw the bags to buy and I saw Emoji cushions which were different ones such as kisses and crying with laughter. But for £5.99 it was worth it as  mini extra to go with the main gift for the ladies.

The emoji cushions for £5.99
The sales lady was such a janner in a nice way, I explained a few mini things for the first time to her, But after paying that and the bags for £3. In  total I spent 14.98 there. I walked out with a smile and carried on to showcase the Christmas Market. This was a nice range of products, from proper pork to sweets and of course the ice rink, it was quite nice.
Sanata being and greeting.
Then I walked on towards Drake's Circus again, (I parked near there remember), and I popped in Card factory to pickup 2 cards for the main present to fit into, which after looking for the right categories, I decided to get a Thank You card along with a cute lovey dovey card for the other present. Eventually the queue was low enough to let me be served, after realizing i spent the cash, i had to use card to spend the £2.08 for the cards. Yup, it was a bit more than i could of gotten them for but its done now and they were pretty good effort so why not..

The cards for £2.08
The next task was actually to focus to get my mums's and dad's presents, which since there was no luck in the tools shop and body shop didn't give me any inspiration without causing awkward moments (she doesn't use body shop stuff anymore). Then my plan was a Clintons trip which was for a Primark giftcard worth £10, a quick happy card sale there and it was browsing for the next set of gifts, Now I was thinking, £10 for mum isn't enough, so i walked back into the mall and it was a Pandora time to browse. 

This was for some reason, making me nervy, maybe since ALL the staff were well suited girls with some having lovely curves and one with a adorable double chin, but some cute faces on slim girls there nontheless, one served me and I stuttered when talking to her, like I was lost. But She guided me to a cute few Pandora rings and she mentioned one which had "one side a mother, the other side a friend" and i blurted "shes nice but i don't get on with her that well", the rep wasn't too shocked but a little unsure of what to do next slightly before she showed some other options, one was a mum with a heart shape, so i bought that one for £30, the queue was long to be fair and i still felt nervy, why i don't know, but I stutter when asking to pay for the ring but it was all paid for and i walked out. 

The Pandora worth £30
Then i walked out and time to have a quick think for another idea for a gift, for a girl my eyes had hearts popping out of them (cartoon style once), so this was a idea to try. So this was a plan. But before that, I had more cards to buy, Gift cards as well as cards to trap those gift cards in. It was back to the winter wonderland shop which I heard "back again" then I replied "I forgot some christmas cards to hold gift cards in", she guided me and a cute snowed up church would do it, 12 cards for £1 is actually quite good. So i went for that.

The cards for £1
 My next plan was Tesco, since that was where another gift card was to be bought, this time for my dad, since he actually nearly forgot to use his one i bought last year up for him. So another £25 from Tesco it was, a quick purchase with mind for the expensive part to come soon. 
The B&Q gift card for £25
Now it was nearing 3:30, ideally i was supposed be leaving for costa by now but instead I was about to buy the main reason for coming here, Krispy Kreme, 3 Giftcards, 2 of them being a card that gives the lucky person a YEARS worth of doughnuts for £89.95 (basically a dozen box per month). So as i get there, its only one person in front of me but there was 2 reps, so the one near me serves me, wearing KK christmas jumpers which looked good, she was a nice looking girl, not dreamy but that friendly look so we ended up doing business, by that i say "can i have 2 red gift cards and one green one please" which she agreed but she had to get her colleague to get another red card, they only keep one at the stall. 

Now the paying, was fun in a odd sense, she said how the signal for orange GPRS was poor, which i agreed and it took 3 attempts to pay £191.85 (about 192) for all 3 cards. But it worked and we ended up chatting and she did try to tempt me to get a dozen for me and i use the fact i'm at my heaviest weight as an excuse to say nope, i felt like an insecure fat guy but as a feeder i can't be like that if i had my dream girl holding my hand, it would make her feel worse than how i would feel, but we chatted and it was really nice of me for the girls she said to me. But then i was offered to wait and so i did. 

The cards, with its glory of expensive colours 
Writing the cards out was quite nice and also there was this person trying to sit on the bags which were right next to me and its struggling enough as it was to write them out in the way i was trying to do, but after waiting for the card, the writing was pretty much nearly done, from a thank you message for the time we last saw each other propely before charley had the ring of heartbreak for me placed on her finger to the other card of best wishes to the other and the card which i felt was an step i've need to start doing more, maybe its the feabie wishlist life thats pushed me for these but meh. 

The cards being written out
 Then it was time to deliver, Now it was Emily's first, sadly she was ill but a colleague of hers, she took it for her to have hopefully tomorrow when she was back in (technically she should of received it on Friday 18th December). Then it was the Green card to deliver, this was a short walk which after the person that served me was unsure who i was trying to deliver to, she took the envelope and thats 2, then it was the journey back via a long route back home afterwards. But To Costa i cycled in 27 minutes.
Delivering the bags

Unparking the bike

Cycling along


A wet sunset appeaing
The night was approaching and it was about 4:35 where i got to costa to drop the last bag off to our favorite barista and friend i've not seen that first weekend in March, well properly seen and spoken to. Sadly she wasn't in so a colleague took it in for me, and a tick happened in my mind since a gift card of the final one was approaching, a £10 costa one. So that paid for, it was time to pack up and endure a dark ride home...

The final purchase, a £10 costa gift card
The ride home was dark, not too scary but there were some near misses with edges, swaying of handle bars, very slow peddling and hills of steep and gradual to deal with, also mud was getting on jeans and some people were honing at me, but my works neighbor did lecture me about a viser, which i have from a Sky Ride vlog years ago. But after 2 hours 30 minutes +, i made it back home. 

A Pitch black Plymbridge Woods

The blur of Bickleigh street lights

A tunnel i was near 

Clearbrook is right here

Somewhere on the way home
Now I got in and it was so good that a bath was ready for me, and that was the end of a wet, exhausting and expensive day, I'm really sorry this took longer than i would of liked to get up, its my energy levels so low recently. But christmas is the blog and maybe a vlog to be in.