Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A Cycle of Hot Errands

This was one of those quick vlogs which basically was me planning something I can't say much on yet. But with the sun out, day off, it's time I did try to complete  a day out in Plymouth.

The morning

I actual was up and fapped until 8 which then I pretty much went toilet and played crash 2 until 8:45 which then I got up and got some emails checked and other bits like a shower and a quick drink. But all in all, it was by 10:12 and I was off for my hour 40 minute cycle to get to town. With roads, vans in the way, lambs crossing paths and the derriford roadworks being chaotic, it was a sign of a longer trips than I thought.

A selfie before going

The nice streets

Passing by the stream #throughglass

a winding cycle path #throughglass

The path in the forest #throughglass

The lane which a van was almost here #throughglass

Passing into the streets of roborough #throughglass

Those roadworks opposite the famous mcdonalds #throughglass

The life centre is just up this hill

The route

The errands

I can't say much here but it was exploring places and asking questions where things like that were fully booked and that made things stressful. But I saw a few new shops and poudland has a nice range of clothes now with pep and co. I also saw the screen protectors in primark which were tempting but I don't think they would sell.

A relaxing afternoon

After attempting the errands, I walked my way to the barbican and relaxed there with a tall ship to the left, sludge in the sea and crowds were gathering and I walked my way to the hoe.

a Tall ship from Bristol

Looking at the tranquil marina

As I walked, I saw the citadel being works in, the see was choppy and I managed to get a place to sit near my usual place.  Thinking about things which  were on my mind and I decided to think about heading my way back which was also back home due the time being 4pm.

The amazing choppy ocean at the hoe

The Journey Back

Then it was a cycle home after walking my way back to Town, The council offices were packing wth #pafc crowds for the Green Army celebration that evening. I also popped into poundworld and noticed a Tango ice lollies pack which included an Apple flavor which tempted me but I said no. Then when I reached the bike and started to cycle back, I was pretty much going to be caught up in Rush hour traffic from when I left.

Just as i was about to leave #throughglass

Subways are a common thing

The roadwork chaos by Mcdonalds

back on the moor lane #throughglass

Sunny paths #throughglass

A downhill into the forest #throughglass

The grenofen Tunnel #throughglass

The route back

Then I got home after a 2 hour 7 minute cycle and then it was just in time for tea. Which was a tuna mix my mum loves to make recently.

For tonight, Tuna mix, Cornish pasty, salad, crisps, jacketpotato, sweet pickle, sweet chilli and mayo

Then that was it, a quick day done and also it was time to get this up after recovering from that ride and stress but it helped in one way but made no effort for me in another. There will be more blogposts and vlogs out this month from the looks of it.