Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Some Wet Work Visits

This was a bit of a rush, especially when I've still at this point got that fireworks vlog to finish off. But work has been busy, especially with 2 trips out and weather changing in-between them. But a trip to plymouth always gets blogged about, since something does happen , well sometimes.

The wake-up

More relaxation in the morning which made me get up at 9:10. I then got changed and did email checking, it also turns out I got on buzzfeed again, this time Australian editors can get offended very easily. But we got ready and after emails or so, left for the bus at 10:10.

I ran down, taking 11 minutes and then making sure I get on the bus, which was only 2 minutes late, I got on and paid £5.50 again then got off by yelverton, before running to the first place I needed to drop something off to.

The first run of call

Getting off from the Bus

I ran and it took me 11 minutes to get to his, which wasn't half bad, he wasn't in so I dropped the item off by his plant pots, left a window open luckily, then I ran my way to the nearest bus stop. This was about  a 8 minute run on the golf links road. I made it :)

The bus stop i ran to

The next step

I waited less than 10 minutes and I saw another bus, I got on it and carried on my journey, I ended up talking to 2 people I know, a former customer that is a nice chap and also another work colleague who got on the. it was a interesting swap at derriford with regards to that. Eventually by 11:40 I was in town and I made my way to the customers. After a toilet, a check on a few things and more.

A cloudy view of Town

That was finished off by 1pm and then I wandered into town with different shops. the BHF and Toys r us were Checked out. some deals and actual rip offs there too. Then I headed my way up, I chatted to another person I work near and he was looking for advice on twitch which that could be an idea.
Then looking in places like GameZone, wants, cash converters and also bright house. it got me some ideas. Then up my way to poundland and that had a few deals in, from mice, earphones and also the usual food and things. It made me have an idea on what to get for Christmas wise. That and it was on the way up.

Visiting Poundworld and less deals and stock, I was tempted on pot noodles and popcorn though.
Then it was on to cex which had  some deals but not many others. Game had more things, it was funny as someone in the Arena wanted a pink keyboard (not just led backlight) and I know the Rock candy would do that trick. I didn't tell her however. At this point, I had a phone call for a customer who wanted me at 4pm, so it meant I didn't have as long as I normally do.

I then wandered to maplin while passing through wants. Not much deals in wants, but maplin actually had a few things that could work. I was very tempted for Google Home though I didn't really need it, so I skipped and bought stuff for work. Then I found out it was 2:50 and the bus to get home was in a few minutes time, so I pelted it up to uni, which I saw it go to the crossing, I stopped there and got on it. a nice relaxing journey awaited me.

The views from the Bus

The next clients

I managed to get back to the bus station by 4pm and got to the customers by 4:10, We chatted and i managed to help him out, while I was there i had a call which means another client to run to. This was 5:50 from one to another, which then i helped him out and also looked at the iphone X. But then by 7pm. I was about to run home but a friend chatted to me. I then got home and found something for work arrived eventually after 3 weeks.

special packages
This was then to have more idea on what to have, bless mum for cooking burgers and chips, but there was a few extras i added like a chicken pie and cadbury roses too. 

The meal for tonight
And that was it, a nice busy day, its delayed getting the vlog up from the Bonfire Night but i will get that up before the end of this week at least.