Sunday, 3 December 2017

A Wet Retail Park Mini Shop

Well, after the events of Dickensian, Christmas has really begun, with the hype up, the Tele has full of adverts and after editing the Dickensian Vlog at 2am. I was up late, but this can be finally be a day to explore a new place, B&M Stores. Which a new one has opened up in Launceston.  So that was the plan.

The Morning ish.

I woke up at 10:55, really feeling drained, with odd thoughts in my head, I felt like i missed something but then I managed to get up after the usual fap. Since lets be clear, things have been really going good with one girl and ok i did break my rule with not spending on Food for girls in November, but the girl i've been chatting too, might be having a chance. Also a customer i've had a soon to be possible chance of meeting up with her. That and i've had arguements with friends in some cases, someone I'm planning for christmas has gotten back with her girlfriend but its making sure on what if i should do, but i've planned it. But I did make a smoothie up after to wake me up. 

The smoothie and advent calendar chocolate for breakfast today

The Cafe before shopping. 

Then after checking and prep, it was about 12:30 we left to get to the retail park, which We then parked in the carpark nearby and went to the Proper Ansome Cafe where we all had a roast for £5.95. With it you get, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, sprouts, peas and carrots. I added some brown sauce to the mix for some extra kick to the meal, it worked wonders. There was also a cute waitress that smiled at me and looked beautiful too.

The Roast turkey 

That was nice and parents did had a chat with someone they knew again we saw in the same place a few months back, then we got to go and have a look at B&M. 

Leaving the cafe

The time at B&M. 

Well this place does have more than bargains, we got the car parked and then we finally walked in, the trolley we were going to use was broken. But we got in and deals everywhere, from toys to speakers, Mugs too, but I did point out a few ideas for what I might get. There was also no Santa costumes either, which is making things hard to plan the Christmas shopping vlog too. But after a few ideas, I personally bought nothing, but mum and dad did get a fair few bits from groceries to gift sets 


The browse at peacocks. 

This was always the store with meh things, Clothes really is not a fan of mine, but some ideas like belts and more, like belts that would be able to squeeze my thighs a little bit more to help me get in the same pair of jeans since even though my weight has only gone up slightly this past year, its showing on thighs a bit more. But some of the clothes in there were very old fashioned which didn't really suit me. I did see someone I work with as well But a gift idea for my sisters boyfriend, Toilet Golf for £6.00 anyone. 

Toilet Golf
The look from Peacocks

The unsure Shoe Choices, 

Now it was time to get a choice on Shoes. My parents were asking about new walking shoes for Christmas, it was hard to decided on some steel toe caps or waterproof shoes. I eventually saw some shoes that were similar to what i have but with steel toe caps, which means Rosie might have her teeth broken from her biting my shoes. But Its life, then more shoes were looked at and my dad was really pushing me for Boots, but i really don't like Boots. 

The look in the land of the Pound, 

Then we come across Poundland, with so many ideas, the cables I was looking for was not there but bags i might need, costume ideas, aloe vera juice and other things too. I was still thinking on Ideas for work, maybe some Xmas decorations, but in the end I walked out and we left by 4ish. 

A walk in the field. 

#Dogwalkingwithomracer was the time when we got home, it was fresh and minus a few bits of spitty rain, we made the effort to try to tire rosie out, but after 20 minutes, we got home and it was time to rest up, have dinner and get this up while talking to someone i've not spoken to in over a Month since laziness. The tea was some nice noodles, salad and even some extra bits of pickle too. I did have that Mugshots noodle with rice and madras curry powder before. 

For tonight, Crisps, Noodles, Salad, Potato Salad, Ham, 

Then that is it, I might try and get to a B&M stores for a vlog, but I know this year i will have to skip on the Santa outfit. But we will see where it takes me. In the next blogpost soon.