Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas 2017: The Early meetup on Christmas Eve

Christmas actually begins for me here. With family events changing to have Boxing day fun on Christmas Eve, it now feels different and also things have been hetic. But things have been busy too. Family always is nice to catch up and maybe truths will be told. But lets begin.

Christmas Eve Eve. 

The final saturday of working before Christmas, tired at 3am from video editing the Christmas Haul video. 

The Mug and Bethesda Pins for a special goodbye

The Greggs Gift for a peng friendly twitter mate

The Presents Wrapped
But that was done and finally with work finishing with Games sold, advice given and also a last minute mince pie and even a customer to see when I got home from work, with talking and walking home with my Parents. IT felt like a nice way to end the night, well that and food then watching a film too.  I did weigh in at 191.6 to see how it would grow after Boxing day, it probably would.

The mince Pie from work, I just ate the crust since mince Pies aint my liking

The meal. Ham, Crisps, Salad, Wraps, Scone, Ketchup, Yogurt & Mint and Mayo along with chicken sprinkle

But alas it was then time for a shave before a night time to prepare for the festivities, the last bite of the advent calandar chocolate, the smile on my face that both of the gifts.  Also it was another girl's birthday, So hannah got £20 via PayPal. But the anticipation of this was enticing, since a Black Friday deal was given to someone who has no clue on what I actually bought, Also work discounts with Playstation Coasters is cool too.

Oh Christmas Eve...

The Wet Morning

So, my eyes awoke at 8:46, a sunday and with clouds out and the dog started barking. It was nice to check the internets and chatting to Katie on Kik, Since technically i haven't got her anything for christmas but to be fair, I might be ordering food for her more next year and a goal of meeting up with her. So spending now might be over the top. Considering I've spent over £200 on Christmas already But then I got up and it was time to get changed before #dogwalkingqwithomracer. 

This was the time we went to monksmead and back, knowing my luck, I had a call from a customer from the job I did last night, I could hardly hear him too which didn't help, But none the less, we walked, played ball with Rosie and walked up back on the main road. About 40 minutes long. 

#Dogwalkingwithomracer on Christmas Eve

Afterwards I got back and checked e-mails and got some admin done as well as type some of this up before getting a show and by 11:50, we were off to the event.

A selfie before leaving. 

The Journey. 

Well, we drove to my sister's flat, the rain was drizzle and also the mind was running with ideas and how things go. But we got there and it was a quick wait before my sister got in and then we were off.  a trip to the cardinal's hat. 

The wait before we head off

We were all catching up with sisters life from this to that to the other and the day out mum and dad had yesterday. Then we got there, with cloudy antics and a nice amount of people around.

Arrving at the Pub for Christmas

The meal. 

We got in and was greeted by my cousin as well as then the others before kisses and I sat at the near end of the table, with mum and dad on the side of me, but then my sisters boyfriend did ask if I wanted a drink, so I had a glass of water to be safe. But it was nice to chat to a few people but I was mostly quiet anyway. Then the first part of the meal arrived. Some Festive Soup with bread. I did taste a chicken-esque one. But i did burn my tongue on it from eating it too early I think. 

The Festive Soup
After that, someone shouted about Pulling Crackers, so we did and I had one b ut my dad didn't get any. My purple hat ripped quite quickly really. The frog was nice and a bad joke. 

The Joke, hat and Frog

But after talking and a short wait, it was time to have the Main Turkey. Well actually 10 minutes later we managed to get veg and that was added on to make the meal. There was sauced which was next to a Carvery as well but the roast we had were not from the Carvery. 

The Roast Turkey and extras
But then it was enjoying that as well as making sure that I didn't over do it, and I was close to overdoing it. But it was worth it, my shirt was getting tight, if i was dating and that happened to her, I would be pretty attracted to that. But that plate was emptied anyway.  Sister's boyfriend made a joke about needing a wheelchair to be getting me out from over eating. 

The empty plate
After we were more chatty with everything from games to cars to farmers and the like, but it was then time for the amazing and rich Chocolate brownie. Which this can make it easier to gulp down, it was with Ice cream as well.

The Chocolate Brownie and Ice cream along with  Icing. 

The deserts were really rich as well. I know alot of people couldn't handle the richness in the food but it was really really tasty and i felt pretty full and sickly full for the rest of the afternoon, it was lucky I was not having to worry about walking anywhere. But then while people went toilet and secretly paid for it, we then had some coffee and teas and last drinks before we finally left and it was slightly darker in the clouds. But we got into the car and then we were off to pick up my Sister and her boyfriend since they had to drop their car off. 

The Presents and tea.

Then we got to theirs and once picked up, a radio heart listen while heading to my Uncles. With the rain starting to pick up a little bit. But we got there by 3pm-ish and it was okay to be the last ones there. But we got in and noticed some new features and then more greetings before we sat in the small, cosy living room and we finally got around to me handing out the #presents for a #village even though in the end it felt like 4 boxes worth. But I was the one on my knees and handing it out. From the mat I got, to magazine subscriptions uncles got and there was even more presents for all. 

There was some funny moments and one of those moments was a bit of a direct fat related mark from my Grandad's Fiancee to my auntie who isn't even fat, we all laughed, i did dream about something similar comment wise like this with someone from feabie, maybe with Franks but looking back, it was one of those things I've done. 

But then it was tea and there was some nice meals like a Gammon that was marinated in Coca Cola, Onions, Garlic and something else and it was actually really tasty. I mean succulent. But that with salad, crackers, crips and chutney. But it really made things nice too. I had seconds since the salad, chutney and crackers with gammon was too good to pass up. 

The tea for Xmas Eve, Gammon, Crisps, Chutney and Chutney

A heading back wet evening

 Then it was soon to be the end of the night. We had to make our way back home and drop off my sister too. But we got things packed and also iI ended up forgetting the money I got given which is a bummer but once we loaded the car and I sat in the back, we drove from the uncle's back to my sister's place, talking about what happened and the banter as a recap of what went on. Then we dropped my sister and we said our goodbyes until tomorrow for her and another time for him, then it was a car ride to home with the mat next to me in the car. 

WE then got home and it was time for me to Walk Rosie in the dark field. But with rain and LED leads, we could see her easily. It was pretty heavy rain though too. 

In the dark, heading towards the field

The rain on the way back 
Then it was looking at the presents and making this up and relaxing while watching a movie. Life it was called, but the Advent calendar had been finished with a Galaxy twirl inside it. The presents I did okay with though they were unique or I purchased on the Black Friday Sale via Steam or via Work. 

The end of the Advent Calendar 

The Presents I got for this Christmas so far. 
But then it was time to get things relaxed up and prepare for the big Event which is Christmas. Things will be good and smarter for me too. 

For Now, Merry Christmas and hope it all works out.