Monday, 26 March 2018

A Spectra Sunday after Time

One of those interesting days to say the least with a bit of chatter and some plans thought out, we don't end up doing much but its things to do anyway. There was going to be a vlog however there was not enough clear footage to see what even was done today so its just the blog.

The morning. 

To put this, time was changed, waking up with a later mind on me and now with the clocks gone forward, i've been waking up at 7am more often recently and this maybe was a sign of time. But I eventually got up at 9:30. After fapping and it seems the girl I was meant to meet up with and blocked me, is now talking to me again and things are going great. But I got myself ready for what ever was going to  happen, with possibly meeting a cute girl who owns a popular online store that some TV show celebs have purchased from. But i had to meet Torchy at 10:30, or so I thought, but a snap from him was a fair play but 12:20 was the time. Not a problem so I walked the dog with mum and was chatting to a cute girl just before that. I've chatted to her for a while and shan is really down to earth but moved in so no luck. The weather was actually quite warm for what went on today.

The Canal when #dogwalkingwithomracer

As I got back, I got some little admin bits done here and there before getting changed properly at 11:45 and leaving by 11:50 to run down to Tesco and have a browse. 

The Browse and wait. 

So, it was a run in the warm sun for a change, But 9:34 was a quick time to get there in and I visited tesco. Which had some deals in there such as J20 and also Walkers Sensations, also the gaming side had some Micro SD cards for £17 to get a 64GB one, thats a decent deal, but alas, I then walked over to Lidl for one last peek.

The sign and the Sky

with the usual junk food amazing me like £3.99 for big ass celebration cakes. That and more crisps and deals everywhere, Also a beard trimmer i might have might have to be returned, power banks made a return.Then I was waiting with traffic for 45 minutes, but about 1pm and Torchy arrived.

The Car antics. 

Well actually me and torchy were chatting about things, but the sun was glazing and we made our way to B&Q while we are trying to contact that lucky lady. But alas she didn't reply to snap and voicemail was locked out. So we got there and went to buy a Stanley knife, we got  one and I had to show my Id to buy it, or he showed his after. But it was just a quick trip. 

B&Q again
We then had a detour, to PC world, this was intriguing and as we got there in the hot sun, talking about things and the highway being normal. We got in there and it was nicely vamped up, with going to the gaming kits and seeing some gaming laptops, talking on memes and other things. But just as we left and some truths were learned. I bought a Now TV pass for Cinema for £15 then left with him.

It was then talking about laptops before we got to get back to the Flat. From MSI, Dell and Alienware being shown offed, but then we decided to get some things. We walked down to Co Op.

The views from the shop

A streaming time 

Then we got to the flat and we checked on deals for laptops and then it was chilling until 5pm and then he had to pick his girlfriend up. The stream was full of ramdom antics and rage quits and deaths, but then the internet packed up so trying to fix that was the start of it. But that went on until 7pm. But that was 
It was one of those amazing sunset drives, with nice music and well somewhat deep chats, about plans with the event, what we should be planning, money and work too. But it felt right and reminded me of summer trips away too. But eventually we drove back to Tavi and then I ran back home. With nice sunny views in mind, it was fuzzy to remember but it was really good. The run was just at 15 minutes which felt fast. 

The run home
When I got home, I managed to get some dinner cooked of some noodles and scone and extras. It was actually tasty even if i didn't drain the water as much as I should, people kicked off but boy it was filling. 

The Meal for tonight

And there we have it, things turned nice and relaxing with a bath and getting this up, but with hopefully some streams in the next week or 2 before another spectra day out, I'll be catching up before a trip of a lifetime. but for now, its easter week, enjoy it and maybe a egg to review.