Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter Sunday Spectra Tiling

Well we are at it again with more decoration, eventually the footage will go up but this was a wet day but things were productive. I mean there was more people helping out and banter was all in. Sit back, read on and maybe watch what went on.

Insert Vlog here

Waking up to the delay. 

It was about so and so am,actually normal time, I was up after those cute night chats and also buying her Chinese food a few days before since she wants to be 40 stone and is a cute 26 stone, but hey, things might get better with her. But I got up and then a shower was ready. Which after the shower, I saw some nice Easter eggs, with also winning prizes for a hat competition in work on the Good Friday.

The hat my mum customized

She won the competition for it 

The easter eggs as I woke up
Then I was about to run down and Torhcy then said he would be ready by 11:15, so it was a quick match of fortnite and building and also getting 4th place. But it was then a quick #dogwalkingwithomracer before returning from the field at 11am and then my dad decided to drop me down to lidl and torchy was already there. So we got in his car and he checked tweets while we were waiting for another member.

The Drive and chatter. 

He eventually turned up and then after we had to drop off his car then we got to drive to his, with nice hip hop and catchup chatter for their end and also for other things about plans and there was a vlog that was started. But the roads were wet and traffic was quite busy to be fair. Eventually we got there and then it was time to start on getting this project underway. 

The decorating. 

Well this was with the tiling, with diy things to get done and some top banter, from live streams and twitter feeds too. But we got footage done on how it was getting along. But we were going for about 2 hours before it was time for a mini trip out. 

The start of the Tiling 

The trip out. 

As we were decorating, we were running out pads and also other bits and pieces, we decided for a Road trip, which was to a few places...

Transit Troubles.

Well, our first stop was to Transit way, which we googled and thought was closed and maybe should of gotten fuel but we drove there and it looked like a deserted puddle, empty and wet. But we parked up and I ran to Tesco and it was actually closed, I ran back to the car and this chap said "Sainsbury's by the roundabout", so that was where i think it was, which was by the flyover. 

Sainsbury's shenanigans:

We drove to the flyover, with the highway road back in play and we managed to get in lane to get to the Sainsbury's, the car park was not empty but then we vlogged were made it there and hype when it was actually closed.

the flags of a store thats closed. 
But we then go off to Costa in Marsh mills for a 3pm lunch. We went to the drive thru, but that was after we have a trip to halfords, which was for double sided tape and also for some other bitaa. From then we got some Bacon baps for £2.00, Since it was costa, i didn't get anything. But then we went to fuel up. 

Tesco Top ups. 

So, for the next bit, we went to somewhere a bit more easy. A tesco express which was actually pretty packed. But we got out and then various things were bought, from peperami to sushi and others between. But Chicken sushi for £1 is ideal. 

The chicken sushi for £1.00

But then we had to head back to the flat but head back to tesco to get things for torchy's fiance, but then we drove back and carried on work.

The Streams of decorating. 

We carried on and things were going preoductive and great. But we eventually ran out of adhesive glue. So i popped down to Co Op to get one, and well a run in a rain and for £2.79 for glue + £1.02 fort a egg and cress sandwich, it was nice. 

The glue and the sandwich

Then the streams were the fun part, Mi Life got us 93 viewers, Insta live got 25 and these 2 streams  as well.

The room was looking actually great.

Torchy and the streaming room's progress

But alas all things come to an end when its about 8pm and we decided it was the end. Now torchy dropped me and Chris off, while listening to chillout music and also chats that were deep but it made me realize how far for my love life has to go to get thing better, but with the event in April. Times will change or i'm stabbed to death, we will see where it goes. .

But then I got home about 8:50 and it was a nice roast turkey before heading to bed and chatting to a the same cute girl from this morning. but time to go....