Wednesday, 25 April 2018

omracer's Holiday: An Browse around Shoreditch

This was more of a quick time killer but things went deep in the beginning and exciting, the vlog is below:

A heart to heart shock chat

So it is a time of toilet breaks, I go to the toilet, I get a jump scare when I see the beautiful host of the Airbnb sitting on the floor, so with me and actually only a hoodie and pants on, we start chatting which really opens my mind up, with culture, transport, waste and even a fox walks past outside . but it's nice to vent, even with someone you really find attractive, like sure I was a bit loled out where I bluntly said o like girls as big as doorways, she giggles a little bit but we both have had. Past horrible dating experiences .she goes deep, I got deeper she semi-repeat like even the place is run but we will see what happens. But I did say my goodbyes at 2 am since she wanted to go to sleep and waiting for this Airbnb guest can be so delayed and getting lost in log-in is such an easy thing to do.

The productive morning

Then I fall asleep by 2:20, eyes open at 6:30 and I crash until 7:30, which then I call mum and dad to check up on them, they are ok and dad said the weather was starting to change, he was right in one way. But after this, i decided to get up and started editing some of Fridays vlog which i got most of it done in 4 hours, well after various drinks and 1 mini bag of Oreo minis, i was ready to wander out, decided, not to take glass with me. I eventually left at 12:30. But the pics are of the airbnb.

The shower room

The toilet

The Kitchen

A long walk to get to Shoreditch,

This was where a friend I've bight food for and got to know works so i made my effort to travel and visit. The all was long winded by omg it was really nice to see everything out and around. From the market that I've never seen but had so many things, i tasted some chilli that have me a kick in the throat, to the juices on off they looked so tempting but not worth the £2.00.

Heading towards borough

The way to the tate

The flea market on the way to Borough

Got to Borough Market

The entrances

The inside of the market

Street cooking

More of the market

Then I was walking my way to London bridge, which had a nice posh vibe around it and you can really see the development of buildings, the posh ground and also the other push shops and mini markets around.

Nearing london bridge

The posh complex with the tower at the end. 
Facing the Tower Bridge

Views of the other side of the river

More views

I then got to the bridge, it was crowded, the sun was out and also so many selfies and pics which really does say how things are.But there was some clouds in the sky that really might change things. But t was then a long wander via streets and streets until I made it to Brick Lane.

Passing the Tower Bridge

The views from the river

The Tower of London

The bridges 

The walking around 

We made it to brick lane

The Browse in a familiar area,

This reminded me of Plymouth in one way with street markets, and as i got up the road, there was so many little shops I never thought would exisit, like indian sweet shops and it had a nice pasty feel to it, small IT shops that reminded me of Gadget repair and CEX, but also the amount of indian and eastern asian restaurants was astounding, like 3 next to each other at the minimum.

Heading down the street

A route to another part of the Shoreditch area 

Then I wandered to the market which was just below where chadders works, so I browsed there and as i past, Salt and pepper chicken appears, like OMG WUT, I wanted that and after not eating since the Thursday with the Plugin event. I must have this, so I had it in my head, but the rest of the market felt more hippy jewellery style.  

The entrance to the Backyard Market
Artworks on the Walls

Then I walked up to the shop, seeing some ideas and then I saw her, she said hi and her voice was husky and we chatted, she has that same glow irl as the selfies, the eyes stand out alot more but it felt nice talking to someone who I did like but her lifestyle isn't the best for my hearts desires, besides she was wishing me look for the speed dating even later that night. We then had a selfie, before I said goodbye, to be honest it feels like a not forever goodbye.
Me and Chadderz

Getting lunch, 

This took a few attempts but finding a cheap place to get a drink was the first goal, so down the brick lane road I go before i found something, But even with popping in a amazing area full of people and nice street art as it was. But I eventually found a place that did £0.29 strawberry cartons. £0.58 for the 2. 

The 2 Strawberry Cartons for £0.58

Then it was to try out and buy the Salt & Pepper Chicken, which I also had a taste of Iraqi chicken which was sensational as well, i mean it was overwhelming the taste of it, But for £7.00 for Teriyaki Chicken, Salt and Pepper Chicken AND Noodles, its a good deal. 

The Teriyaki Chicken, Noodles and Salt and Pepper Chicken for £7.00

I then made my way further west for finding a nice seat...

The Look for seating, 

This was like a road to nowhere, it felt hard to get a seating space, but eventually I found one about 20 minutes walking away, it was a little wall with some ball game wall behind it, it was quite nice. And the street art when getting there was good too. 

More buildings 

More Bridges 

Graffiti looks amazing

£7.58 for the lunch

A nice little courtyard to eat around at

Then it was time to leave and wander my way back, 

A Draining Wander

I don't know what happened but I was feeling thirsty and actually weary at this point, but I wandered through places like Islington. That and I managed to taste a bit of the Elderflower Fanta, since a local store had a £1.20 500ml  bottle when its £1.99 in central london. So i tried that and it was actually amazing. A nice sweet taste but you can still see the taste in Fanta lemon in it as well. 

Fanta Shokata

Then I wandered and passing places i've never heard of, feeling weaker as i was walking and eventually I managed to get myself back to the airbnb to try to edit the friday vlog but Ended up crashing out and that leads on to the next vlog...

Smithfield Market
The Bridge nearby Blackfriars

More Buses and crossroads

This is blackfriars Station, across the bridge

The slushie at Waterloo Grill for £2.00

I finally got back to the airbnb and there was a nice feel in what I will be accomplishing later on... But for then, I had to have a rest.