Thursday, 26 April 2018

omracer's Holiday: The Indulge Night out

Now we being the exciting and deadly event, nights out in londkn, which actually might not have much vlogging of the night out but I will try my best.

Now we begin , I had a power nap between 5 and 6 which helped me so Much. But then it was editing, which took a hour and a bit before having to leave by 7:30, that was the goal.
That was a rush with the getting changed, but I got nicely prepped up whole calling my nan to check in if I'm ok. But then by 7:35, I  tried to pelt it.

Getting lost

I was close but no cigar, I was lost, running around in circles, crowds around, screaming on top of my lungs, swearing in the sunset, but I managed to find my way to The Windsor which was right next to a train station.


Passing the underground station

The sunset around London

More views from the Blackfriars Bridge

Getting lost 

We made it 

The Speed dating

So it was a fun blast, there was so many conversation topics on point here. Like manic ones from jobs, to comics with jay and a chap that's lived in Paris or 20 year. But as I got in, I got a sticker and some cards against humanity, never played it before bug I forgot he jisg of it quickly. 3 girls did drop out. But by 9:30, we began.

The cards I got given, White Privilege , Whipping it out and A fanny Fart

The band and mi band

Lady 1: 

She was a lovely girl to casually to get on with and we had a blast with cards against humanity. Going into the medical profession is also a smart choice too. But we did enjoy chatting about me getting up here by myself. I had to joke about luton and she said "not being in it" when saying about Luton. She was a bit surprised about not having much places to shop minus the market.
It was more also me boasting about a holiday and her voice is cute too.

Then it was roating clockwise and my next date was to approach.

Lady 2: 

This one was quite nice, she was near the airbnb from what she said, but we also did take pics of some of the combos since she really wanted to win the prosecco, shes a competitive one. Shes a councillor  which is a very nice occupation its one of those deep moments, or maybe not.

Break 1: 

So i ended up chatting to a chap whos one of the reps for a group of bigger meetups and things like that, he had that enthusiastic charm to it and really liked what he was doing, but 3 minutes of hell he joked, actually nah, I got on ok with him. But bits and pieces ended up to the 3rd lucky lady. 

Lady 3: 

Now this lady was doing an access to science degree after taking a year out for it which is nice. We did laugh about some options for the cards against humanity. It was one of those college courses for Vet nursing, which reminded me of Ruby a little bit. She has to be a dog lover obviously, with 2 dogs and all. But i did mention Rosie and Aries (before she passed away bless her), which then it was time for another change. 

Lady 4:

This time, I was introducing myself, a bit of a boaster on the work side again, she lives in London and a bit of oxford, it was amazing how she was excited when i was chatting. I might of over done it in case, which referencing about how bad internet dating it and also the dates with Gracie, aka #lifehacks. But, "you'll end up remembering me one way or another". But she was partially blind from what I remember. 

Lady 5: 

This was a lady from brazil, but lived in London. , lovely arms, lush black hair and wide and it was nice in a flower dress and all, but said i lived quite far, but she worked for Deezer which is a nice app, mentioning a client of mine who had issues with app. But we joked with the cards and she suited white privilege to one of them really well, very relate able in her words. Whipping it out didn't go as well as i Planned, like with dick picks. But then it was the 10 seconds mark, which then it was then time to change. 

Break 2:

Another quick gap and it was nice to see how things went on, I said how much i learned. But then it was with a mate of his called Mervin i think, with the peaky blinders hat look right thee.

Lady 6: 

HOLY SHIT, the enthusiastic one, i like this girl alot, shes amazing, so she asked what part of Devon I was, she travelled to Cornwall. But then I asksed about her job and working in heathrow, it was amazing to gaze to lean about the risks of life, but she was spot on about things and I learned alot about the deep parts of heathrow that i never really realised about the place. Shes a short drive and the middle of nowhere for her as well. But she felt I enjoyed my job and she knows so many that hated her job. But with short hair, blue dress pillow arms and amazing eyes, I knew i had a crush on her.

Lady 7: 

This was the fun awkward moment I thought she was from Scotland and shes actually from the newcastle area and I enjoyed the evening, she was interested about devon a bit too. But she was actually a manager for a charity which is actually a bit more involved. It was called Headway, which was for adults with brain injuries and the support included. But from admin, fundraising and the bookeeping, she really can do so much, but then she asked about the GDPR and how thats affected me. 

And back to the first one, 

Well it was then back to the first lucky lady, it was a bit of a relief to learn about all these lucky people, she found interesting meeting up with everyone. She was trying to get rid of sweets as well, then she told me on how she gave up sugar, like sugar as an aphrodisiac (trying not to bluntly says it and like an "amazing substance". Then I told her about gfuel, of all things... but she was a sugar free sweetheart, but shes not a vegan in any means :D.

Then that was it, the speed dating was over and club indulge was about to begin. 

The club and chat in the smoke, 

There was so many little things going on, it almost felt like own groups in one way or another, but I mingled with a few, sure I went toilet before hand, but then it was mingling with couples from Manchester, a few guys from the smoking area, with the artificial grass. But I chatted to a few, like everyone was shocked that I had an escort for a date, also when admitting I was a feeder, one of the girls think it was Doreen's friend, asked If I've ever done it with a Tube, like actually i WANT to. But i did say I've fed in public, but cloe did says she chatted to a recovering porn addict that was a feeder, but she didn't like the thought of someone fapping to her when eating pancakes, even put that on tinder, yes that does mean no chance with her but later on she found someone anyway. 

Then later on i chatted to 2 girls who actually i follow on feabie and didn't actually know or must of but didn't mention, but they were lovely too, I danced with them a couple of times, but her and her friend were cute and sqishy to say the least. 

But going back upstairs and chatting to this girl with her friend, she was called Jasmine, she was very round and with the nice eyes, curly blonde somewhat afro style hair, we chatted and she actually said that indulge might do an event in a new nightclub in Plymouth, which made me guess Fever, which one of Torchy's mates had a punch up in there on the first night. Which that gave me ideas, but for now I left her drinking her big cup of cokctail or what it was. 

But then I got talking to one of that chaps from earlier, which actually hes a GFX artisit for a indie firm called pietop, but he was saying how he wants the game he's working on to get published by SE, which i might get him in touch with them about it when the time comes. Like i think some ideas would work for him, but then we were dancing later anyway.

But then it was more conversation with a few others, Tulula i think she was called along with her hubby, she reminded me of someone in looks, But both being mancunions reminded me of Elise and Tash at the very least, both settled down with others now. But we chatted she was a bit shocked about me being from devon, but her friends, one slightly more of a casual look was chatting ans we did grind on each other later on.

It was then getting towards midnight and the rain was starting to take ahold, it put some people off but some decided to have a natter outside still. Also i met more girls from feabie, along with chaps that were talking about the past and also a "Revolution is coming" type talk, but it wasn't my cup of tea for it happening to be real. That and a chap that was pretty much a decent cosplayer with some good crafting skills which we watched a lightsaber fight in an airport somewhere.

It started raining a little bit at this point
But then it was soon to be a bit of dancing with dirty steph, more chatting with Jasmine who was closed and some of the ladies had lucky guys to escort them out and it was nearing the end with different songs. There was even hint of me getting with steph or i really can't remember the older lady with the curly black hair and red dress and nice n wide.
More chatter, dancing, grinding and its the end by 2am. 

The end maybe....oh FFF OFF, lets just wait then

Well that last bit, it was the actually saying goodbye once it was 2am and everyone was pretty much told to fuck off, so some of us just hanged out by the benchs, with me, 3 girls and 3 other guys, deciding where to go next for some munch, remember like some people were eating crisps druing the night cause fat :D. But anyways it was deciding where we should all go, with KFC and some places shut, we found out a place called POLO bar, its a reminder of what Goodbodies is for me. So we checked uber, it was like £6, but actually the choice ended up the 4 ladies went in a uber with mohamed (yup) while one of the chaps offered us a lift to the Place in liverpool street. 

But i was close to getting a selfie with them, but hopefully next time or when i get chance to meet up there would be an amazing time. But around the block a few times and we got to the car, one of the french guys asked why i was taking pics, maybe i should of been more honest and lost this chance altogether.

But we got in the car and then Ed managed to drop me and Said and the other chap off while trying to find a parking space.

The Polo meal

So, we got out, we walked our way to a queue and saw the lovely ladies and we then have to wait outside, which there was about 7 of us (8 if ed got back, which i was a bit worried about it, even more than seeing lovely ladies eat). But then we all chatted and waited for life to pass us by when eventually we got in. 

Polo Bar 

Then we got down to the bottom part of the restaurant, it had that decent american diners feel, but we all got squeezed in the seats, with Dorreen next to me and i was pretty much on the end, the other chaps got squeezed in, lucky peeps, but then I kept checking if Ed was coming back, I told the bouncer that we were in if he found us, but then it came to ordering. From chicken ceaser wraps, fish finger sandwiches, burgers and then there is me with Apple Juice and Chips for £5.70.

The chips and drink for £5.70

But chatter and gazing at lips alas had to end, but I helped someone call for their taxi and she even offered for me to come with her, but I don't think she was near Waterloo at all, but I decline, since one experience is not being stabbed when running to the airbnb at 4am in London. But when they were all out, I should of really filmed the goodbye, but I said my goodbyes and decided to run back. 

The run in the empty streets

There was a hint of light appearing, but I pelted my way back, getting lost even with the phone on with maps in front of me, but it took about 20 minutes or so to get back to the airbnb, with different roads to take, some guys sitting at hotel steps and empty streets in the busiest city in the UK. It was a nice change before my last day of London was to finally happen.

Leaving Liverpool Street

Those clear roads

Lit up blackfriars

That night sky 
And then by 4:20, I got back, feeling thrilled from what big but baby step I might of accomplished, sure i didn't pull with my dream girl, but I made friends along the way, some i would love to fall for, some I might have to argue with, but the main thing is, I didn't die yet. But then it was time to get the friday vlog actually finished which was then the time for the final event. 

I will see you for then.