Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Grey Carnival around the world (Tavistock Carnival 2018)

Its the carnival season again and with the world of summer approaching. 9 Years of twitter caught up and also work has a costume day to celebrate #tavicelebrityhunt which actually hardly went very well in terms of online but meh. But with the theme of "countries around the world" (very similar to the Olympic theme back in 2016). it was going to have something fun to say the least....

The vlog is below:

The Working as Laurel.

Well there is a competition on in work for the annual summer event, take selfies with celebrity cardboard cut outs, thats cool and something new, then show off the selfies for a chance to win prizes. Nice, but setting that up actually was easy in the end. But it was the costume to order, now i really should of followed my WB rep's advice and go as mr incredible since i'm doing a selfie competition with a chance to win a copy of the game, well either way i've lost money doing that so fine when it comes to august. But work has been just busy in slight bursts. But i did take a selfie before leaving for work today anyway, it was a nice costume. Quite expensive at £30 ish from Joker's Masquerade. turns out i was running with my phone and wallet in my hat too. 

The selfie

I got to work about 9:10 and customers were al;ready waiting, that teaches me for fapping in the mornings daily to keep me feeling happy eh, but then it was a massive tidy up and that was a stressful task and even made me overcharge and then refunded half of that overcharge, but printer backs are not easy to see. But then the day went on, and eventually it was 4:30 and time for me to get back home to prepare whats been going on, I was meant to finish the catchup blogpost and running with things nearly falling out is just a accident waiting to happen but didn't. 

Leaving work and seeing the carnival fairgound

The evening to procession. 

Well it was nearly 6:30 and i decided to make my way down there, since I would only find somewhere to sit and then get back to getting this up afterwards, since well, not much is down in Tavi for me now, like meh. But hey, no videos would be done if i didn't do this. not this blogpost. But a shower and jeans to put on before getting down there for 6:45 would do it. since down road from 6:30 is still a good 15 minutes away walking time. 

The mini sub of an artic bar, mayo and ham. 
I ran down in tight jeans, which actually i didn't take too long, like 11 minutes by the time i got to the point when a mini bus was parked in the middle of the road and that was then full of crowds waiting to see the procession which was actually quite near us already. I found a place on the road and then sat and watched it go by, lucky i bought the power bank with me since it needed it but from 95 down to 20 in under and hour is NOT GOOD. 

The procession starts #throughglass

Lets start

blurred martial arts

More things

By but about 7:20 it was over, the last van was passing by, people were just moving back into the town, pretty quickly i might add, but there was a few bits of floats that were the same, not sure how starwars related to countries of the world, same with high fiving deadpool but there were some that stuck to the theme, but most overlapped. Thats a bit of a shame really. But hey, its all done now and after exploring the fair and seeing overpriced slushies, it was time to head back home.

The fairground of how blank it looks 

More sights around

But I then ran back and there was some hen party with the bus at the bus station, right past a bus that was leaving for the end of the day to park it up, well it was a bit of a odd one, but the weather cleared up for it to be honest. But then it was time to gulp 3 pints of squash with ice and get this up, i didn't actually sleep until 2am but at least the video is up.

Now i'm working for 6 days a week (if business partner is struggling to cover) then its gonig to be a stressful time to get videos and posts up and I will try my best, besides we have the Fireworks in August, we have maybe a day out or 2 and Team spectra is in limbo for the momento too.

all the best