Saturday, 18 May 2019

omracer's Holiday: The Fun at Plug-in (Day 2)

Well, its day 2, the fun tech day and feelings were high, sure the money was being used and also my energy was tested but now I can finally get things moving. The vlog is below.

Now we started by waking up at 6 after sleeping at 3am due to the fun of wifi issues and uploading from the middle of nowhere. There was this odd buzzing sound that was happening too. But I got up by 7 and finished up the blog post minus the pics and videos since that was later on today.

Then it was the standard tour of the Airbnb.

The kitchenette

The heater and the chair

Cupboards and stuff

The Mirror

The toilet

The Shower thats tricky

The lovely garden

The allotment and car park 

More Gardens 

The Badger hut

Inside with the pumpkins

The mattress foam

Nice and scenic


More trees

The sun outside 

The cows in the fields

More Fields 

But then another shower was needed and I had it then got changed and chose lemon and lime feel this time and it was quite sharp in all honesty.

The gfuel and bits 

After phone calls to S and christea and family. I spoke to the Airbnb host and bless little money greeting me and giving him a belly rub. But by 9:30, I was in a hoodie and shirt and ready to run,

The run

It was tedious but I made it to THE WING in 1 HOUR, 10 minutes, fuck that is good. Christea called JUST AS WE MADE IT there, but it's important since I can't wait to see her tomorrow. I really cant.
I got in and they didn't have a card for me and so the time came to wait and then after drying off soaked sweat in the toilets, it was 11 and the seminar was about to begin.

The hut




More running 

The border to silverstone 

around the course

The view of the Wing

The Start 

But then it ended and christea text me since she was hungry and feeling needy, which I liked But the cloud wifi was playing up a bit sadly. Then it was time to get lunch.

The start of the day, cinnamon swirl and orange diluted water 

Waiting for it to start 


Now lunch was an odd one since the queues were massive so I nicked a desert place and filled a pecan tart along with some salad extras which tasted SOOO GOOD, especially that tomato chutney on it as well. That was peng.

The first course 

Orange juice was also on tap so who could blame me for getting some. But then it quieted down and I managed to get chilli as well as more salad extras.
The second course 

As I was eating that, I managed to upload the pics from the 1st post so it's just to add those in when I'm in the next Airbnb since else I'll have no sleep later this night which isn't good. But It managed to upload the pics and 1st vlog quite nicely.

The Browse

But then it was time to explore the exhibitions and that is work stuff I didn't see much of but there were some cool things like the #rogbus, the #smarthome and how relatable even companies like Norton can be. I also learned of new things to expect which customers might like, finally found a way to get new cardboard piercings and realised things are going end of life.,

One of the Exhibits 

The #ROGBus

Inside the #ROGBUS

I also tried Forza on the Playseats but was NOT good at all, but I managed to film and drive reasonable ok. But then it was nearing the end and missing the MS escape room again as well as the other things, I left with 2 bags to go downstairs for the bar bits,

The smart home bit
Leaving with the goodybags 

It was great to see people and also chatting to one rep about laser hair removal and she won't sell it to eyebrow people issues due to the risk of the eyes near the laser indeed. But then it was finally time to relax, call a few of the suppliers and also attempt to upload photos after I picked up a goody bag and managed for that to fail due to some The Cloud limitation.
While waiting, another bottle of water in the bad and also managed to get the glass of orange juice as well as Chicken on a stick and also a salted caramel brownie with cherries on top. That and both were delish.

Leaving Silverstone

The Exhausting run home.

By 5:40, it was time to leave and I turned right then left for a change which leads me past the place of Porsche and also the road was closed as well as fuel stations about, But running or limping with aching sides on me, I managed to cross a fence after passing through turnstile near the rally section of Silverstone.

As I was running and running, a car stopped and a chap offered me a lift, so I said yes and the chap from AV was talkative and it was only a 5 min drive before I was at the corner above the equestrian centre, which makes it easier to run the rest of the way, although the 2 miles were still pretty strong and always in their own trick of problems.

But I eventually got home after running 2 miles in 29 minutes which was my slows speed, well that was all sorted and then calling family while moving the MiFi to the dog in the garden was a good choice. But mum and dad were in spoons and I finally Facetimed my grandad and she saw where I was without a major hitch unless of the face he forgot how to swipe to answer.

Also, I had to do one massive shit in the toilet and some of it stuck to the insides, I've sprayed and bleached and tiny bits remain.

I did look in the bag I was given and loads of amounts were there. But it was so much cool Asus stuff there. I did have 2 cans of Hypertec performance enhancing drinks but only had one and also had loads of books and even a chocolate controller from Norton as well.

Then I managed to catch up with the Airbnb host and I fixed her outdoor camera with the SD AND the correct batteries for each of those. But the battery change and SD card in and it worked nicely. Then it was a video editing and typing this until 3am.

The fridge when I got back

Hopefully, Friday is a life-changing day in a GOOD WAY.