Sunday, 19 May 2019

omracer's Holiday: The Thicc Rock Night (Day 4/5)

Here we go,  one of the biggest nights that this holiday would have usually offered, with 2 EVENTS, one after another, not just the one. From a pf changs meetup to the banter when indulge closes, things are between it all. Especially when it was still time to get things done. The vlog is below :

Getting there 

After the previous vlog, it was nearing 5:15 and I had to prepare to get to the PF Changs in Leicester square for 6:30, my boy was really wrong, it was going to take much longer and the delays I've faced. But after calls with family and all, it was time to head out and I was gone with 2 finger fills with regen and a sachet of Gfuel MIXED in with it. But by 17:55, I was off. 

Fucking cars on the Road

More places to park 

It was a fucking nightmare from getting lost AND even having the saddles on 2 of the rents bikes lower down which I reported on one of the docks. But after racing around some of the same streets and eventually. I got to PF Changs at 7:15. 

Passing Leicester Square 

I made it

The only guy with madams. 

There was a lot of worry about this but soon after, I got in and saw the group of large soft wide and ladies. Which mean there was fun to be had, so we greeted all and I did sit next to one girl but then moved over to sit next to another when o came back from the toilet, she looked lovely a polished with lush black hair, round-faced and cute sparkle in her eyes. There were some others which were more my type but there wasn't much talking to me on the table. The menus were the hardest part since everything was £9.95 + I had tip money to give as well. Also, the girl next to me asked me about the date and how did it go and told her and she was welcome to join us, but she is feeling a bit better. 

Eventually, the food arrived and it did look food, My food was tasty and everyone had tucked into. Some of the prawns were off tasting in the noodles they had. So it looked like a new charger or on. It was nice indeed to make this fully work for us all. But the waiters were busy so that made it fair to wait but everyone tasted the food nicely. 

Singapore Noodles

Eventually, another girl arrived, one of the organisers for another event she helps out with, she ordered an uber but more chatting continued and then it was time to clear the desks by 8:30. But this doesn't was a bit longer than I thought it was going to be. The total Total cost for all 4 was but worth it for the looks on thanks. Also one of the members made goody bags for everyone soi did actually get some too. Eventually, it was time to head off to make this indulge work so I save £2.50 to get in, which is really cute in its own right but is the ONLY GUY that turned op there is an odd feeling indeed, but I went to the till and paid £13.70 which is food + Waiters. service charge which I would have to just fork out £18 for. 

A cycle to indulge

But not easy fun and games with getting good phone reception and also cycling on roads until I forgot the place, which due to the location of the cycle and where the docks were since the map is no small easy way to get to the place. 

Sunsets and towers

The bikes

Eventually, I made it and then greeted and it felt quiet. 

The rocking fun. 

I'll be honest and it was a case of jumping between indoors and out and chatting to various girls about the van and chatting as well as listening to those group of people.. Anything to my food tweets to old series on cartoon network. But this said and things. here's a list of it. Oh and the only glass of water I had on that night 

A  nice glass of water

  • Met another girl I indirectly fed and we chatted, arms by arms. She also doesn't drink, just like me. Another girl with her boyfriend doesn't drink either 
  •  One girl I chatted to last year recognised me but had ballooned up and was flirty with me. At one point, she said to me about this Asian type was feeling her boobs, but he acted cool about it. 
  • "you stare at me oddly," said a friend of hers and was shocked when I said I've never had a girlfriend.
  • Chatted with a FB friend about the date./
  • That same girl at the end gave me her number and also I did hug her as I left to get back to the Airbnb. 
  • The girl I've fed off and on with mostly spoons was close to coming into the event but shes still got a few months to go of recovery.
  • The entrance was £10,  one wristband
  • Just as I was nearly leaving, some girl was being dragged out of another club but was absolutely hammered and the uber would not take her even on a 21st 
  • I was dedicated due to living in Tavi/devon
  • The dancing was really nice, an easy thing to do as well. 
  • Tal;k about the innuendos about Cartoon network shows was cool as well 
  • This chap had to look after the dog since he went to Germany a few days before, dogs on a night out are a cool attracting part of it 
  • I met a girl that was about 400lbs from New Jersey, she's been to the proper bashes in VEGAS which I would defo love to go to but might not need to if things go well with her

The Cycle Back. 

Well, I found a different bike stop up the road. Then it was having to swap bikes to save the £2.00 issues happening as well, Some of which were on the same route as I used to go to Westfield earlier on. But some lovely scenes at night and the weather was MUCH NICER than I originally thought. 

A Cute underground station

More running and parking

That cycle to canary wharf

Then by 3:40 I was finally back near the Airbnb and a lovely landscape pic of it did it nicely.
Those city night views 

Island gardens station 

I finally arrived at my room at 4:15 and my tiredness was kicking in, even with the drink mix. But I text S and bought her £20 Greggs since shes needing 2 weeks worth due to money issues. But we hopefully might see each other before I leave the big city. 

The regen and a tika sandwich when I got home 
And that's it, now either exploration or possibly another date might happen.