Sunday, 28 July 2019

A Moor summer walk

So, the 1st of the summer days off. This was only a day to relax before work and actually a possible chance of a 7th date a few days away, so my anxiety was almost higher than normal. But this day was a way to enjoy the great outdoors for only a few hours before relaxing and even another CTR league tourneys to enter for the second week.

The catchup

Well, i've had alot of late nights these past few days, especially after working 13 days straight and getting to know a new girl from feabie and hopefully, I get to be lucky and meet up with her before she's on a flight to the US next week of the end. But the end of last week, I did manage to get some CTR played and also an #omracereats video that will come after the end of another CTR League video of another match. 

But eventually its Sunday. 

The Morning. 

So, I get up, a bit later like 10:30 and then it was killing time and checking the internet before a bit of breakfast which also included some nice ham and peanut butter toasted sandwiches. 

The Sandwiches
But eventually it was about 11:45 and time to get to the outdoors, there were a few moments of talk and they were on the moors on a walk.

The #dogwalkingwithomracer

The walks were nice with various chatter of things from family, work, life and even memories. But things are always about the views, shame I couldn't record any video, but also I had images in my mind of belly rubbing the hopefully lucky girl I get to meet next week. 

The views and parents

Moor Views

Looking at a different place

The clouds and hills

The other views

Eventually, after 1:30pm which was fun of the cooling the dog and other places to walk, we got to the pub which was the Prince of Wales, turn s out its owned by part of the Dartmoor brewery which means its cheaper for drinks.

The Sunny meal. 

Well, we got the meal in the beer car park, it was nice actually, loads of people out, 2 cute soft sized waitresses, I even checked feabie and the girl I didn't get chance to meet last year when up London returned to feabie and gained 20lbs bless her. But we all went for roasts, in the end, it was lush. Cost £8.50 which is nice. 

The beer garden 
The £8.50 roast
There was a cute waitress that served the food and also there was a nice couple that offers a dog sitting service as well. But after this, it was time to go home, well almost. 

The last bit of walk.

We decided to walk on the railway line for a short while, it was getting hot but my mind was on other thoughts which made me excited, but the views were always the way to go. But its been good to enjoy the views of seeing a new place which was a base of the distillery. 

The steel

The views which can see the sea
Then it was on the way home, which was nice to reflect and then I had some chores to do and plan backups and also the tournament to enter. 

That will be more fun of a hopefully a summer of feeding but we will see.