Sunday, 21 July 2019

A Sunny Childrens's Book Carnival (Tavistock Carnival 2019)

Well, this is the finally the time of getting things done. The twitterversary is done and now its time to celebrate a carnival yet again. With the hectic of work and now still another 7 days until I get one day off, Sumer opening is about to begin in work which means days off are few and far between which is good but it can mean that things will be hectic to complete goals and things. But the Vlog is below:

The Hectic Workday

Well, after a bit of a heavy night with typing up the catchup blog post, I was eventually up at half 8 and got changed then gone by 8:45 ish. With then a run down to work, passing the bunting and then eventually a trippy pic of the rides that were set up, like a new ghost train along with the classic funhouse and even a cute doughnut tent was up now too. 

The HDR of the town

I got in work just about the time of 9am. Then it was time to get things sorted. But then it was a hectic day of repairs, learning hows a bank can make ordering a simple £3 item turn into 3-week chaos. But I think a talk did help set the hopeful fix of leaving Cashplus which have caused it. 

Then it was repairs and some good switch sales as well as headset gripes with Xbox controllers on consoles that were brand new. But eventually it was nearing the end of the day and I was making my way home. This was in better weather than I had thought and looking promising for the end of the week, sure it meant nothing since work the next day but at least I can be productive with the vlog and announce the winners of the Twitter giveaway of the Just eat £50 gift card. So that was printed off the machine and then it was time to Run home. But there were some good views and not many of the way of crowds heading and walking around. 

The fair

The funhouse

Eventually, I got to the chance to get home and actually I did not notice the dog so I managed to get things ready and devices charged up. Sure not much of a long time to use them but its all good. Then my sister arrived home, she was in a blue dress and the fake tan thing for her best mates hen do, she looked okay and we caught up and told her how shit work was today, like  it really just made things annoying and also things more to order and money to sort out after the antics of whatever happens tomorrow. But eventually parents arrived home, they had showers, I had a shave but the blades are slightly done for so need to get some more for the Gilette. But I had this pen pan au Chocolat and peanut butter sandwich. By 6:20, I was off to run to the Carnival. 

The peanut butter and hjam pan au chocolat

The Carnival of Children's books. 

I got there and it was running a bit late luckily, so I decided to go to a different viewpoint this time and it was actually a good one to see them walk from down the hill. But there was a nice show of floats and things this year too. Only 1 minion which never belong and unsure how even marvel characters class as children's books (comics might just stand but not sure) and there was some creative things. Saw a few customers and the like there too. 

The crowds

the crowds before the procession

Waiting for the road to clear

After that, It was time to make effort and explore the fair before walking back up the hill, Passing the Pizza place to see for a bite to eat and also its a good idea to get the Twitter winners announced.

The fair was busy

The Announcing walk home. 

Well, I did have a think on things and announced a giveaway winner, someone I didn't even follow on twitter before this and it was Cccccccaitlin, so she won, sure there was a chance some girls I really wanted to be with Entered but they can't win since that suspicious. But at the end of that day, it was on the way to Spar. I did choose some chicken slices and egg mayo sandwich filler (to have for tea). That only cost me £1.95 which is a bargain alone. 

The chicken of slice 

And then I ran home and walked the dog when I got home, she was excited and then after that was to have a bit of snack for the video editing session. 

The fields when dogwalking

The Egg mayo  Chinese curry sweet chilli naked noodle

And there we have it, I managed to get the vlog rendered by 2am which is good. Sure Regen will kill me one day buy that tub is still strong stuff for 1 year old and also chatting to Karla is nice before she flys to call or something like that, maybe that could happen in august too but I think there's a more special chance with Chloe when she gave me a £15 ASOS voucher which is the first girl i've fed that's actually done that for me. 

But well, its time to work like mad for 7 more days, a CTR tournament to carry on and well others to do. See you soon.