Thursday, 11 July 2019

The July Heat Padstow Cycle

Well, July it's here. Sure things have been on the change for both the good, big mini mistakes and well the busy and bad but sometimes we have to see if things go right or things fuck up. But instead family comes in and times have to look from a new perspective, one of those times is another me and the sister day out./ The vlog is below: 

The PRep. 

Well, work has been taking up most of my time and well we finally get to have days off after giveaways, failed meetups for 3rd attempts, friend fallouts from money to even wanting to see the old someone but things work out in the end maybe. But I also started to announce the giveaway on twitter. 

That was after another fay at work done and also the chance to know I can have a day not to be in a stool and use my mind constantly. But eventually;y I got home, chatted with someome local  after a missed chance for a 3rd time and its a 4th time for seeing her for her birthday next week. Then a nice ham and chips tea then video editing. Then I slept and the day was ready to begin.

Work Closed up befoe the day out

The tea from Tuesday night. 

Eventually, I got awake and still worried about the friend, I checked the internet and also more fun times in the world of feabie and all. But after that, I got up at about 8:45 and then nude to check emails and the like. The time to make things ready and go. Then I was checking and blogging and also getting the action camera going and then 8t was the fun time of getting the bikes in when she arrived... It was a bit of a fun time. I had to pump that bikes tye up, like 100 punks on one bike helped so bad. But then we nearly had scratches so we didn't bother and then we packed up and gone by 9:50.

Leaving the house

The Drive to Cornwall

We chatted about various things like work and family and e en thighs like wanting to get a pasty and even farm shops. The views were nice. Like it was nice to just listen to her day and how she got on with maga and a hen do a best friend of hers had last week as well as chores and even memories of where we used to go 
The windscreen and the cars in front

Made it on the A39

Nearing Wadebridge
The haze and the bridge

Eventually we got to Wadebridge by 11:10 and then my sister paid like £5.90 for all-day parking and she got the bike out. Glass was actually dark so seeing if anything on there was in there and then we made our way to the bike hire  the toilets were now cafe and now await for her to see if the bike hire sorted. She paid £13 odd for hire. 

The bike was unloaded

The car park we parked at is behind us 
The toilets became a cafe

Twas the cornish flags

And we were off

The ride was nice and that was it half-hour, sure she Had turned her legs up and actually her gears were actually stuff but we did the journey in about 28 minutes. Full of people and new signs indeed...

she's off


More Views of the tide in

The tide looks out here 

bikes everywhere

The view of padstow is here 

Mi Fit stats

I had to lock the bikes up and also fix my brake then it was time to go toilet and get lunch. But a selfie first to make things right. 

a Selfie before our walk for the day out 

The fish lunch

We walked past steins, it was heavy and heaving but the toilets were new nearby and we decided to get food since she was starving and I hadn't, eat anything so we went to the usual fish place around the corner of the harbour which is pretty good. Like it's so calm and also £11.25 for 2 meals and chips is pretty okay for local business pricing. But I paid and then we walked out once it had arrived in fine the nice spot to eat. We did eventually find a cute place which is the same place as before to eat. 

Walking along the harbour

Lovely Views
We had it all and if was lush, the curry sauce was flavourful and the chips not too soggy but not stuff either. She had cod that crumbles in the mouth and I had fishcake as soft on the inside as a big belly to rub. But we eventually finished that by 12:47 and then we made our way to the beach.
The £11.25 fishcake, cod, chips and curry sauce bundle. 

Life's a relaxing beach 

As we made our way there, chatter about fields, dogs, sun, friends like weddings and both of us working, we had to take a big long on the oath due to the cliff, like sure there were some beautiful wildflowers on the way and so much blue sea to make it amazing too. 
The Views to the beach

Wildflowers in HDR

The Beach

Then we eventually rested on the beach, a nice bit of cliff and the tide going out is so nice. I put my feet in and God they went pink, it was lovely and refreshing and it did ease the possible blisters I have and get nearly daily now. 

The bliss of the Beach

Sinking in the sand

Then we tested and I got this typing up down until about 1:45 which was easier to help be more productive around this time .like since I won't get this done when I'm done and finished for the day. Sure there was a nice chance to use the action camera to film underwater and 60fps looked actually amazing and the water was really clear as well compared to other places 
Underwater pic

The sea

Looking towards the land

Far away selfie

Slightly Close up selfie

A rock

One last selfie

Leaving the beach

The golf and dessert mid-afternoon

Then it was walking g to the town and the mini-golf again. This is always a lovely one even if it is £6.00 each it's still a highlight. But we played all 18 holes and she won in the end but some courses I got right but some I got failed miserably on but it was good fun at least. The heat was poking it on as well. Some of the cute signs around made it really nice and it really shows how posh a course can look as well :). 

Time for golf

Fences and views

Waiting for the people in front of us


When we finished yet was only half-hour and not that long and a drink up soar first before we went for a better drink in the harbour ice cream company. We saw some shops in the way, sure a stall was selling a fresh crab sandwich for a whopping £8.00 and also there was overpriced doggy ice cream for a whopping £8.50 for a single tub as well. But the shops were busy and the crowds were happy and we approached the harbour ice cream shop. 

Cute elephants

The side streets
There were some amazing art exhibition and one with some incredible animal Portatraits but some were price at 240 quid but it would be worth it for how beautiful it looked. The one outside was a clear example. Charlotte Taylor is one amazing artist. 
What a beautiful stag or Ox

She went for a hazelnut late and I went for a no sorbet smoothie which was £3.80 for just mixed berries and apple juice. Sure it was nice but expensive. Then we walked over to a bakery to get some sweet treats like it was amazing and only £4 for both a flapjacks and millionaires shortbread. 

the frozen berries and apple juice smoothie for £3.80

A Plain Flapjack for £1.95

As we were eating it and chatting she was saying she's getting s migraine and actually she was always going on about her belly bloated, I had to laugh but if that was not a family member I would be so proud, seagulls were sure to be fighting in the water, my cup of smoothie Fell in the harbour (it was all empty and was floating so easier to pick up if not leaving the town via a wave) and I did get a bit shamed but that's another accident I make in my life (first that day to be honest). But then we walked around the town.

The backstreets

The walk and cycle back

Well, it was about 3 by this point and we slowly but surely walked our way to the bikes.

Then mini indie shops looked cute from pug merchandise to even an oak table. This was so good to be looking around, it was also for gifts for my dad's birthday in 3 weeks time and I had no idea on what to get him like there were a few options but he's got most everything he wants that I know about for the least. Well minus a happier work-life but that's not money can buy a thing just yet. 

But we passed steins and recapped on what we did like it was a lot done and sure we did £5.90 for 24 hours but it's only £4 ISH for 4 hours and we would have been booked by the since it was a 5 hour day there. Steins had nothing good of note minus dry seaweed and the usual juices which liquid in this day is always good. We walked out and got to the bikes, I had to readjust the sensor for the computer on there so it read the speed and that was good, glass was slightly better with a little bit brighter to see but can be hard with flickering Red, maybe I have messed it up quite badly. But by 3:50 I was in my way back and my sister left 5 minutes before.
HDR to leave 
Getting the bikes unlocked 


This was busier than I had expected, sure things were near the end of the day and also a few people stopped in the middle of the path but it was funny that she was putting the effort in and I was going away calmly minus a few heaves and gear changes. But we got in 3 minutes quicker than before. So 25 minutes back indeed. 

The Bridges

More views of the Estuary

quicker back for some reason

The walkabout Wadebridge. 

So we got back to the bike hire, she dropped the bike off then we walked to the car to load my bike in the back. We got it in but I know it's scratched the car a few times as well on both ones fitting it in there like maybe it's best to hire next time again...

Then we went to Lidl to get her some paracetamol since her migraine was coming on and if might of been due to the heat or something more but we got in and funding small bottles of drink for cheap was hard so in the end it was paracetamol plus for £0.89 and £0.40 for 3 cartons of apple juice which is actually a decent bargain and used to have for lunch a year or more ago. 

Then we walked our way past route 39, seeing nachos and doughnuts stacks. Then she went in the shoe shop before we walked up backstreets before heading into the main shopping row of the town, Molesworth street. 
Route 39

The shoe shop with a sales table outside
We then walked up to s health food shop with s bit of cannabis oils, I learned cider vinegar is good for you and also know now that moo goo is actually very good for skin conditions which hopefully should help the blood scabs on my sister's boyfriend. So she bought that before we walked our way to another street which went to s kitchen part shop with so many cooking ideas from timers to burger makers and even lobster tables and shot glasses, I was tempted but decided to save money.
Then it was nearing 5om and we walked our way back to the car but passed the winning shop first to check some of them at Austell brewery drinks and maybe merchandise, sadly there was none and we left and made our way back. Also, I did go to the bike hire shop about the E-bikes since customers have hinted I should get one but they didn't have any ex-hire ones for sale. But good value for those bikes in all honesty at 110 each for decent hire bikes. 

Then we got to the car and the drive home...

So we went in a different direction, radio 1 blasting, helps to go on but o flat road, nostalgic garden centres and then into the busy town of Bodmin which was queued up with traffic, she said it's a grumpy town yet so many new houses built in the bottom part of it which means it's really going to fruition of building. But the queues got the direction of that but we managed to get to the a30 in the end. 

Up streets 
The a30 was a nice fast cruise, wide road, hills but not too tricky and the overcast cloud was in the way. But we finally got home about 6:20 and then I out the bike in and ended the vlog there.

So that was it, sure I did have a nice salad with hash browns for tea,then  I was out walking Rosie at about 8 pm. 

For tea that night. Mint Pasta, Hash Browns. chicken tikka strips, crisps, mayo and salad

Rosie playing with the ball again

Then it was time to relax and get this typed up in s both and also get footage ready to Caine and edit tomorrow or before the weekend. 

Hope you enjoyed this trip, I will get the 10th Twitterversary blogpost in full swing and announce the winner of the giveaway on the carnival vlog as well as Twitter. Some of the entries won't win since they might end up having that much food spent on them this year and are more important to me than £50 just eat. 

see you soon