Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Sunday Dogsitting Catchup

Well, for the next two weeks things are going to be amazing. With things, i've planned and not mentioned to supporting those extra people here and there which have meant alot to me and also taking a new program up to make extra money to save up for things that might happen if some people get their own well is important too. But the vlog is below:

Directly plans to meets

So we begin by actually doing the small things, sure the one i met with  was on a diet which I did help her cheat on it on Friday and other things between us close together as friends. That helped with another fact that I did something special with the local lady by helping her change her life which also means I might get to see more of her soon with no issues on meetups. But it will take a few more delays before that happens I guess but the main thing is it's good there. 

But there is something good happening next weekend with someone and I'm not allowed to say anything about it so it will be hush-hush until it happens, but I'm mega excited for it. That and I ordered a laptop from Aliexpress. The Maibenben Xiaomai 6a which has an N4100 and an MX250 which I got for a staggering £270 ish. I did risk something for this but without realising what came next I just have to accept it. That will be reviewed as soon as I can. 

But I also joined a program with Directly which was just on a whim to see if I could help out for some extra money as those support agents. I started it and helped a few customers, from using Rufus to make their own USB for installing windows to even fixing sound problems and throw a dash of the chance to enjoy their own dealings with people purchasing the wrong version of Minecraft indeed. I guess it was based on how many happy customers answers you got paid. But actually its based on points and in that week I got about 11,000 points, sure 45 happy customers and 1 meh customers but thinking that would make me $50, it didn't, it made me nearly triple which is a shocking amount but then again I was using it up to 2 am on some of the nights. If you do apply. Then good luck and be patient and helpful and loads of copy-paste if you use advice from non-Microsoft sites. 

That and work is hectic with orders for games, 2K now taking the spotlight of the place and also a glass cabinet I and my colleague bought (split fiver each). But I'll show you in a day in the life vlog. 

The Morning. 

So I actually went to sleep at like 4am and also had a call with a former friend like just on the off chance, just out of the blue like do you want a phone call with me while her friend was there.  (this was a friend from many years ago I did have subway with and one of the first girls I bought food for online too). But it was nice catchup which helps things and now I have the privacy to do calls for the next two weeks. I smiled and then had a nice look at some fun bits before I woke up from the alarm clock of Google home. Which reminds me I need to check the sound for that to make it more me. 

Then I woke up, about 8am from that sound and then checked my phone to check the balance and my jaw fucking dropped Like it actually makes me feel like vincent after he cheated (you'll get that reference when I play Catherine Full body during this time off ). 

But then my mind still buzzed and shocked I made that much I was having a moment and did just well have a fap over what next week brings. But for that, I then got up and had the internet to check before a walk with Rosie and start the vlog. 

She enjoyed it but losing the balls for about 10 minutes at least which is a bit of a shame in away. But hey ho. I got back at 10:45 and then got changed and fed Rosie her breakfast and eyes watering to near luke in the process. I  then had to get more internet stuff done and type this up along with some laundry chores, to begin with.

The dog and her toy

By about 1:30  I gave Rosie one last quick walk before I was time to go off and a shower was done.  Since I was going to his at 2 instead of 12:30 so I had a chance to make some extra toasted sandwiches for lunch.

Before the PRess

After the Press

A Torchy stream moving. 

Well, it's back to the collabs, So I ran to his by 2:15, I got there and then we caught up since he just woke up then it was down to the basement to get the equipment setup. Which actually didn't take long and then a few test streams and settings in SLOBS and teaching him how to remux in OBS. by 5PM, it was time to leave since he was about to have his tea, It was a run in the slight rain indeed by this point. But most of that had been done and plans for the future to be made later. Sure things were limiting him indeed which we can say but it might be looking good there.

The Final chores of the day. 

I ran back home and got there, not that long spent, Sundays of a place of closing and all and well it was good that I then did the washing in the tumble as well as one final walk with Rosie (well not final but one before I end the post) and directly had more customers to go and help. But also Rubbish to be taken out and then that was it, I was finally done and also the parents called to see how things were and they enjoyed more cornish timings 

And there we have it, Stay turned for 2 reviews, a Q&A and also something very amazing to happen this weekend which will be soo good if I can tell you :)