Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Tavistock Goose Fair 2019: The night before to explore

Well, here we are, October arrived and Goose Fair is here. Now I did manage to get the 2 days off to get this up quicker and the snapchat filter is already up and ready for tomorrow.

The Filter for 2019

But for now: Enjoy the vlog.

The Prep 

So we begin with the day of work. Sure the night before I had a really fun time with a cute welsh feedee talking, the girl I was trying to get to know ended up having her profile deleted due to being catfish so that might be a good safe closure and I've made room on my iPhone for tonight. I ran down to work and got some pics already up of what was to happen.

The Dodgems 

a Sneak peek of an orbiter

I got to work as norma time, unlocked and got a few phone calls done which from the Megadrive mini not arriving and also phone orders etc. Plus one customer or 2 arrived for help. But then it was to post 2 items and get some lunch, I bought some cream to help the Jocks itch/Ringwom i found out I had for the past month, it's about £6.55 but at least it will help me. 

The lunch

Time to sort the ringworm

Then it was a day sorting mini things out and then it was nearing 4:30, now we did get told we could leave early. But I had an Xbox to sort out so I didn't leave until 4:45. But then it was time to pay money in before the run home. The sun looked like it was out. 

The evening as I left

Then I ran, with the trolley I'm using for holidays back home, it wasn't too steep and I managed to go and get a nice bit of tea sorted with sow cookers and chatting to girls on feabie, as you do. But the tea as a bit nice but runny if you ask me. 

The casserole with Garlic Bread, Potatoes, Gracy and more

Then it was downloading MACOS Catalina before I really set off for the vlogging journey. This ended up at about 7:50pm. It was slightly spitty but I ran to the lovely viewpoint of it all. I could NOT even hear the fair at this point. 

The viewpoint

Then it was The run : 

The explore of the build-up. 

I got there eventually and well, it seems like it was a similar layout to last year, maybe 2 new rides with a Ghost train and also a new Devey Walzter but it really showed a mix of the recent vibe of the Fair. But still, the lights and sounds were much quieter this time. 

Looking towards the fair

Freddy's Revenge 


The new Waltzer

More scenes of the fair

Fun House 

The extreme side of the car park 

Another look at the extreme side 

Ghost Train 


But as I walked, I saw my colleagues girlfriend and my colleague who didn't see me, plus a doughnut stand with the dough mix they use and I will buy that someday. But then it was off the square. The moon was out and the sign was clear. 

The Vans eventually were in their droves all over the place, things were looking busy and well its a good chance to show a sneak of what was to happen. 

Vans everywhere


Looking to the south and the moon

The 2 stands a friend would love 

Walking my way back up the road 

Then it was a visit around the fair once more before I walked my way back home. It was really quite by this point but it was still exciting to see the stalls in fruition. 

Then it was the walk back up, the stalls looked busy being set up, from pork to oriental to even more toys and not much fortnite stuff. 

The walk-up 

The carpark near the learning Centre

Looking near the end. 

Then it was time to run home, sure I did speak to a friend and also visited spar with nothing much, but then it was tat long run-up before showing you the Roundabout is finally ready and used now. Which is looking not too much lit up, it did take them 8 weeks. 

The roundabout  

Then it was to walk home, have a bath and got this vlog edited at 4:30 this morning before I went to sleep and typed was a bit of delay.

And there you have it the night before is done, see you soon.