Sunday, 24 November 2019

omracer's Holiday: The Winter Land of Wander (Day 3)

 Well, this is the 3rs day, it's amazing how I'm halfway there already, untold chaos happened but with the announcement of the Black Friday sales and winter wonderland now open, it was time to have a look. The vlog is below:

The Tube to go

We begin by having chosen with Boris bikes, none of my cards was accepted so looks like I can't get a day pass sorted, but I might see if I can use another bike app, but actually, we didn't bother. I left the flat at 12:32 and ran my way to whetstone tube, a nice run through the park too, I got there with 1 minute until a train arrives, this was a sweat run I will admit but we got it and tapped for the oyster.

A nice park near me

More of the park

Made it to the Tube

The relaxing tube journey to reflect and type this up before getting to Tottenham court road to make it easier to run to the MS Store, its the same price so there was no reason to worry about it.

Off the Tube

Full of adverts

The explore to the MS store

We had to go and we will, so I made my way there, run and walk a bit I think :), I got there and the store was lovely, escort when my EA rep called,, which was okay it said I  could not do anything until Monday,. Then I walked back in to carry on the look around.


Different Streets to the BT Tower 

Wet roads and the trees

The way at Oxford Circus 

Lovely lights 

The lights

But then I explored, asked questions about the Xbox games and even tried a bit of Forza, as that car for horizon 4 good mother of god that looked swish and playable too. Like I ALSO got given a FREE mobile controller adapter to play Xbox on my phone, especially with a plan, later on, this was ideal.

The Forza 7 Car

Then after I was almost swayed into a surface laptop, except in not since it's 999 and I can get more powerful for cheaper elsewhere.

But then it was the walk to Hyde Park.

More streets

Full of Buses

Reaching Hyde Park 

Well this was exciting, I managed to get there by about 2:35 and then it was a massive explore, traffic was busy, shops nice to look in and well it showed off nicely what was going on

A wander in Wonderland

Well, it was crazy what I saw, once I got searched and the all clean mark, 8 Wales in and made my away around, loads of stalls, loads of food and most  Xmas gifts. I'll list what some were. I mean, there was too much to list in detail in a story form so bullet point will be ideal.

  • Lots of Christmas market stalls, 
  • Loads of Burgers, kebabs and typical fun fair food AS WELL as unique street food. 
  • Doritos van though
  • Ice rink looked good but down for cleaning the second time I was there
  • Tokens were expensive
  • The Bavarian Village was cool but loads of beer and not much for the soft drinks
  • Loads of Status around from Rides to even in the village like nutcrackers etc
  •  Some unique ideas such as the Click heat, Vase pots, gloves.
  • Toilets were quite clean portaloos
  • Nice usage of rubber floor tiles to save the mud
  • The lights were good
  • Some HUGE rides the like i've never seen but I did see Atmosfear which has been in Plymouth before so they will make some money for sure. 
  • The sales reps were always friendly actually
  • I let a street food trader use glass and was nice yet surprised about it.

By 4pm you could TELL it was getting dark and the lights really shined above which make it all the more wonderful, so I got the best of Day and Night.  By this point, it was a time of me getting things such.

Time to leave for Chinatown.

Well, that was that the Winter Wonderland explored, a couple of gifts bought such as the Click heat for £40 and a Poppy Vase pot for £12. But I then walked back up the same gate I arrived in. The queues on the other side were looking now. But then it was only like a skyline from When I was on the road back to Oxford Circus. We decided to make our way to Chinatown to check on Tech and see sooo good foods. 

As I was walking/ running my way, It was a shame the cheap bag broke, but the Microsoft bag was holding strong and we made out way in different streets and backstreets, even to an adult store and no decent bbw porn was shown, like well nothing bigger than me for example really.

The Microsoft Bag

The streets to run on

Blurred lights

Now it gets beautiful

Really beautiful

An amazing project of lights and agendas

The Chinatown explore. 

Now it was a case of smelling the food, seeing so many restaurants, queues in shops and even Disney characters (Their east Asian variants) on the show to entertain. I did look in a few shops which had the snacks to then even the Pokemon cans of drinks which looked uber cute. I was tempted to buy but the queues were huge and it was a rush hour as well. 

Cuniq Sims were around the £5 each, no Redmi's in stock but there was also the chance of cheapish iPhones even though 300 odd is the price of it like, ouch man. 
The lights across the buildings

blurred decor

The entrance 
Then after more looking, it was time to get the Tube back and well well, the station was right on the Northern line so it was a way to finally get back no hassle.

The northern line 

Then it was a wait to get back to the station before another run back, But I did get some KA drink before I got there since of a local shop just up the road from the Airbnb. KA is a Nice drink, especially for £2 for 2 cartons.