Friday, 1 November 2019

The Cold Final week of October

So then it's the end of October and into November very soon, well for me it's been work and actually a lot of that and also making sure friends are okay and happy, even if the money has been spent more.

Plus planning for something special next month as well which I won't spoil just yet.

But this actually a home visit, Halloween and maybe some shopping, I might have had the chance for more things to buy but we will see what happens soon.

The vlog is below:

THE catch-up

Well like I said, working, and also it's Been going good for me and Chloe who we might be seeing each other soon if plans allow, maybe just bonfire night but again it takes time for money to work its magic. That and some final closure when I know one girl now doesn't want to meet since she was doing a catch-up chat which was nice but it's a final Goodbye on that end in away.

As well as this, it's been a hectic week on directly, like I managed to rack in 24000 points but didn't make as much as that was expecting, even if I was 210th in the world.

That and both me and the amazing girl have been getting, I still was in shock I made her a size 18 but I'm proud of her. The family is the usual and plans for Christmas being changed and alternate, from mixed decisions to even vibes of we should not bother with one side of the family but that's not for me to explain until the truth appears.

That and curvage had some really good clips no kidding £3.96 for a McDonald's eating video in a car is Peng.

Also speaking of money, I finally signed up to revolut due to a big of hassle with fraud on one of my main cards, like it was a pain and they are inning and adding about sorting it and PayPal have been helpful (money used but not listed on my payment history). But ah well.

So our visit

We begin by a home visit in Calstock booked for 11ish, things were good and also a chance to meet Chloe but sadly plans didn't work out there, it was a week ago, Either way, I felt like I needed to visit the city again, so  I've planned to take the train after but we shall see. I got on the bus for Calstock by 10:20 and arrived by 10:46. The weather was crisp and well it was feeling near November December weather actually.

Waiting for the Bus 

I then Walked out or the bus and explored around, well only to the area of geese and ducks flapping about anyway. Then I walked in the cute village lanes making sure I got to the customer's house. I eventually made it and we chatted and I started to fix but it was tricky due to the internet and also older devices. Then it was a printer to try and fix, not much but I tried.

Then she said about a stray cat and actually I've been wanting a cat for some time and well Rosie needs to know who's boss so I will have a think but since she's got 3 cats already, 4 is too much and 2 males are not good so keep an eye out. Eventually, I walked back to the bus stop by 12:45 and had a pee on the way, I was worried I missed the bus and would have gotten the train to explore but as soon as I filmed that the bus arrived.

The Calstock Viaduct

Then I was on my way home, my headache was happening and well a grinding noise above me, but when I got back I could have a bit of lunch and get some things sorted out that was at 1:15. Sure there were traffic jams on the way back and the weather was cold especially for a dog walk but it was still okay.

a Chicken stuffing cake 

Some toasted sandwiches

The Moors

I managed to get accounting done and well caught up with a blogpost we well with the review of the calypso.

The lemonade. 

Then it was work and also chatting and planning for more things, falling out with people that don't exist and even helping out a friend over the next few days until it was the final day which is Halloween. Which then it was a onesie day.

The Onesie day: 

So, I had to dress up for an event at work, well; scary, so I decided to use the onesie and a mask I got from BM a few weeks ago. But it was also a time to get some releases delivered and also planned out. But I got up at the usual time and then got changed with trackies under and then I ran down to work, yes with the mask on. 

The outfit and the mask

Then I got to work and served a fair whack of customers and got things going, But then it was soon to post items off and pick up parcels. I got that done and then decided to get some lunch as well. Decided to go with a bit of Prawn, mayo and space raiders for  £1.30 along with 0.35 for lemonade. 

Box with the barcode 

The meal for 1.65
Then it was some iPhones to repair and then it was eventually time to finish work, which means it was time to say the end of the day. I carried a trolley home too. I eventually got home at  5.20 and then it was time to get the vlog up. Along with chatting to her and also some music listening to distract me. 

But then it finally gets to be the end of the Month. But new things to happen soon.