Friday, 27 December 2019

A Pouring Rain Boxing Day

Well here we go again, it's the other side of the family this year and boy will this be a bit of a show of not truth-telling and causal puppy jokes. But this time we don't know what to expect.

The morning 

Well, I woke up about the usual alarm times, but it was then time for a chat and a listen to voice notes from redacted to make sure she was okay. But also last night was an ASOS to the rescue and being called a lifesaver, but then I got up and listened to music to clear my head. Then it was 9:30 and chores to get done, we start by the nose peg and the cat to clean in the litter tray and feed. But then we deal with the fact of letting him our but finely does not like harness, this was a panic of the times for sure but mum got him in the end.
The litter tray

He managed to eat more after coming in from the rain 

Then we finish uploading pics off of the day before and then a shower and directly before leaving at 12:30. Eventually, we got to the blacksmith about 12:40 and then we greeted my sister and her boyfriend.

The Blacksmiths

Then we greeted the family and it was a nice pint of water to start off with first. But I was having to sort out customers on the second job and then gone in and it was time to catch-up. Well actually it was small conversation lite here and there such as the cat and then hearing things from golf to footy and little other chats, I wasn't involved in much which is okay, Then we ordered and it was a Madras for a change which makes all the sense for Christmas but it also had a nice ring to it since it was more of the chance to enjoy something different. But then it was still a wait, it was cute a tablet was used for a menu since it makes it easier to read. But eventually, the food arrived

The chicken madras with salad and chips. about £8.5 this costs 

Then we trucked in the Madras and chips were lovely and it was like the chicken tikka web from Morrisons indeed. But we trucked in the chips with soft not soggy, but it was nice to listen to stories and it got me ideas if the way to do even a new one me to go new York with christea since she told me she loves it there.

But then it was time to finish off the meals and a toilet and drink break for dessert, I  noticed s of my own customers there, he starred but didn't say much.  Then by the time I came back, we still had to see where things were of the deserted Andi went for lemon and white chocolate cheesecake, when it arrived soon later, oh my god it was soo good.

The cheesecake and ice cream. Lemon and White Chocolate 

The food was really nice and well it makes a ton of sense, the lemon and white chocolate on a big slab of whatever cheesecake is, plus ice cream dangerous I know but it didn't add too much to it. But shortly after it was 14:50 and it was then time to drive off to get to my uncles, which there was a stop before this regarding laying a wreath over my nans grave, it was a moment of wet but well.

The wet graveyard

Then it was a wet drive and well my sister and boyfriend got lost on the way to the cornish middle but after a few WhatsApp messages and alas it didn't happen. We got there about 4pm-ish and then it was settling down. Then I and my cousin handed out presents.

The drive 

There were some good presents, like the rucksack but actually, it was nice to have money in the end as well There was a boots card too but sadly boots aren't for me and £25s worth of sexual health bits is not a good idea, to be honest. But then it was time for the early or right time buffet which was a nice mix of Gammon crisps, potato salad, sausage rolls and more.

The tea for that night

Then it was talking and catching up and also then it was time to talk about the gossip from Both the first and second Holidays I had. they were shocked I ran from victoria to Euston plus go to Silverstone twice Plus Colindale and also the Indian takeout and the dead suitcase. My mum said this "its amazing how he can go on his own and explore these things" and also knew London more than my cousin who lives there did was another joke. Like he didnt knows what creams were.

But eventually, it was nearing the mark of 6:45 and we all decided it was time to end and go home. Which we did say our goodbyes for another year which well for some would be the only time we meet but there always can be things building up towards this being the last time we do things like this. But we all got things and got into the car and then drove off and it was the rain and floods as well as the night sky.

But then we got home by 7:20 and then it was time to relax and well reflect that Xmas is over, well sure the cat was being nasty and also a special omracereats video was soon to be filmed.

The car

What I got from present wise

A leftover night snack of pumpkin pie, turkey, crackers, strawberry cheesecake and mayo

Then it was a bath while typing this up and i've really gotten weary in the past few days, yes it means I can't make money via the support job but i've been gaining up to 3 to 4 am for things to be done so the body is crashing up with me.

But we shall see each other in 2019 for one last MASSIVE review of the year with 4 months to type up as of Now. Which is alot of that is the deepest 4 months i've ever had and in a good way too. But well there is luck I can take some more days off between now.

But we will see you on the last day of 2019.