Wednesday, 11 December 2019

A sister birthday wet Indian

So then it's now the finally 2 weeks until Christmas, it's also 2 weeks for me to get my real act together for the end of the year review which I've yet to start and well, one more blog post before the Christmas ones and then the end of year review.

A romantic catch-up

Well, things were seriously on a change with the world of my life of searching for love when it's a case of the nearly drives to see new but the weather was cold out which I understand alot.
But that was why I managed to Cain 44 hours on the gfuel (only single teaspoons at 5 different times) that weekend. Well, I did end up nodding off for customers and also it was a case of things.
Also a few questions helped me understand something I'll mention in the past few months. But that's what a time for  the review to show

But that and well sometimes it's good to check on a crush, especially for nearly a final time before things get to change in my end, which she's had drama in feabie and well actually even Chloe left feabie so maybe that site isn't what's best anymore. Especially as like I've actually been turning a friend into a feedee and been well living the dream there ish even if she gets stressed.

But Christmas lights are now up:

The new lights up for this Christmas 

The wet day at work 

But today was 2 days before an election and well that will probably be a labour vote since it will be hung parliament anyway, but we will find out next week. Work went as standard as usual, days to become orders,, colleague pops in for a bit of work he does and well we did see a dead slug in a PS4 which is a crazy bonus

The slug in the PS4 power supply

Then if was lunch to get when Ubuntu was installing but it didn't go as well as we planned with updates but the scotch eggs were in point.

The Ribena and the scotch

Then it was a time of the end of the day, my supplier chatted to me and then we said about the rain,  but then by 4:40, I was on my way to pay money into the bank.  I got to the post office since remembering the fun with that bank that closed down,  well we use the post office now.

Anyways paid money into that but then I had a WhatsApp from my sister about Chinese which luckily I was not on a home visit tonight so I then got her a 20 Neil's yard voucher then ran my way home in the rain and puddles, battery on 7% but the mi band 2 has a dead strap for sure. Then I got home and checked in the finely and walked Rosie, she did poos and the railway line has always been nice when it had opened up. But then we walked  home and then we got changed since guessed sister was on the way home,

Well, I was wrong, it was a rush to pack to then get changed the put the stuff in the bag for her presents, a gift card, the mi camera and also the mobile clip for my sister's boyfriend.  Now then the trip was casual and then we made our way to Tesco .but it was then time to visit. We got to the place and time to explore.
The Tesco

Then we drove our way to theirs. Then we got there and it was time to greet my sister, so we did, we got out of the car, then my sister's boyfriend was in the bath, but we caught up and chatted and I gave her my presents for her, she loved it. Then it was time for me, dad and my sister's boyfriend to get the food. 

The bag of good

A Clear drive. 

So, we 3 drove to the centre, the walked out and to find the Chinese, now its interesting since the girl I had my 4th ever date worked in one of the Chinese takeouts in Saltash, so maybe a chance of seeing if she even got bigger or not. But sadly both Chinese places were closed so we went to Tamar spices instead, we then ordered £50s of food and i go, Prawn Puri, as I had with Christea. But then it was a case of chats about golf, work and things in a pub for a half-hour before picking the food up 

The pint of Water

The views of the lights in Saltash

Then it was time to pick it up, strap in the car then go back to my sister's place driving up steep hills and the like. But we got back and then time to unpack and eat.

The food and camera setup. 

Well, finally food to eat and well it was a lush mix of food from puri to takeout to even loads f drips to try. such as: 

  • Rita
  • Chicken Tikka masala,
  • Lamb Tikka Masala
  • Prawn Puri
  • Peshwari Naan
  • Garlic Naan,
  • Poppadoms
  • Onion fried Rice
  • Mushroom fried rice 
  • Salad
  • Coconut Rice
The food this night

Then we all chatted and ate from my mum walking to the wrong car to other jokes and things around lucky I keep my mouth hut and then ate and ate some spare bits.  Then it was soon time to relax and get the Mi camera mini camera setup. Well opening it is cute and hed is okay, the way speaks is so 90s touch as well, but can the QR codes for this working. But alas then it was chatter and a chance to have some Caterpillar cake before er we left.

The cake

I was whatsapping a former crush who was in the drama from earlier and she was nice, but well I might have found a growing girl of my own, its always been a fantasy to feed and meet. 
Eventually, we got home by 11:pm and time to relax and get these ups 

See you for Christmas,