Friday, 25 December 2020

A COVID Christmas - Preperation on the week before - Lockdown Stage 16

 Well the cases have grown, for many Christmas is pretty much cancelled at this point just at the past few days means the end of it and things will be tensioned up for some and relaxing for other people, things will be the way to go and well preparation will be for its time. 

We carry on from where we last head off and things seemed like it was getting better and also it was time to finally prepare for work and it was the last week of the consoles to be sold as well, since getting rep to order the consoles in was near tricky for some but for the Switches, it was nice to order in 3 and eventually sell 3 of them before I type this. 

It was also the start of caning the end of year review which means less time to eat much and even more typing and work gets in the way too as well as hormones and what ifs. 

 The Weekend Before: 

So we start with more work and there was the fact of waiting for parts to arrive and also a screen replacement went pear-shaped which means more money to be thrown at this issue. The internet was working well and some things working fine and also a free gift of a flapjack i was close to posting. 

The flapjack from a customer 

But we first have to start getting some presents organised and sent off which is for some special friends in my life, which now we start to get them wrapped, Tier 4 was happening for one of the locations and also game posters that are unused are the best for wrapping. the guess was if it would send it without any damage, especially as it was double wrapped. since you never can be 2 careful as it works out  on how it could have been damaged. 

One to wrap

The other to wrap 

The presents wrapped double and ready to post. 

As that happens, it was then time to get another present to get purchased, and that was my Sisters, but the order to get the Gfuel was a nightmare, but xbite did save the day along with some other extras needed. This came about after my sister told me she likes ice coffee and  the French vanilla apparently works with milk too so it was an easy choice for something different, since she does go gym as well. 

The presents for my sister, or so I thought. 

Then it was another day and it was more luck which actually the motherboard arrived for the Maibebenben and it was the WORST weather it could have been posted on, like seriously bad, even though I was meant to be finishing earlier on that day as well since parents had to go for a long day at a funeral. Which in that morning I had to o go to a customers house for an emergency for his phone and then it was back to work, the weather was soaking and pissed me off pretty much. 

I also had to try to find some scews for a T-Bao laptop which they have the worst hinges in history. But eventually cables ties was the best fix for it when i find out many days later. But for now, it meant for me to get some deals from Co-op which includes a Jamacian Patty and also some unique fajita wrap kits to eat as well. Later next week from here is when I get to eat them. 

The shop from Co-Op

The Patty is just actually a nice tastes even if it looks like squashed lamb, I would give this a 7/10 for its rating, especially for £1.00

A patty for a £1.00 

Then it was more work and on FF chat for a bit which happened since the Feeders Documentary actually has been out for the past 2 weeks which in another timeline I could have been in, it makes me miss (Well not really miss since i've never fed with an actually feedee) feedism a lot more and it has helped me to keep myself relaxed or end up fapping at 3am or crashing asleep, there was also a plan in one of the presents which be something special for a journey of being a feeder but that i wont mention at all.  

All in all, after it was closing time, it was time to arrive home and the motherboard for the laptop was waiting to be fitted. But what a surprise to find It was working when i plugged in the original charger and turned it on, it felt warm and then I saw a picture on the screen, so it turns out I asked for a spare board, that i cannot complain with. 

The replacement motherboard arrived

The laptop working without the new board

But then it was finally time to get things to work, like I had to focus more and more on the blogpost in-between work and sometimes its hard to type it up on a slow laptop or actually one with 8GB ram but then again, even on edge on my desktop or even the new laptop, typing it up is a slow as fuck process since it delays heavily but still to get it done is important. But one night to catch-up while watching netflix which i've been doing alot the past month and a half. And since it was sunday, it was a final day to get offers advertised and boy that worked out nicely since someone shortly wanted a switch after that. 

The Consoles and the Trees

The stand i was meant to unpack 

The past and the documentary. 

Then it was one wet Monday to start to get the final bits in before the last days of Christmas. 

The Final 3 days before Christmas Eve

Well we begin with Monday, since its the wet day and even with my Dad offering to drive me to the first visit, I turned it down since i need to use my legs for cycling and exercise, Which was indeed the case since I could not believe I was there the quickest time that i have been to the customer in a while, in under 50 minutes, by like 20 seconds, but it helps to make sure the direct route works, even with the bum being dirty and bag soaked. But it was nice since me and the customer had a nice little chat about some truths from work and reality and money seems the solution but its not my place to accept or offer to the persons involved. But they gave me some Presents of Pretzels and cookies imported from America. 

This was the imported food

Then it was time to cycle up the hill yet again which was to another regular customer and then sorting out the android TV and then it was more cycling over to another regular customer who did give me a present and card which was wrapped. That was really nice of them, especially over the lockdown. But that was then onto the 3rd customer then the normal lesson with them, before getting back to the bike, like on the way back I got one driver tooting the horn at me.  But then I got home and more posts to type up .

The present from another customer.

Then it was coming up to the Tuesday, from FF Chatter and then it was a order to arrive from Google for work, I wont lie and i got lucky with a accidental extra Chromecast with Google TV for free since i got 2 but allowed to only order one, which was actually perfect for an order for my grandad. But it was also time to just come home only without any visits is a rare one, which this year was the first Christmas eve n a while that was the same of no visits on that day. 

The google order

Then it was time to have another casserole and still have to make sure the sauce is a bit spicy to give its flavour, which also the pickled onions are amazing too. 

The casserole

Now more typing occurs and giving some diet tips to someone as well but my hormones were in overdrive due to the documentary, even if it mean not sleeping until 3am and even worse since Rosie was getting needy and having to sleep with me. But tomorrow was going to be a long one. 

Now on Wednesday, things work out with more FF chat and even the first Ryzen CPU  had to order in the past 2 years and well, the stock is volatile at the moment so get it while you can, also NVME drive enclosures are overpriced af but well no choice for that emergency data recovery if customers have M.2 Drives and i had the same thing over a month ago but onedrive has a file history I forgot about. 

The order with the Ryzen and ROG m.2 enclosure

Now by the end of the day, more preparation and a rushed Xbox one X repair which made more stressed and well, I ended up wrapping a PS4, Animal Crossing NH and Spider-Man MM into a box and sacktruck it over to another side of town, which I did and it was not too damaged but slightly muddy, the customer was happy and then time to haul the truck to Lidl for a bit of a shopping for last minute Christmas food. It was also the time of some Just eat vouchers to get to bring closure from some of the past this year. 

Lidl to see again

Mini shopping and some offers from the lidl app 

But then it was time to visit Tesco for the last time this year, and get some bits an pieces more and also a £20 gift card for Dad from B&Q as well and reduced party food is soo good. 

Tesco Again

The £5.91 bits on shop, then later on was the £20 gift card

Then it was time to finally sacktruck it back and enjoy tea which those Wings and chocolate spread with a mini bits of extras as well, the packaging was slightly muddy on the walk home. 

The goods in the sacktruck with the free cardboard box

The meal after coming home using the chicken wings and sweetcorn filler 

Then it was actually time to use most of the wrapping paper up to finish wrapping the presents, which I realised i had 2 more presents to purchase which was for Christmas Eve to do it, but alas here we go. Also it was good to watch more videos of Mario Maker 2 and animation reviews too. 

The Bag of goodies to wrap

The presents organised

Eventually that was done and then I had to help setup some Zigabee sensors for the LED strip from lidl and it NOT compatible with the Mi control hub from the Smart Sensor set. I hope there is a way to fix it one day. By then it was 11pm so it was time to finish Start another month of the blogpost which I got time to finsh that in the end. But rosie wanted a walk at 1am.

The sky at 1am


Christmas Eve, 

As the weather was getting better, the final day of gifts to get and well work again is going to happen. So I left by 9:30 and started to run down to work, the air was fresh and the mind was buzzng for the last day before Christmas and what to say for the message as well as turns out the Government got a Trade Deal agreed so that is one panic resolved for some. A customer purchased a console and a few games sold that day along with stocking fillers. The gift cards were taken for the ones to send closure too and my nerves were worried about it. 

As I left at the end of the day, 5:10 or so, I saw my landlord outside and we chatted and shaked hands  and she told me how shes thrilled I moved in and also how they are using the empty shops to do a socially distanced christmas day which is a really cool idea. But then it was time to run to a post office that was meant to be open. 

The view as I left work 

Then it was time to run to the post office which closes at 6pm, and well I got there by 5:30 and It was CLOED so the cash from this week was in the pocket, but I moved it to the wallet then ran to Lidl since mum told me to get some Cat food. Which Lidl when I walked in was EMPTY, nearly, like not many people in at all, the isles were like its closed and well so much easier to shop in there too. I got whiskers in the end and a girl with black hair on the lidl jumper vibe served me and checked for their own brand cat food, but no lock so £2.99 it was. 

Empty Isles

Whiskas for £2.99

Then it was time to run home and As i got home I saw gingerbread and satay potatoes being made, it looked good, plus it was time to show how it looks for the last 2 presents. 

The gingerbread and potatoes

The last Presents which cost £28

Then it was finally the last time to enjoy from the Advent Calendar before having a nice mix of Lambshank for tea with cabbage and satay potatoes. it was nicer and just a shame lamb has more bone than others. Plus watching Jason and the Argonauts is a classic film too. 

Reeses Peanut butter 

The lam shank 

Now then it was finally time to relax and then I told dad I'll sort out Rosie walking tomorrow and he said about going on the moors and then I said no I'll sort it since I have things to sort out and he said "its Christmas day" and then i just outright told him the tradition i do every year then he went " I'm sorry I spoke, get out" then I said "you did ask" then he repeated "Get out, you don't talk to me like that", so I did and finished typing this and then soon for a bath which was to catch up with the tweeting of the pictures, which lead to coming out after and then sending the last minute gifts to a few people and then catching up with them, with even being invited to a flat which is a idea when the tiered system is sorted or ended. 

But then it was end of the day and Christmas day is appear, its only one vlog and blogpost this time 

Merry christmas and we will catch-up soon for a day I don't know what will happen.