Wednesday, 31 March 2021

A conclusion to a hetic month - Lockdown Stage 22

 Well, this is the soon to be end of this month, lets be honest, its been terrible and sure there have been some moments of smiles, the negativity has been very much shown and well things have progressed for the better for family and this makes things easier to deal with and also at the same time, work is going to be dealing with some scars from the stupid choices others make and how actually having to face the solution is not something I'm ready for. But it also gives the chance that freedom for many will start and this does give hope. But so does the resuming from when we left off nearly 2 weeks ago. 

So we start off with the stressful part, with over or nearly a week but feels like 2 since the card at work was cancelled, it was getting towards a second reminder for the internet bill and I still didn't feel comfortable having to deal with a fucking call centre, so it was going to be having to make sure that I got it paid, but that and also finally a tastecard was purchased for a project as well. 

The Tastecard 

This is realising actually a good way to be a feeder by using discounts as a enabling side, This is still a wonder of when or if it will have an effect but thats when the places open up in may for eating. But this was RARE to find, but Tavi Tesco had it but other even Saltash and  Plymouth Tesco's did not. But it was sent off along with a letter to do with paying one of the bills in cash. Posting these off cost me nearly £5 but it was also emotion of what I put in with the tastecard from a secret that has still not been told to this day which might finally complete a search for love even.. On the way back was the lush time of being able to get some sweet treats and see my mum on the way back. I had to go to work that day for a delivery anyway as well. This was mums first day back at work since making sure her parents are okay, things were easing up on that end tbh. 

The muffins on the way back from posting off the items 

Then it was time to get home to catch-up on other bits of work, Since it was time to also cook me and dad tea which actually was my first time to cook minced beef fajitas, Which I think I added too much but it did turn out quite nice. And the fajita kit was only £0.85 too when I bought it 2 weeks ago. 

The fajita kit 

The results

It worked out pretty nicely I'll admit, but there was a kick from the medium garlic nandos which was bought from Co-Op back in November 2020 even. Things got a bit better with the chance to finally have another walk with mum on the day after. Since she was starting to come home more in the afternoons to get some time out from what shes been through, and it was nice to revisit places I've been during lockdown and this was no exception. 

The leat 

We talked and she vented out and also it made me realised things like Power of attorney could be only 10 years away before I or my sister will have to start filling it in, since sure they would be 70 by then but its this risk of leaving it too later which can haunt and has been haunting mum a bit even though shes started that process. But Google keep setting it in a reminder for me to be aware of it in 2030 is planning at its longest. 

This was then the time to bake something just off the bat and what could be tasty ended up not too bad. A chicken in mushroom soup pasta sort of bake and I liked it but dad didn't get so keen on it. 

The pasta bake with extras 

Now as Friday approaches,  it was more online work to cain and well, this makes things easy, but Then the call comes of more PS5s to sort out, which means next week was going to be one busy pain and risk. But things have to be done and it was going to be the push to have to organise things and due to regular routines, I had to get my rep to change the shipping to Tuesday but there was a chance of a 2day way, that was not the case later on but still that being careful, but it meant most of that week was fully in the shop. 

The leftover Pasta in a toasted sandwich with Weetabix inside 

But as work progressed another walked happened and later on was the cooking of my favourite rice, Nasi Goering and added some Tikka Masala sauce to it. 

The nasi goring tikka masala with the extras as well

Then it was the weekend, things are more on the visit side to get some warranty bits done, also when a customer emails a week later than written to offer something that week only then get shitty to say x is y. But after offering a visit, no reply was given so meh. But it was then the Saturday and 3 visits to sort out that day, since one wanting a Sim card and dropping it off then to town then to further south for a warranty visit regarding a slot faulty on a MacBook, but sorted luckily. Then back to get some bits in lidl, before realising next week i have a printer to deliver so it was the best time to sort it out. 

Some bits and pieces just got the cash amount for 

But once that was done and stuffed in my hoodie and rucksack, it got me back home, then to walk Rosie again, which then made me think on a plan, which meant another visit and also a chance to pickup that Printer, since it was also the night to myself as well. So I got the sack truck I had to use for earlier that week since of a final visit with one of my other customers and get some carboard organised as well as the printer and walk home with it, not had but it did take time. 

The box with the bits in 

Now I got home and did get calls as to why I'm late and well it can be annoying but it made me then decide to get some tea and a omelette was the best choice for this, especially when watching Pok√©mon on Netflix too. 

The Omelette with Cookies and other bits and it was lush

But then it was the final weekend which 1 year ago was me moving things out from work.. And it was that reminder of how things have changed in one sense but the same in others. Since lockdown was still here but at the same time, it was the case of her immunity coping through. Sure Google was crashing for some and protests were getting quite scary, since the vigil of the young lady that got raped and murdered by a cop had the vigil and even 2 weeks later, it was deemed not out of order to somewhat be very harsh against the public for the enforcement. Its proving to me the law is not to be trusted here at all, Solidarity to the events of that and what were going to follow as well. 

I'm not going to lie and say I've never been part of the 97% since actions in my past have been even important moments of my love life some will say are part of the 97%, All I can do is learn and reflect on it which I sort of have... But that night I ended up watching marvel films really, If i recall anyway. 

But as we get to Sunday, it was still the moment of choice to see family, which was soon going to be the final sleepover there for mum, but I got up slightly late after a long night and then just as I was feeding pets, Dad came in and had to help with lifting something to the garage (I had to help him lift the same thing out the day before). Which then we went off to see mum and grandparents again which was nice and There is this exhaustion I could tell in the family, but at the same time, Grandad's back was improving much better. 

There was a change for another roast which was nice and more catch-up and actually the chance to setup a phone system for £70 but sadly they didn't make much use of it. But it worked and called mum, since Both were struggling to call via Google which sadly is harder to use than Amazon's offering at this point. 

But then it was time me and Dad went home and before we did, We popped by to see his mum's grave and it was more reflection and a slight bit less negativity to go with as well. But then we got home and he did some chores while I walked Rosie, which actually that day was an attempted to film a catch-up vlog,  but it was not the right time even as negative as it sounded and was (reflecting from what was said in the last blogpost) But soon it was time to do that bit.

Now this week was going to be hectic and exhausting. Since a plan to pickup a cabinet via sack truck is going to be a big thing to deal with, Plug the Monday was the normal ride for a visit, but this time I went straight home after since I would be in the shop the rest of the week. But it was that Tuesday, DPD said it would arrive and it did, which then 6 of the blighters to stack and book in. 

More arrival

A smoothie for lunch

Then it was soon time to get the sacktruck and walk to collect the Cabinet, which actually was the same as the other ones I've got in the shop too. After visiting, we both got it strapped and taped in, which then one chatting to get some Gridwall in the next 2 weeks is a chance too, But Eventually, another 20 minutes and I got it in there, and then to unpack and move it around, which looked like it was going to work nicely. 

The new cabinet is facing us

How to use Boxes as shelves

But then it was to be the day after, which could have been all a sold day but instead was things to organise and one emergency PC build to sort out Which I pretty much did not get home until 8pm and also had to change the motherboard out of the PC I made for the PC build tutorial to move it to work, which is fine and looks nicer but the windows activation is the pain. 

The Smoothie

Then it was wait and see for all 6 consoles to sell. They did and all paid easily, until the last one when another person bought it for their behalf of the one that booked it. But once those had sold, it was time to come home and then start to work online for the rest of the week and boy it would be exhausting. This was also the time to get the vlog edited of a year of lockdown, a reflection, it took longer than I liked but I got it. 

But the Friday was the time of busy times with the online work but that also means I get to have toasted sandwiches for lunch again as well. Rave was busy, there is that time to spend on it which can make it feel like a lifetime away. This was going to mean a long night ahead.

A smoothie to start of the day

Toasted sandwiches 

As work was sort of progressing, it was also rare that mum decided we should have a takeout and later on we did, the local ganges was the place, but the collection was longer than we think, even with ordering online via their own site. But it eventually turned up. 

The indian takeout

Then it was the working online with one live chat lasting until 3am and also a plan to make sure someone was ok but the tiredness was really kicking in. But in the end I woke up late and had to carry on with the chats. But for that night, it was some really spicy fried chicken which made things well, spicy, which follow through is ouch. Also my dad was whining about one of his friends of friends cheating on someone else and unsure why since she has kids and money which there is more 

The spicy chicken with sweet potatoes. 

But then it was the final weekend before the time will pass forward and that was going to be where my energy would be low, people get confused and well this happened with family, since most of them forgot the clocks changed, I got a text from one customer on how to change their device. First it started out with a dull walk on the moors with a air uncertainty. 

The air and the cloudy view from the moors 

As we walked on, things were heard, horses walked past and more of the time to visit grandparents which actually we had roast lamb this time, it was so soft on the mouth too. But at the  time it was seeming to be some improvements with the first week of them two by themselves, even I helped nan get to the dining room which is the first time this year she went there. 

The Roast Lamb with the extras 

Then it was more time to catch up and talk and we also had to move the things over,  I mean the recliner had to be moved over back to his room. He was back in the chair and happy, but it defeated the point, we chatted and caught up but soon it was time to go home. Also Lidl Plus in Tavi is now a test store so things might work out for that future too. 

The store is now a test area

Now then we went home and more reflection which felt positive regarding this and it was to also rush in the field to leave since a tractor we thought was on its way. Then it was going to be the chance to finally continue the last few days of the month, things seemed to be positive and a plan was being to spring to mind. Since Well still no card for the work and also the chance to sort out the money from that side is springing to mind. Sure a bath means checking remote desktop was okay but scrolling is a problem for sure. 

Now the Monday had to have some emergency visits to sort out and a controller exchanged of a dualsense which has weird distortion regarding the voice, but gripping on it felt really good and it is easier to use. But after that, the weather was good and that meant travelling was on the way to be planned. So shopping on the way back is to find out and actually some good bargains were to be had here. Like £5.37 for a handful which is nice. 

The handful of bargains from Tesco

This was then time to catch-up for this and actually get some extra bits sorted out too. But a sunset walk with mum with the later on the sky blue at nearly 8pm is so rare but so much nice memories of summer coming up,. 

The sunset across the view of the town

Mum was feeling more herself and  I was feeling more positive in myself. This was needed to really boost my goals, ok yes my productivity was low since after this was trying to find on of the towns on a map in Train Simulator, but then it was a bath and it was more relaxing needed. But then it more things. 

The next day was more to catch-up on this post and also to get one more visit or 2 done which worked out, sure I had phone calls and had to BACS over more money. But then I got home and to catch-up on things before finally trying to Cain this post up, there is some determination in my mind, someone got something special and also it was the final time of the Slush mix purchased. That was a nice one for some hot weather since august too really. Plus a nice toasted sandwich to enjoy as well. 

The Ham, coco pop strawberry white cholate and sweet chilli toasted sandwich 

The final drink with the calippo slush strawberry 

Then it was more waiting and eventually time to get the walk with mum done again, this time we decided to go to the river since Rosie needs a cool down Which she loved that even if I got red mud on my jeans for walking her, even with them being the ones with the holes inside. But then it was finally to just time for one more meal later on and then to finished this  off. 

Plans are being set in motion for the new few weeks and next wee will be back to the shop and then back to working like normal and face the consequences of  having to refuse help or clients as well. 

The Resolutions - Catch-up

Lets be honest, lockdowns can reduce some goals and really i cant really say if I've improved or fulfilled any just yet but lets re-cap. 

  • stream more - Still have to do this and I do have capture cards now  
  • Catch up with the  accounts in work -  Well no since lockdown has been busy for me mostly 
  • Be able to hug someone non work or family related - Looking towards after June if the plan is to be the same 
  • Complete at least 2 games in a story mode  - This might start from May  
  • Do more Day out vlogs  - Hopeful to be starting one next week 
  • Schedule/plan out days more -  Slightly getting better but not writing it done enough 

But here we are, 3 months and and it feels like not much has been shown for it, but then again Lockdown partly ended from 29gth March aka the stay at  home order did and work for me resumes from the 12th April so it will be some truths to handle and stress to come back to but less on the legal side just yet ,. The lockdown stages will end by June and by then its normal blogposts which probably will be a slowdown in that too. 

Stay safe and we can see how things go for now.