Thursday, 15 April 2021

The Prep to return to normality - Lockdown Stage 23

 Well, this has now past my first day back to normal opening, sure there have been moments of stress and pained up wrists. Especially after the recent cycle to Oke and then later on to be the prep for the shop too. But well this progress starts with plans and memories. 

We start with that time after the cycle to Oke, I was actually exhausted and it was meant to be to getting the video editing done. But sadly it makes it delayed due to having to pop down to work, since there were so many bits to get done and deliveries to arrive, So i ran down there and then waited for a delivery which then was to get a hub delivered to a customer. Which from that was all sorted then time to head back to finish at work before heading home. 

Then it was time to get the editing done on the Wednesday, This was even slower than I thought but eventually it was Sorted out and then that video was up, which actually did mean one less day to prepare for the renovations be complete, But it was nice to have a final toasted sandwich and smoothie before having to renovate the shop since it was 2 days to get a bit of a base made up. 

The Smoothie and the toasted sandwich

But that and the family were mostly back to normal and  also that time of the weather being better which mean some time to be happier. But there have to sadly be coincidences and well, more consoles to arrive was another one of those and well it worked out right due to the refurbish to begin. 

The Time of refurbishing.

So this starts with having to head down to work on the shop, the plan was to make a desk and it was a rush to get the measuring tape from the a cupboard in the kitchen. Then I ran to work and got to there and there was not much things around in terms of letters that arrived. But then it was time to measure the walls and find the height of them and the length, plus it was time to realize that things were going to be easier than it seemed. But then it was one delivery to arrive and shortly after, time to go to jewsons with the sacktruck to get the sheet of wood. Well turns out it was 5 panels, 4 panels of the smaller size and 1 panel of the Longer panel. But then it was time to pay for it and then get some screws. But a pack of 200 wood screws at 50mm, but that went in my rucksack, then it was to attempt to strap it to the sacktruck. 

Then it was time to get the drag, going past the car park and then past central and to then have a phone call while doing that and a customer walked by and tried to speak, but its hard when on the phone. Eventually, I got to the shop and it was time to unpack and soon start the building of the Desk. Which was alot of measuring and drawled a line, but it did not let me get to the right angle., But after alot of screwing, it was time to then find out there was a bit of flex from either side. The sacktruck was actually holding it while I was then to start to add the back paneling. 

The Side profile 

How it looks from the front

Then after this, the Consoles arrived and then time to finish the back panel, Which I got lucky to get it done and then it was time to keep it on and then instead, there was one Phone call while screwing in the back. Then it managed to stay in and well, it resulted in a Desk made. Even holding PS5 consoles. 

The consoles on the desk

It was then time, to go home and then get things. to catch up and get questions sorted, since that was needing for the times to get money for the projects later, but it was amazing to finally get it sorted. So the next stage was to get a console delivered then to pickup more of the MDF sheets to get the next corner made up. This was a bit worse and some minor tearing on the MDF panel but in the end, it worked out and then the hard part was to get the the other end sorted. Then it makes it time to organised the floor and start to hover it up. 

The Desk made

The floor 

Then it was time to organise the boxes and then a bit of hooving and then we have to start to pack-up the cardboard to take home with me, since it takes time to plan out how things look. But it was then also the announcement of the Duke's death, It did make it odd to feel and also it was nice to text someone special too. But it was nearly 4pm by this point. But it was soon time to go home and catch up with family. But walking with the cardboard was not as dire as I thought it out to be either. 

The bits to prepare

The boxes to organise, mostly empty 

The part way to having it ready 

The next stage to clean up 

Rubbish to take home

 Then it was to wait for an indian takeout, (2nd time in 2 months as well) to arrive which actually is REALLY REALLY good even though I miss the prawn puri from December 2019 as well. Fun fact, this was ordered online and then collect, but still not shown on Just eat at all yet. 

The indian takeout 

This then leads to the final day to be preparing for the opening. First when i got up after a fap, it was time to greet the cat resting on the sofa and it was also dealing with a scab thats been over 3 days to try to pick out. 

The cat on the sofa

It makes it so much harder to plan but it was time to get a vlog about it done too. From thje Screwing in of cardboard to make a back panel to the organising of the stock, but it was nice to finally get the last bit done. First we start off with the cardboard panel, then we cope with the next bit which was to get the boxes organised off the new desk. 

The stock on the longer part of the desk

Then it was more time to catch a break then we had to carry on, getting the sign cleaned up and then it was time to get the sign built up. This was a bit of guessing the right section and some holes in the sign as well. But in the sun, it eventually was sorted and worked nicely. Balloon holders can works to keep the sign in the hedge too. 

The sign finally made 

The holder taped to the wood

Then it was the final stage to get the tidying done, some desks moved and then it was soon time to finish, especially as the Monday was going to be a long time away. This was actually a progression and fine to be open again even though I was daunting it. But it was the best it could be for now. 

The it side of the shop

The Gaming Side

The staff side 

Another look at the desks from afar 

The other look of the desks 

Then my parents picked me up and it was time to then go for a walk with them, the wind was strong and it felt good, but it felt so nice to finally understand, but this was the final weekend before lockdown ends. 

A Final weekend of Freedom

The blurred 

Then it was soon time to have a nice meal of fajitas before it was the time to deal with the Sunday of a family day. This is how we can explore a place together and go on a walk not done before in all honesty. But we start the day waking up a bit later and also recovering from online work which I was lazy and watching mostly family guy on YouTube while doing some extra little bits. Its always between 8am and 9am its a struggle with opening my eyes recently. 

Eventually it was the time to have a nice roast pork which actually is from lidl since of  the meat is not maybe sustained but it does feel fairly made. But the gravy made it soft as well. 

The Roast Pork and Yorkshire puddings along with veg and mustard too.

Then it was soon off to a village, one which was used for part of a blogpost a while back. But the sun was out and it was actually warmer than I thought, We eventually got there and it was funny that the train was actually at gunnislake as we were passing. But then we decided to walk to coetehele quay, and to start with it was warm on the lower side and the train was passing over the viaduct too. 

The viaduct 

The Train over the viaduct

As we were walking up and seeing the houses and remains of the mining history, it was then passing to a pottery shop and then after itr was time to head up the hill and then it started to get windy. But as we got to some of the viewpoints, it was getting nice on the views. Some conversations on the past and future were coming up too, and mostly gossip and Rosie doing toilet on the way down to the quay. 

The view of the village with less trees,

the same view but with more trees

Then it was time to walk down to the quay. It was busier than I thought and then it was time to make a face mask on and then go to the toilet while my dad and sister were in the queue for ice cream, in  then end, it worked out to get a nice toffee apple ice cream. 

The Toffee Apple ice cream with a flake

While waiting for that, it was nice to talk to mum and i did explain a bit of a hint i dont want to go to my sister's wedding if or when it happens, but no reply was from that, she also complemented the immortal Glasses, less obvious than than Google Glass. But after that and a few selfies on mum's phone, then it was time to walk back and more talk about the next week to come. With some PS5s to Sell and also some repairs to sort out. But we can see how it goes. 

We eventually get back home and then some more chatter to go before she had to head off due to some back issue. But then it was time to have some nice tea with a refreshment small bit. But then it was time to catch up on getting the vlog sorted out, since I needed to start that.. 

But then it was soon to be Monday and visits were abound, the watch was getting a bit of the intense treatment and actually the Monday was raining of all things, So wearing 2 layers and then having to cycle to the same visit was going to be the thing, but as I get past the main hill, the weather cleared and got to the visit in the quickest time than normal. But after that it was time to get to the final 2 visits of the day, well actually having go home after the 2nd visit then go to walk the dog. She greeted me then wanted to get a chew, after that it was back to checking Emails and dealing with a overdone bill from origin since they could not let me change direct debit and recently direct debit has been a lot more abusive, but control means having to force to risk it on the service termination and especially what happened. But a live chat got it sorted for £78 odd, which only a day before got some clips to let off some steam. 

Eventually it was time to go to one more visit in then time to come back home and then to finish the vlog, which I managed to get it done until 1am or so and the rendering was struggling too. But then it was time to finally wake up and go back to work. Which was okay, I was having to rush but was 
I got there and the place got crowded for the 10am opening. Which that made me ott but eventually it made things easier when it worked out and over time it was quieter minus one visit at the end of the evening. Things will be seeming back to normal, sure I had to dig into profits for things but in the end.

But it was finally exhausting but I Got home then after tea, it was time to finally try to watch the irregulars with the parents on Netflix, since I had to guess the code on the reciept due to the issue work happened, but then it was finally time to leave and enjoy the rest of normal life from now on. 

And so, the time to feel life is back to normal is here, maybe new blogposts to deal with. Vaccines  to face but we can see from there.