Wednesday, 7 April 2021

A Windy Cycle to Oke

 Here we go, now freedom to travel has been back again, which means it is time to start on the day out vlogs. So this one was actually planned due to the news of having to be able to soon go on the train from Okehampton to Exeter with the Dartmoor line. Eventually at one point near the end of this year, it means i can cycled from Tavi to Oke to then get the train to Exeter, which is similar to getting the train from Plym to Exeter but quicker for cycling since its about the same length of time to cycle between tavi and Plymouth and from what I found out, Tavi to Oke (the way back), But enjoy the vlog. 

The Tiktok Night before. 

So it was soon time to prepare for this and actually even though Easter weekend has been another blogpost for when the final catch-up before work happens, but well it was finally time to sort out getting Tiktok. Which actually was the 3rd attempt to sign up due to a issue with using the Website but the app worked, so now its up and well It was time to get a shaving meme done again, right after a bath too.

The Tiktok profile in its beginning 


##time for ##another ##shave from ##beard to ##eyebrows

♬ original sound - Mattie LT Marker

But then it was to sleep and wakeup to make sure the time was done, But this was before a blogpost was finished of a Review of the Bike LED lights  which was partly the reason I wanted to get them on was to prepare for this day/afternoon. Which actually they do not seem as bright as when I Found out later on today. But it was good to know the oil worked on the bike AND the lights fitted on correctly too. 

The lights on the tyre cap 

The oiled pedals and the LED lights 

The Lights when in the shed

Then it was to sleep and eventually make sure I was not up late, the rumours of the snow were going to happen and well, it was seemingly not to be lucky with the main day I want to get filming done. The time change has also messed with my tiredness but remember last week I've been online working until 3 or 4 am in some nights and that can drain me. But due to the last week of work preparation, This cannot be the case. So it was sleeping eventually for me. 

The morning: 

Well this was to make sure it was me not getting up late and that was about 20 minutes earlier than I was meant to leave, so its okay but after getting the bike out, bag stripped and then say goodbye to mum. And with the Wind resistance, I was attempting to go, and actually the bike felt smoother with it actually being able to cycle with no grinding or clanking and that oil must have done the job and it did help with the journey. But eventually by 11:13, I got to the customers place as regular. That made a a bit longer of 1 hr 10 minutes. But the time spent there was not as long as other times, So by about 13:30, I was heading up to the back route to then start this vlog off. 

The Route up to Oke

As I started the cycle on a road I don't even know if it would take me to the right place, But after some ups and downs and checking google Maps, I eventually made it to Lydford and it was the start of the trail which from here was mostly all path minus 2 crossings. But starting out when I got to the gate and 2 guys were in front but they were chatting. So It was soon time to go through the gate. 

The gate on the Lydford Path 

Then it was on the windiest part which actually was a part I've never been on before and IT was great, I was in 3rd gear most of this whole trail too. But eventually it has to end, well only to a road to cross and even that is quite wide. 

The Patch after the cutting 

Looking Back

And another angle 

Once it was crossing the road to Bridistowe,  IT was all path from here and well smooth for the most part, until  I got past  this section and it was bumpy as anything, It really was close to a flat tyre and falling but for now it was a lucky guess. It even was supposed to be shut during lockdown but thank something it was open. 

The Trail goes up

The end of the gate which had the bumpy trail behind it 

Then from here it was smooth Path, from crossing Lake viaduct to even the paths towards Sourton Bike hire were open which they could be due to the essential of them so lucky on that one, it reminded me of many years ago going on this path with family. 

The sign and the fence with the path to the bike hire

Then it was the path to nearly get to the big viaduct, with passing my Ex neighbours and even nearly crashing into a girl on roller skates even after ringing the bell, But then it was time to see the view and the final big section, which was from Meldon to Oke. 

The views from the viaduct, 

More views 

Looking towards the next section 

The views to the reservoir 

The sky and the hills 

Then it was passing the quarry, which really was showing how abandoned  it was. From the carriages rusting to the brown rails and you can see the locks on the gates getting worn. But eventually it was back to the path and then it was to go down a tunnel which is the A30, and then t was a lush view. 

The building was abandoned and years ago I walked in there 

The view from the bottom of the gate 

Then it was the cycle up to the railway line and eventually it is another dip to the left which was passing where I skidded years ago. It was getting busy on the path, but I eventually went and got to the town. The sign back to lydford. 

The sign for the way back 

Then I finally got to the Train Station. It was busy with loads of cars parked and also the Station fenced off with  the recent renovation works of the restore your railways fund being passed. But it was nice to finally accomplish the journey. 

The Zeep route

The look at the Station. 

Then it was time to park, as I cycled under the bridge to then reach the other side, I parked up to the quiet and it was really quiet. Like it was almost empty of people but loads of people parked up, so it must be for the construction. But the station was still in nice condition even with being closed for over a year. 

The bridge and the fences

The road looking to the town 

The station from the other side 

The Footbridge and the ramp

As I looked around, it was a fair bit of railway sleeper and a group of guys working on the railway line.  But then it was soon time to explore the town, which actually there is a lush park nearby. The Bike Hire was open but no one there. 
The hostel and the hire in the back 

The Bike Parked up 

The Station and the track blocked 

People working 

The Station

Then it was time to head to the town to explore the park and get a nice drink to keep me refreshed before things go and I travel back to Home on the long hills ahead. 

The Walk to town: 

Now then, my walk started by going under the bridge and then to walk down the hill, but instead I walked to the station and then made my way down with the gate, but that was no point since it lead me to the road, on the way, I did see a cat and it stretched and rolled around after going past me, a dog barked and scared it so I walked on to find a gate, this was the gate to the park. 

The Gate to go to the Park 

The Signs to go to the Park 

As I walked down, it was nice to talk while vlogging, okay the recording on the glasses is hard to known when to start and stop but I slowly can manage it. But then, I walked down and saw this house which almost felt like a dolls house in the park, which right next to it was a stream with the water features which looked quite nice. 

The Pots and the stream

Its more clear how its laid out 

The Fountain 

As I walked by, there was one or a few messages to deal with even with the internet off, well checking it since the signal was actually really strong on both networks on the Phone. But then it was time to walk to town and a few selfies and also seeing how the streets look so empty a week before legally places can open, and it was a bank holiday. 

One Selfie 

Lead to another 

Taking Pictures on the road is rare and I did without getting hit 

This road was no so lucky but It was a quick snap

Shopping for a Drink 

Then with most places Closed, I walked my way to Lidl, Well actually passing Waitrose since both are in the same area at the back. Well Waitrose was okay but some of the drinks were still steep, even at reduced prices, even a carton I bought for mothers day a few years ago was on offer here at £2.40 which is rare. But it seems like there was savings to be had and a Walk to the other side was lidl, i mean 3 supermarkets in one corner, there is a Tavi feel to that actually. But Lidl had the smallest car Park. 

In Lidl, it looked the same as the one in Tavi, except some small changes but there were some good offers, I mean offers like the smoothie for £1 or other drinks, but this was actually a bargain, one of £0.29 each for 1L, so in the end, thats on the best idea to get them. So 2 x £0.29 is a good bargain..

The Cartons of the Juice 

Now it goes to then put them in the bag and walk up back to the station. The Route was even more quiet, the sky was still blue and actually not as windy until I was walking up the hill. Passing quiet arcades soon to be busy-ish. 

The plaza is quiet 

Now then, I managed to get up the hill and then to the station.  Which then it was to go to rest and reflect on the day, The little booth was lush to be in and then to down some OJ and then it was time to have a selfie. 

The Booth I was sitting in 

an exhausting selfie 

More of a cleaner one 

Then it was nearing the end of the time spent, so by 4:35, I was getting better prepared and the LED lights on the Bike . This made it more brighter for the way home but with the clocks going forward, it was already bright anyway. Google Maps suggested 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

The route home 

The Route Home: 

So, finally it was the route home. This was actually not as bad as it seems, the route is to be easy to move and get the route is actually nice. The Sun was bright and it was also  getting wind which is still strong. The journey was quite swift for the trail part, the path was clean and not as crowded on the way back, the sky was clear and less clouds about too. The tunnel was doing quite nice but the LED was not that bright either. But in the night, it will be brighter. 

The Path and the railway

The Tunnel going under the highway

Then it was carrying on, passing Meldon viaduct and the time to carry on the path and then it was going to the place which my family used to park to then go on the path to Oke.  Its a nice junction and on from there is the narrow path we bumped from before. 

The Path and houses

The Sourton 

Then the path was the same and after 41 minutes, I was back at Lyford, which this part was the time to deal with alot of roads and hills or die due to a car crashing. But we eventually got to start the road which was all of the normal routine. 

The Gate on the Path back 

The Route that goes on the back 

Then it was time to finally go back Home , it was the rest of the journey, easy but also it was the time to know I got back pretty quickly too. about 1 minute quicker than Google Maps if going their suggestion. But the Bip S seemed to lose the direction. 

The route back 

Now, it was time to finally head back home, my parents were still out and I was in the shower when they got back. Then it was time for a meal and then it was the normal life to resume. '

But there we are, the life is back to normal in les than 1 week, sure there were delays for this to get typed up and also the snow the next day was a tiny amount. But a end of the week post of the preparation will come soon enough.